If your baby is born under the Rohini star sign, it is considered auspicious if you name him or her with the ideal recommended starting letter. Rohini Nakshatra baby names for boys and girls we have compiled will help you out in this process. With meaningful, creative, innovative, and mesmerizing names, these boys’ and girls’ baby names for those born under the star sign of Rohini are believed to be prosperous and good in luck.

But before we get into these Rohini Nakshatra names, what exactly is this star sign? Let’s find out more details!

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Rohini Nakshatra and Its Characteristics:

Rohini nakshatra, or this star sign, is translated from the word Rohini, which means ‘Reddish one.’ All those born under this star sign entirely fall under the Taurus zodiac sign with all four padas (quarters). Those born in RohiniNakshatra are known for their compassionate and adoring nature, warmth and love. They are artistic and are known for their wealth leading with materialistic life. Their charisma and charming nature is appealing to many, and are always able to attract other’s attention often.

The symbol of the RohiniNakshatra is an ox cart and chariot. The symbol means and symbolizes someone with continuous movement always. The deity preceding to those born in this star is Brahma, who is the creator of the universe. The four quarters or padas of RohiniNakshatraare ruled by Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon, respectively.

Starting Letters For Baby Names Born Under Rohini nakshatra:

For those baby girls and boys born under Rohini Nakshatra, it is auspicious if the names have starting letters/syllables with O, Va, Vaa, Vi, Vee, Vu, Voo, Wa, Wu.

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Baby Names Of Boys And Girls Under Rohini Nakshatra:

Here we go. We have compiled a list of baby names for those born under the star Rohini Natchathiram. Have a look!

Baby Boy Names For Rohini Nakshatra:

1. Ohas:

It is a short and cute nice baby boy name for those born under Rohini Nakshatra. Ohas means Praise. The name is originated from the Hindi language and is a new modern-day name choice.

2. Ojas:

Ojas, also spelt as Ojhas, means body strength. It is a popular name for many in the Northern and western Indian belts and is originated from Marathi, Orissa, and Hindi languages. What do you think of such a unique name?

3. Omkar:

The name Omkar is a classic and traditional choice for Indian boys right from ages. It is yet a classic name choice, and it means nothing but a sound of a sacred syllable in the Hindu religion

4. Omkarnath:

The name Omkarnath is derived from Hindu mythology. It means Lord Shiva or the Lord of Omkar. It is a nice and traditional Hindu baby boy’s name.

5. Oviyan:

Oviyan means an artist. The modern and unique name is derived from Indian languages and is not a popular name as yet. This is a modern and creative rishaba rasi Rohini nakshatra baby name.

6. Vagesh:

Vagesh is a really common and popular Hindu boy name in India. Although it is popular, it is still classic and is for those who are looking for something traditional. Vagesh means Lord of Speech and is derived from the Sanskrit language.

7. Vahin:

Vahin is the name again derived from Hindu mythology and means Lord Shiva. It is another name for God, and yet it sounds nice and cute with easy pronunciation. What do you think of this baby boy name for Rohini Nakshatra?

8. Vaibhav:

Now we all have heard about the name Vaibhav. Vaibhav means Richness. It is a popular Indian boy name, which still sounds modern and cute with lovely meaning. It is a classic name.

9. Vaikhan:

Vaikhan is another name for Lord Vishnu. It is originated again from Hindu mythology and still sounds unique and rare. It is not a very common name spotted and makes an ideal choice for parents looking out for a new name.

10. Vairat:

Vairat means Gem. It also symbolizes someone who is very precious and special. It is a nice baby boy name originated from Sanskrit and Hindi.

11. Vaishant:

Also spelt as Vaishanth, it means someone who is a quiet and shining star. The name Vaishant is again derived from the Sanskrit language and is a new-day modern unique name for baby boys.

12. Vajendra:

The name Vajendra is originated from Hindu mythology and is another name for Lord Indra. It has a unique and uncommon sounding, making it ideal for those who want an auspicious name yet with a new sounding.

13. Vallabh:

Vallab is a beautiful and mesmerizing baby boy name. It means someone who is beloved or a dear one. It is derived from the Sanskrit and Hindi languages and is a famous yet unique and uncommon name you can find.

14. Valmiki:

Valmiki name is inspired by the Author of the epic and mythology Ramayana. It is a creative and innovative name to give for baby boys.

15. Vamshidhar:

The name Vamshidhar is again a popular name originating from the Sanskrit language. Vamshidhar means Lord Krishna. It is a common yet meaningful and intense name for those boys born under Rohini Nakshatra.

16. Vanraj:

Vanraj is derived from the two words, Van and Raj. Van means Forest, and Raj means a King. Vanraj is Lord or King of the forest. It is a cute and yet short lovely name for baby boys.

17. Varad:

If you are in search of a short and cute baby boy name, then Varad can be an ideal choice. Varad means God of Fire. It is derived from Hindi and Sanskrit languages and is a modern-day name.

18. Vardhaman:

The name Vardhaman means Lord Mahavir. It is a Hindu mythological name and yet with modern and unique connotations for those boys born under the Rohini star.

19. Varindra:

Varindra literally translates to Lord of the Ocean. It is a not very common name you may hear of, and the rarity can be a good choice for parents who are in search of an innovative name.

20. Vasistha:

Vasistha is the name of a popular sage in India. It is derived from Hindu mythology and is a meaningful and beautiful auspicious name.

21. Varun:

We quite love this name, Varun. Varun means Lord of the Water. It also means Nepture. It is a short and nice baby boy’s name, which sounds good in tone and has a beautiful meaning.

22. Vidarbh:

The name Vidarbh is actually originated from the ancient state name. This Rohini Nakshatra male baby name is named after the locality, and yet for the unique sound tone, many prefer this nice name.

23. Vighneshwar:

Also spelt as Vigneswar, this name means Lord of Supreme Knowledge. Eeshwar means lord of the world, and the name together symbolizes someone who has supreme worldly knowledge. It is from the Sanskrit origins.

24. Vikram:

The name Vikram is a popular Indian name derived from the Hindi and Sanskrit languages. Vikram means sun of velour. It is a short and beautiful baby boy’s name.

25. Vivek:

Vivek is a famous Indian boy name, which means Judgement or someone who is wise. This Rohini Nakshatra baby boy names have a beautiful and meaningful connotation and is originated from Hindi as well as Sanskrit languages.

Rohini Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Ojasvi:

It is a new-day modern and unique, innovative name for baby girls. Ojasvi means someone who is bright and like a star. The name has its origins from Hindi and is a nice girl’s name.

27. Vahini:

Vahini is a popular yet beautiful and mesmerizing name for baby girls. It means flowing. The name also symbolizes continuity and strength. For those who prefer an innovative and creative name, this can be a good choice.

28. Vaishnavi:

Vaishnavi is a popular Indian girl name from generations together and yet makes a classic name choice. The elegant name means worshipper of Lord Vishnu. It is a beautiful name inspired by Hindu mythology.

29. Valini:

Valini in Indian languages means stars. It also symbolizes someone who is always shining and prospering. We love both the name meanings and are amazing for an innovative and beautiful name choice.

30. Vanaja:

Vanaja means a forest girl. Van means forest, and Vanaja is a feminine version of someone who belongs to the forest. It is a common yet creative and nice baby girl’s name. We quite are in love with this Rohini Nakshatra female name.

31. Vanamala:

Vanamala name is derived from the two words, Vana and mala. Vana means forest, and mala means garland. The name is a beautiful, common Indian baby girl’s name originated from the Sanskrit language.

32. Vani:

Vani means speech. It also symbolizes a beautiful blend of words. The creative and artistic name meaning is quite loved by many and is a popular name choice across generations. Among several names for a girl in Rohini Nakshatra, this is a timeless choice.

33. Vandana:

Vandana literally translates to Salute. It also symbolizes respect. The name originates from the Sanskrit language and is a quite known south Indian girl’s name.

34. Vanitha:

Vanitha is a popular name choice; it translates to a woman in Sanskrit and south Indian languages. It is a timeless and traditional baby girl name Rohini nakshatra.

35. Vanshika:

The name Vanshika is a modern innovative choice, which means flute. It is loved by those who love music and art. This is a unique and rare girl names for Rohini Nakshatra.

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36. Varada:

Varada is another name for Goddess Lakshmi. It is inspired by the Hindu mythologies and is a rare name for girl kids to choose from.

37. Varalika:

Varalika is a beautiful baby girl name choice. The name means Goddess Durga. With its auspicious and beautiful meaning, yet with a modern name, it is a perfect name choice for Rohini Nakshatra baby girls.

38. Varnika:

The name Varnika is a contemporary and new-day new-gen name for girl babies. It means the purity of the gold. It is a short and sweet nice baby girl name originated from the Sanskrit language.

39. Vartika:

Although the name vartika may be common to hear, it is known for its beautiful meaning. Vartika means lamp. It also symbolizes light, glory, and happiness. It is a unique baby girl names for those born in Rohini Nakshatra.

40. Varunika:

The name Varunika is derived from the word Varuni which means rain. It means the Goddess of Rain. This beautiful name is again originated from Hindu scripts and mythology.

41. Vasanthi:

The name Vasanti, which is also spelt as Vasanti, means Spring season. It is from the South Indian languages and Sanskrit and is a creative and beautiful name.

42. Vasumathi:

Vasumathi means someone who is beautiful in the entire world. Vasu means the world, and the name symbolizes apsara of splendour. Isn’t it gorgeous with such a meaningful intense connotation?

43. Vatsala:

The name Vatsala is a famous but not yet very common name in India. Vatsala means someone who is affectionate. This Rohini Nakshatra female baby names are from the Hindi and Sanskrit languages and is popular in Tamil and Telugu states.

44. Vidhi:

The name Vidhi literally translates to Goddess of destiny. It is a short and beautiful cute baby girl name for the new gen.

45. Vidisha:

Vidisha means river. The name is a unique and new-gen name choice for parents who prefer meaningful yet gorgeous and cute name sounding and tone. What do you think?

46. Vihana:

The name Vihana originated from the Sanskrit language and means early morning. The name also symbolizes new beginnings or ray of hope. Such a gorgeous sounding, isn’t it! This is a rare Rishaba rasi Rohini nakshatra girl baby names.

47. Vinaya:

The name Vinaya literally translates to someone who is always modest and humble. It is common in South India and originated from the Sanskrit language. This is ideal for Rohini Nakshatra 3rd pada baby names.

48. Vinodhini:

Vinodhini means someone who is always a happy being. Vinodam in Sanskrit and south Indian languages means having fun or joyful. It is a famous yet creative and meaningful name for baby girls under Rohini nakshatra.

49. Vishaka:

The name Vishaka, which can also be spelt Vishakha, means stars. It is famous in both north and western Indian belts and is originated from the Hindi languages.

50. Viswajanani:

The name Viswajanani is inspired by the two words, Visvam and Janani. Visvam or Visva means the entire world, and Janani means mother. The name hence symbolizes the mother of the entire world. How beautiful is the name? It is inspired by the Sanskrit language.

Unisex Names For Rohini Nakshatra:

51. Vishwa:

Also spelt as Viswa, the name is unisex and can be named for both boys and girls. Viswa means Universe or the entire Earth. Isn’t it mesmerizing and meaningful? It is derived from the Hindi and Sanskrit language.

52. Vasugi:

The name Vasugi again can be ideal for both boys and girls. It means the King of Snakes. The name is derived and has come from the Sanskrit language. It also can be spelt as Vasuki.

53. Vajrakanthi:

Vajrakanthi is the name for boys and girls and is inspired by the music fields. It means the name of a Raga and is a great choice for parents who love art and music

54. Vasumitra:

Vasumitra is an ancient traditional name inspired from Hindu mythology. It is a unisex name and can be perfect for those who want a conventional yet auspicious and nice name choice.

55. Virinchi:

The name Virinchi is a modern name choice and symbolizes or means Lord Brahma. It is originated from Sanskrit and is a unique and rare name choice for baby boys as well as girls under Rohini Nakshatra.

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Twin Baby Names For Girls And Boys:

56. Oishin – Oishi:

The baby girl and boy twin names are super modern and unique in sounding. Oishi means rose. Oishin is a baby boy’s name and means Divine. Both rhyme and start with ‘Oishi’ making them an apt choice.

57. Ojis – Ojayit:

The name Ojis and Ojayit are both twin baby boy name choices. Ojis means Teej, and Ojayit on the other hand means someone who is courageous. They both rhyme and start with ‘oj’ and are ideal twin baby boy names.

58. Vaibhav – Vaibhavi:

Both the names begin with the word Vaibhav and are ideal for twin baby girl and baby boy names. Vaibhav means richness or someone who has grandeur or power. Vaibhavi is a feminine version of the same and also symbolizes the landlord or riches.

59. Vaishakh- Vaishali:

These are both again baby boy and girl twin names. Vaishak is the second in order of the lunar month as per Hindu traditions and mythology or astrology. Vaishali, on the other hand, means princess. It is also the name of an ancient name in India. They both start with ‘vaisha’ and rhyme well too. Isn’t it great!

60. Vaiga – Vaijanti:

Both are twin baby girl names. Vaiga means Goddess Parvathi. Vaijanthi is, on the other hand, the name of a flower. They both start with ‘Vai’ and are perfect twin baby girl names with unique and rare meanings.

With these Rohini Nakshatra names, we hope your search for baby names is sorted out. The list is a perfect blend of classical, traditional, auspicious and modern creative names too. Shortlist them as per your preferences and name your kids with something beautiful and mesmerizing. We bet they would love it in the future!


All the names and their meanings mentioned above may alter as per different languages, regions, and countries. It is advised to conduct extensive research before finalizing the baby’s name.


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