The metal such a brass, steel or copper coated with thin layer of gold, the purity is above 9 carat. This type of jewelry is defined as rold gold jewellery and is not so expensive ones. The design and the pattern of ornaments are same as the real ones and they are resemble also like real jewels. Sometime it is difficult to analyze whether it real ornaments or rold gold jewellery.

The rold gold jewellery is not as expensive as original ones and you can own multiple of them as it would not prick your pocket very highly.

Indian Designs of Rold Gold Jewelry:

Here we discuss about some rold gold jewellery designs for men and women are as follows.

1. 14 karat Rold Gold Chain for Men:

Rold gold chains are there for men and women both and it’s available in different pattern and designs. It’s available according to purity level and in different shapes also. This link chain in 8.9 mm long and is made of 14 karat gold. As men’s prefer broad design so this chain can be perfect choice for them to make them appear cool and stylish.

2. Rold Gold Necklace Set for Women:

You can get different type of necklace set in rold gold and you can choose them according to the purpose and occasion. The craftsmanship depicts the design of original set and it’s difficult to understand that this ornament is designed of rold gold. The necklace is designed that makes you appear smart and unique.

3. Rold Gold Bangles for Women’s:

Women are always particular about their attire and looks and they always wear those ornaments which enhance their look and appearance. Rold gold bangles are the perfect choice for girls and women’s as they appear unique and stylish and can make your wrist and you look trendy and stylish.

4. Rold Gold Bracelet for Men:

Bracelets are an ornament which communicates a lot about you without saying a word. The design and pattern of the bracelet let about your persona and style and men’s are very particular about it. This bracelet appear to be simple but with a touch of elegance. It can be worn as daily wears and even on cool parties also. The purity level of this bracelet is of 10 carat.

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5. Rold Gold Bracelets for Girls:

This bracelet is made of steel and in three layers. The bracelet is plated in gold, bronze and silver thus giving the entire bracelet a unique and different look. Girls can wear them in collages as well on hangouts also. It looks cool and can be teamed up with funky t-shirts and jeans thus making you look hot and funky.

6. Rold Gold Earrings:

An earring is the ornament about which all the women’s are very particular as it exhibits their style and persona. So females are very particular about the earring design and pattern. This earrings is gold plated and the stones studded on it make it appear elegant and can be a good choice for all age group.

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7. Kundan and Ruby Rold Gold Necklace:

The combination of kundan and ruby on rold gold jewels can be marvellous. As kundan is white in colour, ruby in red and gold give yellow sparkles. This amazing combination of these three gives a mind-blowing design on the necklace thus enhancing the appearance of your neckline as well your persona also.

8. Rold Gold White Rings:

This ring is made of silver metal and on top of it white rold polish has been done. The white gold polish finish gives the sparkling and dazzling beauty to the ring and also to wearer of this ring. You can wear them on daily basis also without the fear of polish getting eroded.

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9. Traditional Indian Style Peacock Rold Gold Jhumka:

Here comes the traditional peacock styled jhumkas made in rold gold, in combination of pearls and red and green colour stone. These styles of jhumkas are very much appreciated by young girls and middle aged women’s and it can be worn of weddings as well as on special occasion also. These types of jhumkas appear to look good with traditional wear and give you a traditional look.

If you want to appear fashionable and stylish by wearing new jewels according to your outfit then rold gold id the correct choice for you. As they are not so expensive you can own the colours and designs as per your persona and style and look cool and unique from others. They are available in different pattern and designs and with different metals and stones. So grab number of them and create impression in front of your friends and colleagues.


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