There is nothing like considering Roman baby names if you are looking for a unique and fashionable fix in selecting your baby’s name. The Roman names are back in trend again and are pretty appreciated for their authenticity, classic meanings, and poetic pronunciations. But, if you are looking for a list of perfect names for your newborn baby, there is nothing like the Roman ones.

Today, we have worked around compiling for you the best of famous roman names for babies, with meanings. So, check them out and see which one you like the most!

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List of Best Popular Roman Names for Babies

Roman names are pretty fascinating. They cater choices and preferences of several groups of the population. Whether you want poetic names, meaningful names with depth, or mythological influenced choices, they indeed are a treat to go through! Let us find out the most famous name choices here.

Roman Names for Boys:

You may already have heard of a few trendy baby boy names of Romans. They are super popular globally and are echoed quite a lot in European regions too! Some are famous in novels and stories, and some you may have even heard on television and in movies. So let us find out the loveliest Roman baby boy names and male names.

1. Adrian:

Adrian in Roman means sea or water. The other synonyms and reflections of the name also mean depth. It is a trendy ancient and middle-aged name that is getting famous in this decade.

2. Atticus:

You may have heard about this name already. Atticus is quite an internationally famous name already. Atticus has Greek, Roman, and Latin origins. It originally means ‘from Athens.’ The name is very famously also used in several stories, novels, and poems.

3. Caesar:

This is another popular name. Julius Caesar is a very famous choice in recent times. It means someone who has very thick hair. However, the name is also perfect for those who prefer vintage and very stylish poetic names.

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4. Claudius:

Cladius in Latin means enclosure. The name is also prevalent in literary circles, as it is used widely in several books and stories, including that of Shakespeare.

5. Cyrus:

Cyrus in Roman and Persian means someone who is young. The name, in other words, also symbolizes someone who is far-sighted.

6. Julian:

Julian is the name of the emperor in Romans. For others, Julian meaning is also considered someone who is the son of Jupiter. The other meanings of the name include youthful and down-to-earth. Isn’t it a good and charming name?

7. Justus:

Justus means being just or fair. It also means Justice and is inspired by the New Testament. Justus’s name originated from Latin.

8. Lincoln:

Many assume Lincoln is an American name. Well, it is not! It is also a popular Roman name choice for boys. It is used both as a surname and full name.

9. Magnus:

Magnus means’ magnificent’ or someone who is excellent. It is a popular saint name, and it is a popular age-old and ancient name choice. The name is of Latin origin and is perfect for those who prefer a classic and timeless choice.

10. Marius:

Marius is another name for Mars in the Roman names list. It is a popular name these days and is a famous upcoming choice for many parents. It is unique and meaningful too!

11. Nolan:

Nolan is a very stylish and modern name choice for several parents right now. It originated from Latin, too and meant descendant of Nuallan.

12. Octavius:

Octavius is another ancient name preferred mainly by several Roman emperor families. It is a unique and dense charming name choice. Julius Caesar’s son’s name was Octavius too.

13. Pius:

Pius is another name for Pious. It means dutiful or someone who is responsible. This is a trendy name already and is famous after Pope Pius too.

14. Romeo:

Now, this is a name everyone knows and is still on the list of the world’s most famous names. But do you know Romeo means a pilgrim to Rome? Interesting, isn’t it?!

15. Rogan:

Rogan means red. It is a modern, unique, and rare name choice for boys in Roman names.

16. Rufus:

Rufus actually means redhead. But is it a trendy name choice in several stories and novels? It is of Latin origin.

17. Sergius:

Sergius means servant. However, the name was initially implied as someone who prefers to see themselves as God’s servant. It is of Roman and Latin origin and a unique, rare name choice.

18. Silas:

Silas is a very stylish new name that is getting famous around. It has Roman origins and means forest. Cool, isn’t it?

19. Sirius:

Sirius is a name of Greek origin; it means the brightest star in the sky. It is a very charming, beautiful, and meaningful name choice for baby boys. What do you think?

20. Tiberius:

Tiberius means of the Tiber. The name is of Latin origin and initially originated from the Latin emperor after the same name.

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Roman Baby Girl Names:

Now that we have observed the trendy list of Roman baby boy names, let us now jump ahead to check out the trending list of cute Roman baby girl names. These are quite a phenomenon right now and include the most famous choices, unique ones, and a meaningful list. Here we go with trending Roman female names!

21. Alba:

Alba means bright and vibrant. It has Latin origins and is a simple, cute, and short baby name choice in Roman.

22. Augusta:

Augusta is a feminine form for the name Augustus. It is a popular choice in the Roman emperor’s families. It symbolizes someone who is magnificent and splendid.

23. Aurora:

Aurora means beautiful dawn. The other meaning of the name also means breezy. It is also the name of the Roman Goddess and is a perfect cute choice.

24. Cecilia:

Cecilia originally means a person who is blinded by love. It is a very charming and straightforward subtle name choice for baby girls.

25. Claudia:

Claudia is again a feminine name form for Claudius. It means enclosure.

26. Cybele:

Cybele is a mythical Goddess in Roman beliefs. Therefore, it is a very unique and rare name choice.

27. Diana:

Now, this is again in the list of global popular name choices. Several people across the world name their kids Diana. It means a divine lady. The other meaning of the name also means women who have beauty and brains.

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28. Esilia:

According to Roman mythology, Esilia is the wife of Romulus. It is a lesser-known but popular Roman name choice for girls.

29. Florentia:

Florentia symbolizes floral, flower, or blooming. It is a perfect feminine and cute name choice with vintage and timeless meanings. It has Roman origins too.

30. Julia:

Julia symbolizes youth or youth. It is a purely elite and graceful name choice and a trendy evergreen name for girls. It is a perfect modern-day stylish name too. What do you think?

31. Luna:

Luna means a moon goddess. It is a famous ancient Roman baby girl name choice.

32. Mariana:

Mariana is a name for girls, the feminine form of Marius. It means a wished child. It is a popular name in Roman mythology and an ancient trendy name.

33. Martina:

If you are looking for a very fierce name choice, Martina is the one. It means ‘warlike.’ It is a feminine version of the name Mars or Martin.

34. Maya:

This is already a famous name and has origins from Roman and, Latin, Greek names list. Maya means illusion. It also means imaginative or magical.

35. Ona:

Ona means one. It means being first and foremost. Simple, short, and cute. Isn’t it?

36. Perpetua:

Perpetua is a person who has a charming and continuous personality. It is an ancient name choice in Roman names. However, it is rarely known or observed.

37. Tianna:

Tianna simply means a follower of Jesus. It has Roman origins too.

38. Valentia:

Valentia is a pretty cute and beautiful choice. Unfortunately, many take the meaning of Valentia as Valentine. But you may be wrong here; it originally meant strength.

39. Valeria:

Valeria again has a meaning of a similar sort. It means a strong person.

40. Victoria:

Victoria, as many of us are aware, means conqueror victory. It is a charming and beautiful timeless choice for girls.

Funny and Nicknames of Roman Baby Boys and Girls:

Well, we also love to have those cute and mesmerizing nicknames for our baby girls and boys. Don’t we?! If so, these Roman name choices and ideas for funny names are perfect. Have a look; they are pretty cute too!

41. Brutus:

Brutus means stupid. But the name is also funny in sounding and symbolizes someone who is dumb and yet cute.

42. Cato:

If someone is super brainy and intelligent, Cato is a good nickname.

43. Flakkus:

Flakkus means a person with a big face or facial features. This is a funny nickname choice.

44. Calvus:

Calvus is a funny nickname for those who have thin hair or are bald.

45. Maximus:

Maximus is another trendy nickname choice. It means large, big.

46. Piso:

Piso is a funny modern-day nickname. It doesn’t really have a meaning, except for calling those who are threatening Piso.

47. Ro:

Ro is such a very famous and popular nickname already. It just means Roman.

48. Ravioli:

Ravioli is someone who loves food or is a foodie. A cool name isn’t it!

49. Ray:

Ray is such as very charming name. It means someone who means a lot, similar to a ray of sunshine.

50. Manus:

Manus means greatest. It is a new modern nickname and funny choice for babies.

Famous Roman Surnames and Lastnames:

Roman last names and surnames pretty much reflect their heritage, great history, and ancient ethics. But, did you ever come across the popular and unique Roman surnames or last names?

51. Aeneas:

Aeneas is a famous Greek and Roman last name and surname. It goes after “Aeneid,” who travels to Rome and finds the state.

52. Aries:

Aries is a zodiac sign and is also a famous last name in Roman.

53. Remus:

Remus is another traditional surname and last name in Roman. It goes after Remus, one of the founders of Rome city.

54. Pluto:

Pluto means wealth. It is another famous Roman surname.

55. Vulcan:

Vulcan is actually a Roman God. He is the God of Fire, and this is also a famous Roman last name. This is a popular one among Roman God names.

56. Silvanus:

Silvanus is an ancient Roman God who is the God of Forests. We love this one in ancient Roman names.

57. Neptune:

Neptune is a very famous Roman last name, which means God of Sea in mythology.

58. Antonia:

Antonia doesn’t have a specific meaning but is a trendy last name too.

59. Decimus:

Decimus means tenth. It is a known Roman surname as well.

60. Julius:

We all know this name already, and it is a world-famous known Roman family surname.

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Ancient Roman Mythology Baby Boy and Girl names:

Do you love ancient age-old heritage and history? Do you prefer to have a mythological name choice for your baby boy or girl? Well, don’t you worry! We have a list of famous and very trendy ancient Roman and mythological baby name choices too. Let’s check them out.

61. Amor:

Amor means love. It is a timeless, vintage, and evergreen popular Mythological baby girl name choice.

62. Evander:

Evander means and symbolizes ‘a good man’. The name Evander is also someone who founded Pallantium city. It is a famous historic name choice for boys.

63. Italus:

Italus is the father of Remus and Romulus. He is also the founder of Rome.

64. Jupiter:

Jupiter is a famous Roman mythological name. he is a Roman God and makes a perfect baby boy name choice.

65. Pollux:

Pollux is Zeus’s son and also symbolizes someone who is sweet. It is a popular and unique mythological baby boy name.

66. Mars:

Mars is the God of Wars in Roman mythology. So, it is a unique and timeless baby boy name choice too.

67. Ceres:

Ceres is a unique baby girl name choice in Roman mythological names. It means Goddess of farming.

68. Lavinia:

Lavinia is King Latinus’s daughter. She is the ancestor of the Roman people and makes a beautiful and feminine baby girl’s name choice.

69. Minerva:

Minerva means intellect. It also means charm.

70. Venus:

Venus is the Goddess of love. It is a popular and ever-trendy baby girl mythological Roman name choice.

We hope you enjoyed knowing and exploring all about the famous and trendy Roman baby names for boys and girls. These are all unique, meaningful, historic, and rare name ideas for your newborn area. Let us know what you think about them; we love to hear from you!


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