Have you ever heard about blinds that cover your windows? Although there are many options available in the market, Roman curtain designs are visibly smooth and stack up evenly to help you block out the sun with style. Unlike the typical vertical shades, these Roman curtains are soft and do not go ribbed or bumpy. Read on to learn more about the best way to use these Roman curtain designs that filter sunlight giving your room a cosy feel.

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Latest Roman Curtain Designs In India:

Here are our 15 simple and modern Roman curtain designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Roman Curtains for Kitchen:

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The white and grey stripes of these Roman curtains are an apt choice for a kitchen. The subtle colour combination matched with the Roman-style curtains goes hand in hand with the space’s beautiful interiors. The thin slabs of the curtain help you maintain the amount of sunlight you want for the area.

2. Roman Curtain Designs for Living Room:

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If you want to add style to your living room area, Roman curtain designs are the perfect option for adding style to your living area. The unique white patterns on these curtains’ pale golden backgrounds add a unique beauty to your simple space. There are long white curtains placed above the windowpane that completely block out light.

3. Roman Curtains for Bedroom:

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All-white is one of the typical colour palettes for your bedroom. These beautiful Roman curtains for the bedroom add a unique style to the small sitting area along with the window. The all-white curtain with grey lines in between goes in sync with the room’s theme and furniture.

4. Roman Blind Curtain:

Roman blind curtain describes the design of curtains forming beautiful pleats that come together when you pull them. This process gives you the unique feature of blocking and letting in the sunlight in one curtain. The grey and see-through combination of the fabric makes it attractive to look at. It blends in beautifully with the grey theme of the room.

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5. Roman Shade Curtain Designs:

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Roman shade curtains are a perfect option for a small window with a place for you to sit around. The two-panel Roman shades are made out of material that covers your windows beautifully. These shades’ convenience is that you can leave on fully open and uncover another part that gives your room enough lighting without blinding you.

6. Country Curtains Roman Shades:

Subtle colours are some of the standard features you find in any country home. Although these delicate white Roman shades are plain all over, the leaf patches are at the top of the curtain. There are two thin strings on either side of the drape that help you pull the curtain up and down. This curtain blends in easily with the décor of the space.

7. Roman Drapes Curtains:

The thin material and the Roman drape curtains’ graceful folds make it a perfect option to beautify any space in your house. When combined with the soft fabric, the attractive lines hang flat along with the window and fold up whenever you need it. It eases into crisp horizontal folds with ease making it a perfect option for any household.

8. Sheer Roman Curtain Designs:

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Sheer Roman curtain designs are a perfect way to create a soft, outdoorsy look to any space in your home. These curtains work brilliantly since they don’t block out sunlight entirely and are paired with Roman drapes’ functionality, making them a cherry on top. These curtains help protect your house against outside elements and are made out of cost-effective material.

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9. Roman Tie Up Curtains:

Grey is one of the standard colours used in the interiors, giving you a neutral feel and beautifully ties up the décor. The simple grey Roman tie-up curtains add a beautiful finish to your space. The simple and pretty design on these curtains projects it beautifully against the all-white theme of the house. Once you pull up the strings, it creates a stylish balloon pattern.

10. Blackout Roman Curtains:

Blackout Roman curtain designs are one of the best options if you want complete privacy. The curtain’s dark blue colour stands out against the space’s all-white theme, adding a distinctive look to the area. These curtains’ functionality gives you the flexibility to move them up and down according to your needs.

11. White Roman Curtain Designs:

The white Roman curtains are a perfect addition of elegance and class to your house effectively. These curtains stack up efficiently, allowing sunlight, and you can achieve a complete blackout by pulling the curtain down. The all-white colour of these curtains stands out against the sea blue wall colour of the room. This is a good option if you have a kid-free zone.

12. Bamboo Roman Shades with Curtains:

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Bamboo is one of the prominent materials gaining popularity since it is environment-friendly and adds to your space’s aesthetics. These bamboo shades cover the three-part window beautifully, and the ease of movement upward and downward adds to the flexibility. The white curtains added on top of these shades work as a complete blackout option.

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13. Tab Top Roman Blind Curtains:

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The tab-top Roman blind curtains’ exposed loops are a perfect option if you want to add a chic finish to your country home. These curtains are not only easy to handle but fixing them is also hassle-free. The unique floral patterns on the cloth add beauty to the functionality of Roman curtains.

14. Roman Blinds with Voile Curtains:

If you are looking for a new take on traditional net curtains, Roman blinds with voile curtains are the best choice. These curtains block out sunlight, partially giving the space a beautiful radiance. These curtains not only have a unique presentation about them but do not stray away from the root of the theme of your house.

15. Roman Blinds with Net Curtains:

If you think the standard curtains available in the market are not stylish enough, the Roman blinds with net curtains are a perfect choice. The simple Roman blinds’ functionality is taken to the next level, with the beautiful net curtains completing your space’s look. The combination is not only stylish but adds elegance to your room.

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Curtains play an important role in beautifying any room in your home. Roman curtain designs are quite different from the regular ones available in the market and bring a unique charm to any space. With an array of options available in this article, making a choice becomes much more comfortable. Do not forget to let us know if the item was helpful!


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