For birthdays or anniversaries, in romantic relationships or for best friends, the heart shape has immense importance for every person. It symbolises love and a hearty feeling towards a person you love. The best way you can express this emotion on special occasions is by celebrating the occasion with a heart-shaped cake design. While we are all aware of the simplest and best heart-shaped cakes that have been in the baking world forever, today, we bring forth the latest and most popular exotic cake design ideas. So, if you are interested and looking forward to checking out new ideas in heart shape cake design, keep reading!

Simple and Best Heart Shape Cake Designs With Pictures In 2024:

Let us explore the beautiful and romantic cakes in heart-shaped designs with photos. Here we go!

1. Heart Cake Design For Anniversary:

Image Source: pinterest

Looking forward to celebrating your anniversary day with your spouse? Celebrate it with a flower-themed heart shape cake design. Here we see the cake in a heart shape filled with red rose floral designs, oozing a splendid and beautiful look. The cake is not just tasty but also looks stunning with the design. Do you agree? This is among the classic heart shape cake designs on the internet today.

2. Birthday Cake In Heart Shape:

How about a perfect heart shape cake design to celebrate a birthday? Isn’t it wonderful? This is yet another perfect choice for simple yet tasty cake ideas. The plain heart shape cake design is apt for birthdays. It is further enhanced in look by red cream in a floral design on the side. As a result, it adds a beautiful look to the already tasty and delicious cake. What do you think? It is a perfect cake to uplift a special celebration on any day!

3. Engagement Special Cake In Heart Shape:

What is better than celebrating an engagement with a special cake? On such a special occasion, a heart-shaped cake will never disappoint. We have a special engagement-themed heart shape cake design idea here. The cake has a beautiful two swan design on the top, with a gold colour ring design. The white and gold colour fondant and cream further give the cake an elegant and charming look. Isn’t it?! What do you think?

4. Wedding Tier Cake In Heart Shape:

Image Source: pinterest

We also have a heart shape design cake for celebrating weddings. This red and white heart shape cake is specially curated and designed for a post-wedding celebration. It has a tiers design and can be made on order for those over 2 kg and above. The floral red cream design and fondant give it a special look with a unique heart shape cake design. This heart shape cake design is perfect for celebrating weddings of love, and even can be gifted to husband and wife by others!

5. Chocolate Heart Shape Cake Design:

Most often, when we think of heart shape cake, we picture a red cake on our heads. But alternatively, there are also yummy chocolate-flavoured cakes in this design. If you haven’t yet come across it, this chocolate cake in heart shape design is a perfect fit for chocolate lovers. It is dense, tasty and, yet, also looks unique and beautiful with layers. The heart shape cake design here is a mix of plain chocolate flavour with new dark chocolate on the topping.

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6. Small Heart Shaped Cake With Rose:

Image Source: pinterest

We also have a small heart shape cake design for you to celebrate any small occasion or just home gatherings. This half-kg white and red heart shape cake design features a rose design with leaves on the top and a side ribbon. The toppings and design are done with fondant, giving it a nice natural look. It is perfect for celebrating any special occasion or success.

7. Red Velvet Heart Shape Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

How about a red velvet cake with heart shape design? The red velvet cake is a newfound love among several millennials around the world. We often see the speciality of the cake on several occasions and celebrations. This simple and yummy red velvet cake in a heart shape is a perfect choice for those who love this flavour. It has tiny white heart symbols standing on the left side of the cake to elevate the look.

8. Pineapple Flavoured Heart Shape Cake:

Talk about the most classic flavours in the cake world; we often think about the pineapple flavour! We even have a simple yet delicious pineapple-flavoured heart shape cake design. The heart shape cake design looks bright as sunshine in yellow colour, with tiny chocolate sticks on the top. It is perfect as an allrounder in any celebration, and can never go wrong. What do you think? You can get this cake in small or large sizes as per your choice.

9. Double Hearts Special Cake:

For anniversaries, romantic date nights, celebrating a wedding, and more – the double heart shape is a versatile choice in cake designs. This white and red combo double heart shape cake design is the trending design in the baking world right now. The lovely cake features golden star designs with fondant on both cakes, giving it an additional enhanced, beautiful look.

10. Heart Shaped Cake With Butterscotch:

Most of us love butterscotch cake, and this heart shape cake design with this flavour is absolutely delicious as well as looks hearty! The delicious cake is filled with dense butterscotch cream, also topped with Ferrero Rocher chocolate. The cake also has a patterned chocolate design all over the sides to enhance its look. It is perfect for versatile occasions, and is an apt choice for everyone who loves butterscotch!

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11. Black Forest Heart Shape Cake:

Another common cake flavour is black forest. This black forest heart shape cake design perfectly blends flavour and a rich look. The cake looks authentic with the colour and is topped with cream and cherries above to give it an enhanced look, besides chocolate flakes. The ingredients of the cake remain basic, such as flour, eggs, butter, baking soda, baking powder, and oil, besides the black forest cream and power.

12. Heart Shape Rasmalai Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Have you ever heard of rasmalai cake? This is the new desi cake flavour trending in India in recent days. The rasmalai cake is made with the traditional Indian sweet, Rasmalai. It tastes finger-licking and has a rich flavour. In the heart shape cake design shown above, we notice this cake also being topped with the rasmalai on the side, giving it a yummy and rich enhanced look. Do you agree?

13. Pinata Heart-Shaped Cake Design:

Have you heard of pinata cakes? If you are all ready to throw some fun in cake bashing (yes, you heard us right – not cake cutting), then this pinata cake will do all the justice. The heart shape pinata cake design is not only tasty but also fun to have. The cake is a perfect choice to bring joy to any celebration, such as birthdays, success gatherings, anniversaries and more.

14. White Forest Cake In Heart Shape:

Image Source: pinterest

If you love simple cake designs, this heart-shaped white forest cake is a great steal. The cake is filled with rich white forest cream on all sides, with pink and white cream topping on the sides and above. It looks elegant, besides also tasting delicious, activating your taste buds. This cake design can be worked for several cake sizes, such as it can be made for half kg or one kg or above.

15. Strawberry Heart Shape Cake Design:

Here we have the most trending flavour, the strawberry cake. The strawberry cake comes in heart shape design and looks exotic and beautiful. The cake is filled with dense strawberry-flavoured jam and creams, giving it a rich taste and flavour. Chocolate pearls, cherries, and a basket-themed creamy design further top it. Isn’t it great?! It is a perfect choice for kids as well as adults.

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16. Vanilla Cake In Heart Shape:

Vanilla cake is yet another evergreen choice in the cake flavours. We have this lovely vanilla-flavoured white and red heart shape cake design for you. The cake features a plain white vanilla cream topping with a red heart shape glazed design on the side. It is a perfect choice for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, to celebrate love and togetherness. It will undoubtedly add good flavour to your celebration. What do you think?

17. Mango Heart-Shaped Cake Design:

Image Source:

Did you ever come across a mango-flavoured heart shape cake design? Here is a cake that is a perfect and unique blend of cake with mango cream topping and authentic natural mango cut pieces as a design. Besides the natural mango cubes added above, the mango cake is drool-worthy with its yummy cream-filled look. The design of the cake is beautiful and amazing, unique with a creative look.

18. Fruit Cake In Heart Shape:

How about fruit cake in a heart shape? We bet, most of you haven’t come across such designs. The fruit cake gives a raw and authentic flavour with the touch of several fruit flavours; this heart shape cake design also elevates the entire experience by making it look beautiful and colourful. Isn’t it truly unique? The cake is filled with several fruit toppings like blueberries, cherries, grapes, pineapples, strawberries and others, besides also having a crunchy fruit flavour.

19. Heart Shaped Layer Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

This heart shape layered cake is a total steal! The cake design is topped with thick cream on top of pink strawberry fruit and shows four layers of red velvet cream layers. For those who are looking for unique and innovative taste, flavour and look, this heart-shaped layer cake is a perfect win and an apt choice. It is sure going to fill your taste buds with enhanced flavour and delicacy.

20. Blueberry Cheese Cake In Heart Shape:

Go to any high-end restaurant; the most common dessert we all love and wish for is the yummy and delicious blueberry cheesecake. How about recreating the entire flavour and experience in a heart shape? We have this heart-shaped blueberry cheesecake in the design, as shown above, and we are impressed. It looks wonderful and unique, filled with blueberry jam as the topping, and fills your mouth with finger-licking and drool-worthy cheesecake flavour. What do you think?

These are among the romantic and beautiful heart shape cake design ideas trending globally. If you are confused and wondering which heart-shaped design looks good with the upcoming celebrations, we hope you now have an idea. Let us know your favourite choice in the above flavours and designs; we love to hear from you!


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