Gold jewellery is one of the most important collection items for every household in India. We are obsessed with gold items like bangles, rings, earrings, chains etc. Marriage ceremonies are complete only when we go to a jeweller and buy the gold set for the bride. Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy type of gold. It is known as crown gold as it is 22 karat, the highest karat. There is also 18 karat rose gold used to make delicate jewellery items.

Stunning and Trending Designs of Bangles in Rose Gold:

Here we share some best rose gold bangles for women in fashion.

1. Regular Plain Rose Gold Bangles:

These are delicate gold bangles that are good for everyday use. They add charm and aura even though they are simple. The beauty of the rose colour of the gold bangle is very mesmerizing.

2. Rose Gold Diamond Bangle Design:

This diamond bangle in rose gold is a perfect piece for a gift. It has many diamonds set in rose gold, which adds exquisite beauty to the colour of the bangle. Rose gold used is of high purity, and the carat value of the diamonds is high.

3. Rose Gold Plated Bangle Design:

This rose gold plated bangle is a special one since it is personalized. The design is an open-end style that will adjust to any wrist size. It is made in 18 karat gold plating.

4. Rose Gold Bangle with Watch Set:

This beautiful bangle set has a crystal bracelet watch and matching bangles. They are stacked together, so they are used as a single piece. This awesome piece will add glamour to any outfit that you wear. It can be used as a statement piece.

5. Plain Gold Rose Bangle:

Plain bangles are useful for everyday use and add that little touch of fashion to an otherwise dull outfit. Pair it with jeans and a t-shirt or even an Indian outfit. Since it is plain in texture, there is no worry of getting stuck in outfits.

6. Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet:

Instead of single or multiple plains rose gold bangles, a single bracelet is a wonderful option for all women. It helps to accentuate an outfit with style and creates an allure. The bracelet is broad enough but at the same time stylish as it is curved and becomes thinner at the ends.

7. Lace Work Rose Gold Bangle in Big:

Lace work rose gold is an intricate statement piece that will add glamour. It is very delicate work done on the bangle, and you can wear it for a party or occasion.

8. Flower-Shaped Rose Gold Bangle:

This exquisite bangle had pretty flower shape rose gold work with beautiful diamonds encrusted within. The bangle is made of 18 karat rose gold. It is sure to please any woman when gifted for a special occasion.

9. Inspirational Rose Gold Bangle Design:

This is perfect for a personal buy or a gift for your wife, sister or daughter. This inspiration bangle is inscribed with a personal message that will keep for a long time. It can be given after some milestone has been completed in the person’s life or as a booster.

Rose Gold bangles are very stylish and beautiful pieces of jewellery that will be loved by all gifted or bought for personal use. It can be simple single pieces or multiple, including sets. More luxurious pieces will have diamonds and other precious stones encrusted in them.


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