Gold chains are one of the simplest and most elegant pieces of jewellery you can wear. In our culture, wearing a gold chain around your neck symbolises prosperity and peace in your family and house. Many families still have the ritual of gifting their children- male or female- golden chains to wear around the neck when they come of age. Gold chains are, however, nowadays becoming too mainstream. The new trend has shifted towards rose gold chains. Are gold rose chains elegant and very beautiful to look at?

Latest and Attractive Chain Designs in Rose Gold for Trendy Look:

Here we bring you the Top 9 beautiful Rose Gold chains you can pick from.

1. Wheat Rose Gold Chain:

The wheat link chain is the most lightweight yet durable chain you can buy. A new trend of buying these beautifully sleek-looking wheat link chains has begun. This is one of the most popular men’s chains in rose gold.

2. Box Rose Gold Chain:

The Box rose gold chain is another durable yet lightweight men’s rose gold chain that can be a good buy. It is ideal for getting a pendant with these chains, as they lend a subtle shine to the pendants, making them look better. These chains come in sleek or petite designs and bulkier and chunkier designs.

3. Rope Rose Gold Chain:

If 14K rose gold chains are what you are looking for, amp up your style by buying this exclusively men’s rose gold chain with rope links. Nowadays, a new trend of buying sleeker or thinned rope links rose gold chains for women.

4. Figaro Rose Gold Chain:

Figaro style of rose gold chains is a pretty popular buy for men. Long rose gold chains with heavy and thick Figaro links around your neck keep you in style while not risking your handsome manliness. Go for it, Men!

5. Curb Rose Gold Chain:

The Curb Link rose gold chain is yet another popular choice among men. It is a classic look that follows when a man wears a curb link chain around his neck. The curb link is just as durable as the Figaro; however, it does not look bulky.

6. Herringbone Rose Gold Chain:

Herringbone chains are a more flat link type than the others. Mostly worn by women, a thicker design has started to trend in men’s fashion jewellery. However, pendants are generally discouraged when wearing a herringbone rose gold chain.

7. Omega Rose Gold Chain:

The Omega rose gold chain was used mostly exclusively by women but has started slowly but surely spilling into men’s fashion. The Omega link is known for kinking, and it is generally recommended not to bend it. However, the look that wearing a long rose gold chain made of omega links around your neck can lend you is ‘tasteful’.

8. Snake Rose Gold Chain:

The Snake rose gold chain is another weak kinking chain; however, it is more popular amongst men. Snake chains are sometimes also used as bracelets.

9. Cuban Rose Gold Chain:

The Cuban rose gold chain is the rocking hip brother of the curb link chains. A higher diameter lends a gangster look to these kinds of chains. They look cool when worn, both around the neck as well as wrist!

Rose Gold chains for men and women are the simplest and most elegant jewellery you can buy. Many families and cultures have the ritual of gifting their sons and daughters rose gold chains to symbolise coming of age. These are very fine gifts that can give at weddings and birthdays.


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