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How To Use Rosemary Oil For Hair?

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The root of most of our hair woes is the use of chemicals. Earlier people relied on natural products for hair care. Now the hair products are hardly delivering on these lines. So how about using a natural product that can be grown in your backyard? This wonder herb is Rosemary and the product is Rosemary oil.

rosemary oil for hair

Rosemary Oil For Hair:

Why Rosemary Oil For Hair?

Rosemary is known For its Many Benefits:

  • It delays and prevents premature hair graying.
  • It helps circulate blood vessels to carry nutrients to the scalp follicles.
  • It helps cell duplication and thus helps hair grow well.
  • It prevents hair fall and premature balding.
  • It is effective to deal with dandruff.
  • It is an anti bacterial and antiseptic herb, so it helps cleanse hair follicles from root to tip eliminating accumulation of anything that impairs the cell duplication process.
  • Gives a healthy and natural sheen to the body of your hair.

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Uses of Rosemary Oil For Hair?

There are numerous ways of taking benefit of Rosemary oil for different hair problems.

For Normal Hair Care:

  • Add two drops of rosemary oil to one tablespoon of your regular hair oil and massage your scalp.
  • Cover your head to leave it on overnight before shampooing your hair next day.
  • It is essentially used as aroma oil so one must avoid using rosemary oil directly.

For Bald Patches:

  • Apply it on the major balding spots on your scalp and gently massage it in.
  • This provides the necessary stimulation to the hair follicles.
  • Let the scalp absorb the oil for a few hours before washing it away. One can do the hot towel wrap if it is too cumbersome to move around with the oil.

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For Damaged Hair:

  • Use this regularly to help prevent tangles and cure persisting hair damage and split ends.
  • It will also provide a darker and natural hue to hair which was lost due to chemicals.

rosemary oil for hair

Home Made Rosemary Oil:

In order to avoid going through the ordeal of picking out the best oil in the market one can make their rosemary oil at home. This is very easy but requires patience.

  • Collect a jar full of rosemary herb
  • Clean the leaves for any traces of chemicals or sprays
  • Now dry these leaves to avoid any hydration on the surface as it will prevent the oil secretion.
  • Fill up the jar with Olive oil or Almond oil enough to cover the entire herbs.
  • Tightly cover the mouth of the glass jar and leave it in the sun for 4 weeks.
  • Keep stirring and shaking the jar frequently in between.
  • Now the oil is ready to be used.

Home Made Hair Conditioner:


  • ½ cup Honey.
  • 1/4th cup Olive Oil.
  • 4 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil.
  • 1 tsp. Xanthan gum.


Warm up the Olive oil. Then combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly in a bowl. Now pour it into a container or bottle for use.

Apply a small amount to slightly dampened hair and massage it from the scalp to tip until completely covered and coated. Cover hair and leave it on for 30 minutes to absorb. Finally wash it off with a mild shampoo to enjoy its lasting benefits.

Rosemary is so potent that either infused in natural rinses or orally consumed in form of teas they deliver the benefits always.

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However, There Are Some Caveats For Using This Oil:

  • Refrain from it if you suffer from heart conditions.
  • Not advisable for expectant mothers.
  • It is a stimulant so try using it earlier and not towards the later hours of the day as it may result in the lack of sleep.

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