A False Ceiling is the first thing that people notice in your home. It also contributes to the overall visual appeal of the room. Although there are numerous designs available in the market, Round false ceiling designs are the most popular. In a square or Rectangle-shaped room, having a circle-shaped roof design makes for a strong geometric match.

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Also, the rounded figures on the ceiling can serve as a perfect backdrop for your fans, chandeliers or even decorative hangings. Not only do they conceal the ugly wires and rods, but also elevate their beauty. These designs are extremely versatile, so you can choose to go with one large circular element in the centre or a stack of circles in different arrangements.

To make matters easier for you, we have handpicked 10 of the best round-shaped ceiling designs for your dream home.

Best Round-Shaped False Ceiling Designs In India:

Read along to get inspired by our simple and latest collection of circular ceiling design ideas with images:

1. Latest Round Ceiling Design for House:

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Check out this stunner of a ceiling that can add glamour to your room. The rectangular ceiling is accentuated with three circular drops in the centre. Background lights are added around them to set up a lively mood. Notice how they are placed just above the sitting area, where you need not worry about additional decoration.

2. Round Ceiling with Lights:

Take a look at this ceiling design, which is inspired by the beauty of a full moon night. The otherwise basic ceiling pattern has a centrepiece in a circular shape. Two round drops are arranged to create this pattern and LED bulbs are fixed inside them. So, when you switch on the light, you can get a heavenly feeling without stepping out of your comfort zone.

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3. Pop Round Ceiling Designs:

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Here is a futuristic false ceiling design made using gypsum boards. The magnificent pattern is made with the main circle that pops out of the ceiling and surrounds an artistic pattern. Dim lights are added at strategic positions to highlight the entire design, without making it look over the top. You can either for a fan or around Chandelier at the centre.

4. Gypsum Round Ceiling Designs:

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Transform the entire look of your home with this amazing round ceiling design. It is perfect for your living room or personal theatre. The gypsum ceiling is divided into sections using circular drops and green lights are added to give a galaxy kind of effect. You can even go for round pendant lights around the main piece to imitate the stars.

5. Round Ceiling Designs For Living Room:

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Here is a simple, yet artistic false ceiling design. A round drop is added in the centre, from where three extensions run to the corner. From an angle, it looks like the sun and its rays. You can set up different styles of lights to add a colourful drama. Also, keeping the rest of the lights in daylight white can brighten up your room.

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6. Round Ceiling Design For Bedroom:

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If you looking for a neat and functional false ceiling for your bedroom, then, here is a design for you! The round-shaped ceiling is cut in an artistic way to produce this whole new pattern. The epicentre is left for the unique ceiling fan slot, while edges that flow down the circle hold lamp posts. Isn’t this so innovative? Instead of colours, keep it simple in white and cream.

7. Best Round Ceiling Designs For Hall:

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If the class is what you want, nothing can come close to the beauty of a pure white ceiling! The semi-circular cut gives it a unique look that is never seen before! Tiny bulbs are added in between for sparkle and the borders are highlighted with bright LED bulbs. This suits a hall or living roof and is ideal for rooms with an all-white theme.

8. Modern Round Ceiling Designs For Room:

If you have an exceptionally large room, like this meeting hall, you can try to create a dome kind of effect, using a round false ceiling. The set of concentric circles can make your room appear big and voluminous. It also lends an airy feel as it spreads in the outward direction. Simply add bright LED bulbs and you are sorted!

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9. Round Ceiling Colored Design:

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For those who love colours, this ceiling is an ideal pick! The multi-coloured circular pattern in the centre is made with four different-sized circles painted in vibrant hues. It has a striking effect on our eyes and with the addition of bulbs, the beauty is elevated trifold. This pattern suits kids’ playrooms quite well for creating a lively environment.

10. Round Ceiling Decoration:

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Here is a brilliantly done design, specially made for long rooms. The layered style of this false ceiling gives a cost feeling to the area, without making it look clumsy. It has a circular drop with three wooden panels continuing until the breadth of the room. Lights are placed in the corners and along the cut of the ceiling to give this brightly lit look.

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Now that you have seen these 10 inspirational circular false ceiling designs, which one did you like the most? Circles are the easiest shapes to work with and can be tweaked to create fascinating patterns. Whether you choose a Pop or a Gypsum, round drops can work like smart partitions to the roof, without making it look too obvious!


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