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9 Different Round Rangoli Designs That You Can Draw Easily

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Whenever India celebrates a festival, you will find a lot of color, lights, sweets, pujas and Rangolis. They are a very important part of our culture and tend to make every occasion auspicious and attractive. Whether they are round or square of triangular in shape, Rangolis always look beautiful as they have been made with great love and care. Today this article deals with round rangoli designs.

Stunning Round Shape Rangoli Designs with Images:

If you are looking for some nice round rangoli designs with pictures, the best ones have been enlisted in the following paragraphs.

1. Unique Round Rangoli Design:

round rangoli designs

The unique round Rangoli design is truly one of the best designs we have seen so far. They look very beautiful and picturesque in appearance and will surely make you win if you use this during a competition. Make sure you are using the right amount of colours and that the shapes are well defined.

2. Colorful Round Rangoli Design:

The colourful and round Rangoli design has been loved and appreciated by all. They express the extraordinary talent of the creator and look amazing because of the different borders and shades used. You can use lamps to surround this design to make it look attractive.

3. Amazing Round Rangoli Design:

Just like its name, the amazing round Rangoli is gorgeous and amazing in appearance. It looks super fabulous and looks as if a lot of effort has been put in. You could use black, white and other colours to make it look bright. You can also add the images of diyas and the Om symbol to give it a special and unique.

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4. Yellow and Red Round Rangoli Designs:

Yellow and Red is the perfect color combination used to create a wonderful rangoli design. The shades have been created perfectly and the yellow marigolds placed right at the end make it look attractive and remarkable.

5. Shining In The Dark Round Rangoli Design:

You can create a pretty looking Rangoli by using your favorite patterns and colors and surround it with illuminating lamps and diyas. These kinds of rangoli designs in round shape look wonderful under the night sky and grab a lot of attention. This is a great design for Diwali and has been used by several people during this time of the year.

6. Lord Ganesha Round Rangoli Design:

The Lord Ganesha circle Rangoli Design is awesome and spectacular in appearance. It has been used in several households and continues to be one of the best Rangoli designs. The best part about making these designs is that you can use your favorite patterns and the colors you use are also at your will. By placing the image of Ganesha in the center you will create a great design for sure.

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7. Hindu Handmade Round Rangoli Design:

The Hindu Handmade Round Rangoli Design stands as a strong significant feature of the Hindu culture. It uses the Hindu symbols such as Om and Swastika and has been created in a typical Indian style. You use a multitude of colors for this design and the result is sure to be amazing.

8. Eco Friendly Round Rangoli Design:

The Eco friendly round Rangoli design is very unique to look at. It spreads a message of awareness among the people and is a great way to show how much we love and care for our environment. You can also write “Save the Trees” around the Rangoli to make it look amazing. It is very beautiful round shape rangoli kolam design.

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9. Special Diwali Round Rangoli Design:

This is very big round shape rangoli design with dots for diwali. The special Diwali Round Rangoli Design requires a lot of effort and time. By drawing the image of illuminating diyas you can use fancy patterns and fill it with wonderful colors.

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