We may not be Kings or Queens, but our plans for kids are no smaller than King-Sized. This is why many parents often refer to their children are Prince or Princess! Apart from these nicknames, you can also choose from one of these Royal baby names, which are derived from the names of many powerful Kings, Queens of the world who were epitomes of Supremacy.

Listed below are the best regal baby names for boys, girls, unisex and twins with meanings, origin and spelling variants.

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Top 50 Royal Baby Names For Kids, 2023:

Excited to name your baby with a word that reflects royalty? Check out these latest baby names that are synonymous with aristocracy and kingship.

15 Royal Baby Names For Boys:

It is a popular trend to name baby boys after Kings and Princes of royal families, who were heroes in their stories. Can there be a better naming inspiration that these noblemen? Read on to find out the details:

1. Aditya:

Aditya is undoubtedly one of the top Royal baby names for Indian boys. It starts with the letter “A”, the leader in the alphabet series. Aditya means “Lord Surya”, the supreme soul who created the universe according to Hindu mythology. It is also the short form of King Vikramaditya, who is one of the most powerful leaders in Indian history. The not so common variants for Aditya are Adityah and Aditeya.

2. Tharish:

Now, this is one name you want to choose for your baby boy! This name literally translates to “King of hearts”. This is one Royal inspired name for the modern generation of babies. You can find this name in Malayalam speaking communities and the variant name is “Dharish”.

3. Rian:

Rian is a cute Royal baby name that means “little king”, which comes from the word “Ryan”. Though it is of Irish origin, the simple spelling and stylish pronunciation made it one of the most popular names for boys in India.

4. Cyrus:

Cyrus is the name of a Persian King who has a biblical mention as well. He is so influential that in the Old Testament mentions him as “Cyrus the Great”. From then, it’s become one of the popular names for baby boys inspired by the Royals. The variant name is “Kyros”, derived from Ancient Greek, but it sounds too archaic!

5. Eric:

Eric is a Scandivanian origin name which means “Eternal King”. Interestingly, there was a Viking sea explorer called Ericson, who is believed to have discovered North America centuries before Christopher Columbus did! The female version of Eric is Erica, which means “Queen”.

6. Rana:

Rana is a Sanskrit origin word which means “absolute monarch”. The word is better remembered with the name of a Rajput king, “Rana Pratap”. However, Rana is more of a hereditary title than a name in the Rajput families.

7. Jay:

Jay or Jai in the Indian context means “conquerer” or, in other words, “a king”. It is often confused with “Jay” or “Jey” – a species of bird. Typically, this name is used in combination with other names like Jay Vardhan, Jay Simha etc. to attain a complete meaning.

8. Leroy:

Leroy is a Norman origin name which is derived from the phrase “le Royal- meaning “the king”. The variant names are “Leeroy”, and “LeRoy”. You can stumble upon this name in countries like American and England, where it is used as both first name and surname.

9. Dev/Deven:

If you looking for a Hindu Royal baby name for your boy, try Deven. The meaning of this 5 letter name is “King of Gods,” i.e., Lord Indra. The variant names for Deven are “Devendra”, “Devesh”, and “Devraj. We personally love the name “Deven” and the nickname can be simply “Dev”.

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10. Bhupal:

The name “Bhupal” comes from the Sanskrit language and is made of the words “Bhu”, meaning land and
“Pal” means “ruler”. In other words, it means a “King”. This name also made it to the list of common and popular Indian names for boys with a royal meaning.

11. Adheep:

Adheep is the contemporary version of the name “Adhipathi”, a Sanskrit word meaning “Ruler” or “King”. The nicknames can be “Deepu”, “Ady”, etc. Another name with a similar meaning is “Adiish”, which is also an excellent option for those looking for a Royal baby name for boys.

12. Hector:

Hector is the name of one of the most inspiring characters in the Greek epic, Trojan War. He was the brave Prince of Troy known for this uncompromising devotion to his family and country. So, Troy fans! Give your boy this name and he will be thankful to you forever!

13. Shailen:

Shailen is a modern version of Shailendra, meaning the “King of Mountains”. It is of Sanskrit origin and belongs to the Hindu religion. Mountains typically symbolize eternity and firmness- which are two important traits you would desire for your child.

14. Keyan:

Keyan is an Islamic name for boys, which means “ a powerful king”. It is derived from the modern Persian language, Farsi. It can also be pronounced as “Kayaan”, and variant spellings can be “Keyane”, “Kian”, and “Kiyan”.

15. Maheep:

Maheep is a Hindu baby boy name which means “Emperor” or “Monarch”. In other words, it means “King of Kings”. So, if you are looking at the word from a royal meaning per se, Maheep perfectly fits the bill.

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15 Royal Baby Names For Girls:

Looking for a baby girl name that means a “queen” or a “princess”? Instead of using the old-fashioned “Rani” or “Rajkumari”, you can now choose from one of these 15 latest Baby girl names with royal meanings:

16. Reya:

Reya is a Spanish origin name which means “Queen”. It also means “a rich person”. The variant names for this word are “Riya”, “Reina”, Reyna”, etc. Some Hindus even consider Reya to be one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi.

17. Rupshi:

One of the unique royal baby names for girls is “Rupashi”. It comes from the word “Rupashi” which means “beauty queen”. Unlike the other queen names, this word truly represents what every fashionista aspires to be when she grows up!

18. Regina:

Regina is a Latin word which means “Reigning Queen”. Interestingly, the name was originally used in honour of the Virgin Mary, and there was also a Christian Saint called Regina. The variant names are “Regena”, “Reina”, and “Rania”.

19. Tania:

Tania is a royal name for baby girls, which means “Fairy Queen”. It has a melodious sound with a whimsical meaning. This Russian derived word has other variants like “Taniya”, “Taniyah”, etc. One thing is quite sure about this name! Your little girl will thank you all her life for choosing such a stylish word for her identity.

20. Thema:

This name is lesser used in Indian communities and has an exotic sound to it. The African word means “Queen” or the leading female of the group. It is a subtler version of the powerful “Rania” and other related names.

21. Rihanna:

Yes! It’s the name of the American singing sensation – Rihanna. It’s an Irish word, which means “Great Queen”. So, if you want your girl to be a reigning star in her field, this is the name you want to give her. The variant spelling of this name is “Rhianna”.

22. Arnisha:

Arnisha is a beautiful royal baby name for girls. It is derived from multiple languages and has varied meanings like “Queen of Seas” and “Eagle Ruler”. The name is preferred by Hindus, and other rhyming names to Arnisha are “Anisha” and “Arnelle”.

23. Vanessa:

Vanessa is one of the popular royal sounding baby girls names in the United States, Germany and other countries. It means “Queen of Butterflies”. Even in India, many parents are picking this name for their newborn girls because of its Anglicized sound and the regal meaning associated with it.

24. Zarina:

Zarina can be an easy alternative to the Russian word “Czarina”, which means “Queen”. Also, in the Persian language, “Zarina” means “gold”, symbolizing wealth and power. Either way, this name is befitting for your little queen. The spelling variant can be “Zareena”.

25. Malha:

If you are willing to try a name from Hebrew with a royal meaning, try “Malha”. It is a female name which means “Queen” and even translates to “person who is beautiful and strong”. Many parents are bookmarking this name for their baby girls, so hurry up and pick it for your child before it gets too common.

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26. Helen:

When it comes to choosing a royal sounding girl name, you simply cannot miss taking inspiration from Greek mythology. Who else but Helen of Troy, the enchanting beauty of the Trojan War, to name your baby after! The word “Helen” is of Greek origin, which means “light”, and has multiple nicknames like “len”, “Lena”, etc.

27. Queenie:

Even queens have pet names, and one of them is “Queenie”, which has no change in the meaning or spelling. It is perfect for little girls who are born with a silver spoon. As per statistics, Queenie is one of the most preferred names for baby girls in the USA and continues to ‘rule’ the baby name charts!

28. Hiral:

Hiral is an Indian origin name for baby girls, which means “Queen” or “Wealthy”. It is commonly found in North Indian communities, particularly among the Gujaratis. The nickname can be “Hira”, which means “emerald”, a precious stone.

29. Rajal:

Rajal is a Hindu baby name for girls with a royal meaning. It is a Hindi word which means “Queen of Water”. Water is one of the 5 elements of earth and is also a life-giver. If a meaningful word is what you are looking for, there cannot be a better name than this!

30. Ritika:

Ritika is a Sanskrit derived word which means “Queen of Weather”. Just as the Weather queen controls the seasons and climate changes, girls with the name “Ritika” can handle all the chaos around them and bring orderliness. The alternate spelling is “Rithika”.

5 Best Royal Meaning Baby Names For Twins:

Naming twins can be quite a challenge! Especially, if you are looking for a specific theme like Royalty, the options become limited. Well, we have done that job for you and listed down 5 Favorite Baby names inspired by Royals for your twins:

31. Amir and Amirah:

Both the words are derived from Hebrew, which means “King” and “Queen”. These Royal names are just perfect for your twin baby girl and boy. They also sound alike, so if you miss out on the “ah” syllable in the girl’s name, you might end up calling them both at the same time.

32. Alaric and Aldrich:

Twin baby boys can be named Alaric and Aldrich, which are both derived from German. While Alaric means “powerful ruler”, Aldrich means “old and wise ruler”. So, you have an irresistible combination of an aggressive name and a subtler version for your young princes.

33. Darya and Delroy:

This pair of names suit twin baby boys and girls whose names must start with the letter ‘D’. “Darya” is a girl’s name derived from Russian, which means “Queen of the Sea”. “Delroy” is a French origin baby boy name which means “loyalist to the king”. So, both have Royal inspired meanings which you just wanted for your children.

34. Freida and Fritz:

Kings and Queens are usually associated with aggression. So we thought of these two names, which symbolize peace and calmness. Both the words mean “a peaceful ruler”, which are derived from the German language.

35. Gerald and Geraldine:

These rhyming words for twins are derived from German and French. Both have the same meaning “ruler with a spear”. Geraldine, in particular, is one of the most sought after names in the 1940’s and is trending even in the 2000’s.

Top 6 Unisex Baby Names With Royal Meaning:

If you are awaiting the birth of your baby and not sure about gender, we have some amazing unisex baby names for you. They are suitable for girls and boys and also have Royal meanings:

36. Arya:

This is an Indian origin name which means “Lion” or, in other words, “the king of animals”. It works well for baby girls and boys.

37. Avery:

Not to be confused with the word “Every”, “Avery” means “the ruler of elves”. Elves are usually associated with both intellectuality and mischief. So, be sure which trait you want your child to inherit from this name.

38. Billie:

Billie is an English derived gender-neutral name which means “protector”. Although it’s not a very Royal name, the underlying meaning stays in line with the theme.

39. Alex:

It is often used as a short form for Alexander or Alexandra, which means “Defender of mankind”. The best part of this is name is that it had got a modern vibe, but the traditional meaning still remains intact.

40. Ira:

The word “Ira” can be picked for both genders and has different origins. It sounds very classy and sophisticated, especially for girls. Plus, there is a royal association too. Ira is said to be the name of one of King David’s warriors and also is the name of a Greek Goddess.

41. Tory:

The word “Tory” has a rustic sound to it and is used as a shorter version of royal names like “Victor”, “Victoria”, etc. What was originally used as a nickname has now entered the list of first names for babies.

Top 5 Traditional Baby Names With Royal Meanings:

If you are stuck to your roots and really want a classic name for your baby, then these traditional royal baby names are for you:

42. Jhansi:

Jhansi is the name of the city ruled by the Maratha Queen – Laxmibai. Though it’s a place, Jhansi made it into the list of Royal baby girl names for two reasons. Laxmibai was popularly called “Jhansi ki Rani” and the name itself has a regal feel to it.

43. Raj:

Raj is undoubtedly one of the most common Indian names for baby boys. It means “king” and is derived from the Sanskrit word “Raja”. Of course, we can forget the character “Raj” (DDLJ), played by Shahrukh Khan, aka Bollywood Baadshah.

44. Mumtaz:

This name might sound a little archaic, but trust us, it’s trending again in the list of royal names for girls. Mumtaz is the beloved queen of Shah Jahan, for whom the world-famous Taj Mahal was built. This name belongs to the Islamic community.

45. George:

In the British royal family, most male descendants are named “George” as a tribute to their forefathers who shared the same name. The main reason for this popularity could be an association with Saint George, a valourous man and a Christian martyr.

46. Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is probably one of the most used names for female members of the Royal pedigree. Particularly in England, it is a tradition to pass on the name to the would-be queens. If you think calling your child “Elizabeth” is too daunting, just use nicknames like “Lissy” or “Liz”.

5 Cute Nicknames For Royal Baby Names:

Did you know that even royal members have many nicknames? While the outside world uses their full name out of respect, the house members use many cute nicknames for each other. Let us look into 5 royal nicknames of Great Britain:

47. Arch:

Meghan Markle fondly calls her little baby boy, Archie Harrison, “Arch”. Such a cute nickname! Well, it doesn’t end here! Archie pie is also called “Bubba”, by his mother again. Are any more on the list?

48. Beabea:

If you follow the stories of British royals on the internet, you must have been familiar with the sisters Eugene and Beatrice. Apparently, Princess Eugene lovingly calls her sister Beabea! Do we wonder what Eugene’s nickname is?!

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49. Will:

No prizes for guessing this one! ‘Will’ is the short form for William, the Duke of Cambridge. Sources tell that William likes to be called that way as it sounds sweet and less formal.

50. Lotte:

Sounds more like a candy bar brand? Well, it’s the nickname of Princess Charlotte, the baby girl of Kate and William. We think it’s a suitable name for cute little cupcakes like her!

51. Lilibet:

We only know that the Queen of England is named Elizabeth. But to her family, she is Lilibet! Is it because her original name is too hard to pronounce?

Those are some of the best Royal baby names ever! For uniqueness, you can add a word or two to this name or even try a spelling variant. So, which name do you think is the perfect identity for your little highness? Do let us know!


The names provided here might have different meanings and connotations in different regions. It’s important to check if the local law forbids you from picking any of these royal names, to avoid any problems for your child in the future.


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