Bracelets are one of the easiest and coolest accessories in women’s or even men’s fashion to pick from. In our country, it is customary for women and girls to have some ornament adorning their wrists, not keeping them sans adornment. It was a symbol of prosperity and happiness in the said woman’s or girl’s life at first. Later, it became a matter of fashion, and women started wearing all kinds of bracelets- flashy and chunky, ones with pearls on them, gold, silver and even other metal ones were “in” during a particular time.

Some years ago, the fashion industry went one step further and came up with the radical and even cooler concept- Rubber bracelets. Do you work rigorously throughout the day or cannot afford to wear gold or silver bracelets? Then these are the ones for you!

Latest Designs of Rubber Bracelets in Fashion:

Here we bring you the Top 9 Rubber bracelets. Choose your loved one and pick it.

1. Neon Rubber Bracelets:

Neon coloured rubber bracelets are the most popular nowadays. Easy to wear and flashy to look at, these bracelets are one of the cutest fashion statements for today’s youth. Better yet, they are unisex!

2. Reversible Rubber Band Bracelets:

Bracelets that can wear both ways! How cool is that? The answer is, very! You can change your style statement twice throughout the day. Just try them on, and cool are you!

3. Bangle Type Rubber Bracelets:

Bangles are the original bracelets that women started with. Now, rubber bracelets give you the look and feel of bangles and the coolness of wristbands. Wear it solo or in a rainbow group.

4. Rubber and Steel Bracelets:

Bracelets, rubber, and steel are more for men than women, although they can be treated as unisex. Custom designs added to plain rubber bangles make them more macho.

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5. Scrunchy Rubber Bracelets:

Rubber scrunches are not just for ponytails anymore! These beautifully simple scrunch type rubber bracelets are awesome because they can double as an actual scrunchy. A definite must-have, girls!

6. Emoji Rubber Bracelets:

Rubber bracelets come in a lot of custom designs. One of the most popular is the emoji design. Sure, the bracelets are mostly yellow, but look at the cuteness! They have all the smileys and sometimes the laugh-is as well!

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7. Hot Topic Rubber Wristband:

Custom rubber bracelets are new nowadays. Want to adopt a cause and show your support without causing a big hullabaloo? Get a rubber bracelet custom made with your favourite cause on it, and wear it around your wrists. Colour it up, make it flashy, and have fun with the cause!

8. Braided Colourful Rubber Bracelets:

Remember when braided thread friendship bands were all the rage in school? There’s a new bracelet in town, and it is even cooler! Braided rubber bracelets are available in all colours and all combinations. Wear it like a bangle or a chunky group of bracelets, and let you’re cool out!

9. Plain White and  Black Rubber Bracelets:

Black and white is the simplest and most elegant fashion statement you can make. Well, it is available in rubber bracelets as well! Wear a black rubber bracelet alone, or mix it with a white one and make your statement!

Bracelets are one of the finest looking and easiest to pick and the cheapest jewellery or fashion accessory that women or even men can think to wear. If you are working a job where you cannot afford to wear gaudy looking or flashy or even expensive bracelets but do not want to leave your wrists bare, rubber bracelets are a very good choice.

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