Ruby is a kind of gemstone. A natural ruby comes in pink to red blood colour. Ruby is one of natural resources’ four most precious stones. The four natural stones are diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby. Like diamonds, ruby is also categorized by the piece’s quality based on size, colour, cut and clarity. The brightest and most valuable ruby depends on the darkness of its colour. Red, blood-red or pigeon blood is considered the most precious among other rubies of the same quality. Ruby is believed to be the birthstone for those born in July. So July babies will love ruby jewellery, of course. And one would opt to purchase the most expensive sunrise ruby.

The dark colour of red in rubies is described as the finest ruby, but we also get rubies with slight tones of purple, pink and orange tints. Purple-tinted red rubies are dark, and when combined with yellow gold jewellery, it makes an adorable impact.

New and Stunning Patterns of Ruby Stone Necklaces:

Here is a list of 15 beautiful ruby necklaces and jewellery for girls and women.

1. Pear Shape and Round Diamond Heirloom Necklace:

A pear-shaped ruby stone, pure blood red, is adjoined with a round white diamond studded in white gold, making it a wonderful combination to wear on a moonlit night. The beauty of the red and white stones hanging on a well-groomed neck looks awesome. The red ruby alone is enough to enhance the attire.

2. Gold Plated Ruby Necklace for Women:

A gold-plated ruby necklace is a treasure that any woman would love to own. The red glory of rubies adds to the beauty of femininity. Finely cut rubies in oval shapes are studded in pure, dark yellow gold with a circle of pave diamonds that look stunning. And let’s not forget the pear-shaped ruby hanging in the centre of the necklace, making for a perfect design.

3. Ruby Stone Vintage Necklace:

Classic statement jewellery with the original effect of ruby stones can make you look gorgeous. Ruby stones are transformed artistically into beads, large flats, and designer shapes that become gorgeous necklaces. An oxidized necklace with studded flat ruby stones can add a rich touch to your attire and look splendid.

4. Gold Ruby Emerald Necklace Design:

When we talk about precious stones, the names of emeralds and rubies often come first. The combination of these two stones with diamonds always creates a fantastic trio. A necklace made with rubies and emeralds set in gold is a perfect piece of jewellery that any lady would love to wear to a night out party. The irregular shapes of emeralds and rubies make the set even more elegant and unique.

5. Double Swan Ruby Necklace:

A lovely design of swans made of the radiant glow of red rubies. The platinum base of rubies fantastically makes the swans look lovelier. The face of the swans making a heart brings all feelings of two lovers. The heart shape cut of rubies makes the swan’s body a beautiful creation of the craftsmen. A single platinum chain with these ruby swan pendants stops the eyes on it.

6. Heart Shape Ruby Stone Necklace with Diamond:

The large heart-shaped ruby pendant necklace with a pair of heart-shaped ruby earrings will make you look awesome and lustrous. The jaw-dropping design of the ruby hearts will enhance the sexy look of any lady. An open-neck glamorous gown of any plain colour is all you need to melt countless hearts.

7. Vintage Style Oval and Pave Ruby Pendant Necklace:

A big oval-shaped ruby, inlaid between a pavé diamond frame and a small-sized ruby with the same design just above it, looks fabulous. The crimson-red colour of the ruby evokes love and desire from its shade. Any lady can look pretty awesome in a red outfit, particularly a short trendy dress that pairs perfectly with a delightful pendant necklace.

8. Silver and Ruby Fish Pendant Necklace:

A stylish vintage ruby pendant has a design that looks totally out of this world and can make your look stand out. A fish falling from winter flowers, designed in sterling silver, surrounds an oval-shaped ruby. The thought itself brings an outstanding effect to the neckpiece. Such a unique necklace can be a choice for both men and women.

9. Ruby Red Crystal Necklace:

A dual choice for both men and women is a crystal-shaped cut ruby engraved with a sterling silver frame that holds the pointed ruby crystal, which looks outstanding on anyone. A filigree silver chain is the best choice for male attire.

10. Filigree Ruby Necklace:

A purple-tinted ruby gemstone is one of the finest among rubies. The rarely found ruby is dark in its shade. The ruby becomes a coveted gemstone when finely cut in a distinguished drop-like shape. Fixing the ruby with a well-designed filigree pendant makes it perfect for event showcasing.

11. Real Engraved Ruby Beads Necklace:

Necklaces made with original ruby stone beads are very much in trend. The rich and precious look of ruby beads on your neck is luxurious. The weight of the ruby beads also adds to the heft of the necklace, giving it an opulent feel. The design of a ruby bead necklace is credited with its rich look.

12. Ruby and Diamond Bib Necklace Design:

Set with fancy-shaped rubies and round diamonds, mounted in 18-karat gold makes an adorable necklace. The large necklace covers the whole neck making it statement jewellery and a show stopper.

13. White Seashell Pearls and Ruby Necklace:

A large oval-shaped ruby in the centre of a necklace can be the centre of attraction. And when it is large, certainly, one will not be able to resist asking you about it. When strung with white seashell pearls, the necklace will look like a treasure everyone wants to own.

14. Designer Ruby High Neck Necklace:

A queen-design necklace is a heart-stopping asset for any woman. The beauty of marquise shape cut rubies gives you a sharp look at the jewellery piece. The marquise cut rubies look distinct from other shapes of stone. It will be the night’s show stopper paired with white diamonds inlaid in a white gold crown shape neckpiece.

15. Bridal Gold Ruby Necklace:

A ruby Indian bridal necklace is a thing of high cost in it. The entirely engraved necklace with rubies, even on the multi-strands holding a ruby-designed large pendant, is something a bride feels high on.

When rubies are molded and studded in metals such as gold or platinum, the supreme beauty of the ornament enhances to a different height. Rubies have been experimented with in numerous designs that win the heart, from chained rubies to heavy queen bridal necklaces. The beauty of ruby never fades, and it can be found in earrings, pendants, rings, and most prominently in necklaces. Choosing a ruby necklace surely requires a second thought.


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