Come whatsoever new fashion; the good old ruby stones are always mesmerizing and magical. They bring a new gush of style and vintage feel with the look, and we can never ignore them. Ruby pendants especially have been quite sought with heavy demand in today’s world. They give no less than a royal and plush statement look and are perfect when you want to accentuate outfits into a dreamy style quotient. Do you own ruby stone pendants yet? If not, this guide today will help you out!

What Can Outfits Suit Ruby Pendants?

Ruby stones may look mesmerizing and beautiful; however, styling them right is crucial for an excellent overall style statement. Ruby pendants go beautifully with dresses to create elegant, feminine outfits. For instance, any gowns or maxis for cocktails or high-end parties go beautifully paired with ruby outfits. Especially they are exceptional if it is a deep-neck outfit. You can also pair the ruby pendant with evening dresses and one-piece outfits to accentuate the look seamlessly.

Latest and Attractive Red Ruby Pendant Designs for Ladies in Fashion:

Here are the Top 9 ruby pendant designs that will simplify your life in choosing them!!

1. Heart-Shaped Ruby Pendant:

The first design that strikes when boys think about gifting their girl a gift would be jewellery, a ruby studded pendant that will make her go crazy!! This heart-shaped pendant is made from single stone ruby with white gold lining, combined with a think white gold chain that is a mind-blowing combo.

2. Strawberry Red Ruby Pendant Design:

This unique and extravagant strawberry-shaped ruby pendant was made using the laser microwave technique, giving a flat shiny finish. The strawberry-designed pendant stem is made from white gold with diamond-studded leaves. This is an amazing Ruby diamond Pendant.

3. Round Halo Ruby Pendant with Diamonds:

The halo ruby pendant is one of the ladies’ simple yet favourite designs. The rounded ruby Ruby stone corners are designed with a shiny diamond stone. It is a real ruby pendant necklace.

4. Floral Cluster Ruby Pendant Designs:

Clusters of Ruby stone are designed into a floral pattern, one of the traditional jewellery seen commonly among the South Indian ladies and a gold necklace chain. This design is made from light-coloured Ruby stone, making it even more different from the usual ruby pendant.

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5. Ruby Gemstone Bar Pendant White Gold Necklace:

The bar pendant is a common design used in many silver and gold pendants. In this type, the bar is made from white gold or sterling silver; in between the bar, ball-shaped ruby stones are fixed. This set is attached to the white gold chain using a ring attachment.

6. Teardrop Solitaire Ruby Pendant Designs:

This design is made from a single stone Pink coloured ruby stone. The stone is carved into a teardrop shape. This design is popular next to the heart-shaped pendant. The pendant is attached to the chain by a spring-shaped silver attachment.

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7. Antique Ruby-Brass Pendant Choker Necklace:

Antique jewellery is very popular among middle-aged ladies. The cost is also relatively high from the normal pendant. The ruby stone is attached to the centre of the antique gold framework. The whole piece is glued onto a lacework choker design, which gives a modernized antique look.

8. Ruby Diamond Pendant in Red Crystal Row Necklace:

The combination of crystal with ruby can be called a fancy statement necklace. This statement necklace is made from three rows of red crystal necklaces with a centre-attached pendant made from Shinning Ruby and diamond stones. The shape of the pendant is generally oval, which makes the three rows of chains chained on the sides.

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9. Triangular Single Ruby Stud Gold Pendant:

In this design, the pendant framework is made from gold designed into a triangular shape with a rose gold design soldered at the centre of this piece; a bright red ruby stone is attached. This jewel piece is best worn during a special occasion and a gold chain.

Rubies are undoubtedly expensive gemstone that needs good lighting to buy own. For low-budget shopping, glass-filled rubies are the best, which are beautiful yet remain within the price range. It is best to look out for African rubies for a medium budget. For high-budget shopping, the Burmese Gemstone are the best.

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