Have you ever been fascinated by the Russian language? You don’t have to speak the language to recognize the depth and meaning behind the Russian names, though it is a complex language to learn. Russian baby names are steeped in culture and history. They typically have a first name, a middle or patronymic name, and a family name. In this article, we have curated a list of some popular Russian baby names for you to go through. Read on!

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80 Russian Baby Names in the World:

There are many sources for different Russian baby names, including Christian, Soviet and post-Soviet Russia, and Slavic names. Sasha, Olga, and Vladamir are some of the famous Russian names. So, before you pick a Russian baby name for your child, get to know its meaning.

Russian Baby Boy Names:

Here is the list of the best baby boy names we have found that enjoy popularity in Russian culture.

1. Adrik:

Adrik is a name with origins in Latin and Russian, which means dark. The alternative spellings for the name are Adrion Adrien.

2. Aleksandr:

Aleksandr is a popular name in Russia, defending men or defenders. The origin of this name is Ukrainian, Russian.

3. Anatoly:

Anatoly is a name with Russian origins which means sunrise, or from the east rising sun. Anatoli, Anatole are some variations of this name.

4. Alyosha:

Alyosha is a name that means defender of a man with Russian origins. Leo Tolstoy used this name to name one of his short stories.

5. Alexei:

Derived from Russian, the name Alexei means defender. Alternative variations of this name are Aleksei, Alexey, and Alexej.

6. Arseny:

Arseny is a name that originates from Russian culture and is quite popular in the country. The meaning of this name is strong and virile.

7. Boris:

Boris is a famous Russian name because of the martyred Russian prince Saint Boris. The meaning of this name is fight or fighter.

8. Dmitri:

Dmitri has Greek and Russian origins and is pretty popular. The meaning of the name is earth lover. This name is also popular in the U.S.

9. Daniil:

With Russian and Hebrew origins, Daniil is a famous Russian baby name. The meaning of the name is ‘God is my judge,’ and it is a Russian version of the name Daniel.

10. Dominik:

Dominik is a name that means Belonging to God with Bulgarian, Latin, and Russian origins. This name is given to English and Welsh boys three times more than American boys.

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11. Eriks:

Eriks is a name that originated in Russia, and its meaning is eternal ruler. Alternative spellings to this name are Erik or Eric.

12. Fedyenka:

The name Fedyenka means ‘Gift from God’ and has Russian origins. Fedyanka is the name Theodore’s Russian form.

13. Fyodor:

Fyodor is a name with Russian origins which means ‘God’s gift.’ Fedor, Feodor is an alternative variation for this name.

14. Gennady:

Gennady is a name with origins in Russian, which means generous and noble. The name Gennadiya is the female variation of the name Gennady.

15. Gavriil:

The name Gavriil might not be popular globally. Still, it is a famous name in Russia with Russian origins, which means God is my strength and worships God.

16. Grigory:

Grigory sounds like the American name Gregory. However, the meaning of this name is watchful and has Russian roots.

17. Igor:

If you are a fan of harry potter, you must be familiar with the name Igor. With roots in Russian culture, the meaning of Igor is Warrior. The Russian form of Yngvarr is Igor.

18. Ivan:

There were six Russian rulers in history with the name Ivan. The meaning of the name is God is gracious and has Russian origins.

19. Iosif:

Iosif is the Russian name for Joseph and has Russian and Hebrew origins. The meaning of the name is Jehovah increases, or God shall add.

20. Kiril:

This is another Russian baby name that means Lord, master, or ruler with has Russian roots. Kirill and Kiryl are alternative variations for the name.

21. Leonid:

According to astronomy, Leonid is a shower of meteors to radiate from a point in the Leo constellation. The meaning of this Russian originated name is Lion-like.

22. Luka:

Luka is one of Russia’s most popular baby names globally, and its popularity is still rising. The meaning of this Latin and Russian originated name is Light or bringer of Light.

23. Lev:

Did you know the Russian name of author Leo Tolstoy is Lev? Yes! With Russian and Hebrew origins, the meaning of this name is Lion, heart.

24. Maksimilian:

Maksimilian is a name that has origins in Russian and Polish. The name sounds similar to Maximilian, and it means Greatest.

25. Lyonechka:

Lyonechka is synonymous with the English name Leonard with Russian origins. The meaning of the name Lyonechka is Lion, brave.

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Russian Baby Girl Names:

Here is the list of Russian names for baby girls:

26. Mariya:

Mariya is one of the most famous Russian girls’ names in 2020. The name is equivalent to Maria, Mary, or Marie.

27. Agrafena:

Agrippina is the famous King Nero’s name, and Agrafena is the Russian variation of this Greek name. Therefore, the meaning of this name is feet first with Greek and Russian origins.

28. Alina:

Alina is a name with Russian origins and is a variation of the classic name Helen. The meaning of Alina is beautiful, bright, and is popular in the U.S.

29. Anastasiya:

The meaning of this name is the resurrection and has Russian roots. According to Russian history, the Russian Czar Ivan the terrible’s wife’s name was Anastasia Romanovna.

30. Alyona:

The modern Russian variant of Helen’s Greek name is Alyona and has Russian roots. The meaning of this name is bright and shining Light.

31. Anoushka:

The Russian variation of the famous name Anna is Anoushka, and its meaning is grace or favor. There are many film and tv actresses in Russia.

32. Anya:

The Russian meaning of the name Anya is grace. This name also means mother in Hungarian and power in Kurdish.

33. Dinara:

Dinara is a unique Russian baby name that means gold coin or treasure, derived from denarius. This word has Latin and Arabic origins.

34. Dominika:

The female equivalent for the name Dominque is Dominika which means ‘from the lord.’ This name is famous in Poland, Russia, and the Czech.

35. Doroteya:

Doroteya is a unique name that means Gift of God. This term has Greek and Russian origins, and Dorothea’s English variant is Dorothy.

36. Eva:

Eva is a variation of the name Eve in many languages, which has Greek and Hebrew origins. It means life and is a famous Russian baby name for girls.

37. Faina:

Faina is a unique name with Latin and Russian origins, which means crown or shining.

38. Feodora:

Derived from the Greek name Theodora, Feodora is a Russian baby name for a girl, which means Divine gift or God’s gift.

39. Galina:

Although Galina is not so famous all over the World, it is a name with Russian roots. The meaning of Galina is calm or tranquil.

40. Inga:

Originating from Russian and Scandinavian culture, Inga is a famous Russian baby name for girls, which means Guarded by Ing, the Norse god of prosperity and peace.

41. Innessa:

Innessa is a unique Russian baby girl name. Still, it is also used in Germany and Spain with Greek and Russian origins. Inessa comes from Agnes and Ines, which means chaste or purity.

42. Inna:

Inna is a beautiful baby girl name. It means a rough stream coming from strong waters in Russian origins.

43. Irina:

Irina simply means peaceful or peace. It is a short and beautiful name with Greek and Russian roots.

44. Karina:

Karina means pure or chaste in Russian roots and is a popular name across the globe. Karin and Carina are some variations of this name.

45. Katya:

Katya, from Russian origins, means pure or perfect. This name exudes feminity and is an attractive choice for girls.

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46. Klara:

Klara is a name that has Russian, Hungarian, and German origins. It means clear or bright.

47. Kira:

In Russia, Kira is the feminine version of the masculine name Kir. It means leader of people with Russian origins.

48. Lada:

If you’re looking for a quirky name for your baby girl, Lada is a perfect name that means Goddess of beauty, and it has origins in Russian and Slavic.

49. Ksana:

Ksana is a name that exudes spiritual meaning with Russian origin. It means Praise to be to God.

50. Larisa:

Larisa is a popular baby name derived from Larisa, an ancient Greek city called the citadel. The meaning of this name is a fortress, citadel, cheerful, and it has Latin, Greek, and Russian origins.

Russian Funny & Nicknames, Pet Names for Baby Boy & Girl:

Here is a list of some funny nicknames and pet names for baby boy and girl:

51. Malishka:

Malishka is a commonly used nickname for girls, which means baby girl. The advantage of this nickname is that you can use it for girls of any age.

52. Angel:

This is yet another popular Russian pet name that means angel, as you must have guessed.

53. Solnishko:

There is no going wrong with this nickname because it means little sun. This pet name is suitable for both girls and boys.

54. Kukolka:

If you are looking for a cute pet name for your baby, this one is the perfect option. It means baby doll.

55. Pchelka:

This nickname is an excellent choice for babies who are always on the go! Pchelka is the Russian word for a little bee.

56. Lapooshychka:

If you are looking for a nickname for cute babies, this Russian word is a perfect choice because it means little paw. Of course, some people might find it strange but go for it if you like it.

57. Zolotse:

The word Zolotse means valuable. It is also a Russian equivalent of the English phrase dear or darling.

58. Malyshonuk:

This is yet another nickname that works best for both girls and boys. Malysjonuk means baby, baby girl, little baby, baby boy.

59. Koshechka:

This phrase is a typical Russian nickname that means cat or kitty, like English.

60. Dima:

Dmitri is one of the popular Russian baby boy names, and Dima is the pet name or short name Dmitri.

Russian Unisex & Twin Baby Names:

61. Alec:

Alec is a gender-neutral Russian baby name, and you can make variations in the spelling. The word means defender of humanity.

62. Damyan:

Suppose you are looking for a gender-neutral Russian baby name. In that case, Damyan is a perfect choice meaning tame, subdue. It is a twist on the name Damian.

63. Arman:

This bold Russian baby name is suitable for girls and boys, though it might sound masculine. The name means warrior, which is suitable irrespective of gender.

64. Mischa:

Mischa is a sweet gender-neutral Russian baby name, a unisex derivative of Mikhail. ‘one who is like god’ is the meaning of this name.

65. Georgi:

Georgi might sound like an English boy named George. But the name Georgi is a Russian gender-neutral name which gives it a fresh and darling feel.

66. Ulyana – Oksana:

Ulyana is a Russian baby girl name that means youthful and is pretty popular. Whereas Oksana means Praise to God. These two names are unusual yet perfect options for twin girls

67. Fayina – Fedor:

If you are looking for Russian names for a twin baby girl and baby boy, these names can be ideal. Fayina is a Russian girl name which means free one, whereas Fedor is a baby boy name which means God’s gift.

68. Marina – Marko:

Marina and Marko are the perfect names for twin baby girls and boys if you are into baby names with deep meaning. Marko means the God of war, whereas Marina means sea maiden.

69. Oleg – Olga:

If you want to name your twin babies with names that have the same meaning, then here you go—Oleg for baby boy and Olga for baby girl, where both mean holy.

70. Sashenka – Semyon:

Sashenka is a baby girl name that means helper of mankind and defender. Whereas Semyon is a Russian baby boy name that means God is heard. This is a perfect combo of twin Russian baby names.

Popular Russian Surnames or Last Names:

Now that we know different names, here is the list of popular Russian surnames:

71. Balakirev:

This occupational surname refers to the Ceramic workers and originates from the East Slavic era.

72. Abakumov:

The meaning of this patronymic Russian last name is ‘Son of Abakum.’Abakum means to embrace and is derived from the Hebrew word Habakkuk.

73. Devin:

This is yet another occupational surname denoting the clan of fortune-tellers or sorcerers originating from the French.

74. Elin:

This Russian last name means Light and has roots in English. As you can observe, it is a variation of Helen, the biblical character.

75. Gorbachev:

The word Gorbachev means hunchback, and it is another famous last name from Russia after the head of the USSR.

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76. Kravtsov:

This Russian surname refers to tailors and is another occupational Lastname originating from the Ukrainian region.

77. Putin:

This surname means ‘One who travels along the road.’ This last name is trendy because the president of Russia bears it. Transnistria and Russia are the places you can find this surname.

78. Chugunov:

This surname denotes ironworkers or people producing cast-iron goods, which is another Russian occupational surname.

79. Plotnikov:

People who work with woods or carpenters usually have this Lastname, another Russian occupational surname.

80. Sokolov:

Sokolov is a surname used chiefly by people who supply King’s mansion with falcons, which is why this surname is related to hawk or falcon.

We hope that all the information regarding the popular Russian baby names mentioned in this article will help you choose the right name for your baby. Whether it is a girl, boy, or twins, this article provides you will all. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!


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