Many of us have a particular person or place in our lives that we would like to be represented specially. Tattoos can be a good option, but not many are fans of pain and its permanency. This is where mehndi designs can be an excellent option. In this article, we have curated the list of some of the best S letter mehndi designs you can try to make it look like a tattoo without going through the pain. Read on!

Top 15 S Letter Mehndi Designs:

Mehendi designs are pretty popular among women of all ages. This article presents you with the best S letter mehndi designs you can incorporate into your body.

1. S Letter Couple Mehndi Design:

This S and W letters mehendi design is ideal for couples who would love to get their initials imprinted for a specific occasion. The letters are done in thick lines and then further elevated with a subtle splash of henna here and there. You can alter the thickness and thinness of the lines used for the alphabets as per your preference.

2. Artistic S Alphabet Mehndi Design:

If you are looking for artistic and creatic touch to your mehndi s letter design, this one can be a perfect choice. Various patterns like roses and leaves surround the simple letter S. You can further add elements if you want to make it more elaborate. Though there is no limit to where you can get it done, palm and wrist can be the best places.

3. Intricate S Letter Cone Design:

When it comes to single-letter mehendi designs, intricate patterns can be an absolute delight for the wearer and the onlooker. This S letter mehndi design has the alphabet in the center, covered with a shape that looks like an almond, further decorated with different patterns. You can personalize this mehndi design with the patterns of your choice.

4. Floral Alphabet S Mehndi Design:

This is yet another example of delicate patterns forming the letter S. As you can see, the wearer has used little patterns such as flowers and slight curves. These bind together, creating a beautiful design. The uniqueness of this design is that there is no straight line used.

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5. Detailed Mehendi Design With Letter S:

Single letter mehndi designs don’t have to be simple. If you are a fan of elaborate patterns, this S letter mehndi design can be a perfect choice. Though the letter S is small, it is done in bold line, further beautified with the addition of a floral design on one side and a leaf pattern on the other side. This design can be a perfect option for any special occasion to keep it simple and classy.

6. Royal S Initial Mehndi Design:

We all expect our partners to treat us like kings or queens, but self-love is significant for the happiness of every person. This S letter mehndi design on the wrist looks cute though the letter is pretty simple. The regal look of this pattern comes from the crown on top of the letter and a cute little heart at the bottom.

7. Simple Mehndi Design With Letter S:

If you are a fan of music, this S letter mehndi design, which looks like a guitar, is ideal. This entire design is done on medium-sized lines that are curvy, making it look exceptional. In addition, this design is gender-neutral and looks good on anyone, irrespective of the place you get it. Finally, though this design looks like a guitar, it also has the letter S beautifully highlighted.

8. Bold S Letter Mehndi Design:

Though mehendi is traditional body art, this S letter mehendi pattern combines the tradition with a modern approach giving it a contemporary finish. The center of the entire design is the letter S, which is surrounded by bold patterns. It also makes the design look like an infinity symbol from one angle. This design looks good on the wrist and palm.

9. S Letter Mehndi Design In A Heart:

Hearts are some of the standard symbols found in body art, whether it is temporary or permanent. This impressive S letter mehndi design is surrounded by an attractive heart enhanced further by using additional elements. If you notice, the central areas of the heart are left plain, which highlights the alphabet even further.

10. S Letter Mehndi Design On The Palm:

This is yet another S letter palm mehndi design. The unique feature of this design is that the user has used cute tiny flowers and patterns that form the letter S beautifully. You can either use all flowers or all leaves or simple ways as per your preference.

11. Easy S Letter Mehndi Design:

Arabic mehndi has gained popularity among the younger generation because its simplistic design doesn’t occupy too much space. This S letter mehndi design is a perfect example of a modern pattern. The letter s is written from the wrist to the index finger from larger to small. You can also add designs if you wish.

12. S Letter Design Mehndi:

This S letter mehendi design on the back of the hand might look simple, but it exudes beauty all the way through. The letter S is done with simple lines and is further highlighted with extensive flowers on the top and bottom of the alphabet, enhancing its beauty. You can add more elements if you wish to make the design more extensive.

13. Expressive S Letter Mehndi Design:

If you are a fan of extensive body art, this S letter mehendi design can be an apt choice. The letter S is done in the center of the hand and uses double lines. The addition of cute and minor elements like flowers and leaves at the top and bottom of the letter creates a detailed yet elaborate look. Another unique feature of this design is those small leaf vines are placed on the little finger and thumb.

14. Hearty S Name Mehndi:

This simple S letter mehndi design on the wrist is done in a heart, and the uniqueness of this pattern is that the letter S forms with the help of the unique black and white design. Both sides of the letter S have plain space which is filled with dots. It also includes cute little hearts giving it emotional meaning.

15. S Letter Mehndi Design With Roses:

Roses are yet another element that is pretty common in mehndi designs, as well as tattoos. The pattern is given a feminine touch with double line roses at the bottom and single line roses at the top. You can use this design singularly on the palm or even as a tattoo anywhere on the arm. Though this design looks beautiful by itself, you can add elements if you wish to elaborate.


Whether it is intricate patterns or simple designs, the S letter mehndi designs presented in this article can be an excellent way to get them done. These designs look beautiful anywhere on your body, which can be done as per your preference. Moreover, you don’t have to regret them because they are not permanent.

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