Are you looking for motivation to get the letter S inked? Tattoos are a fashion statement for many. The small letter designs are apt to use instead of the lengthy names that speak volumes of their emotions. There are numerous options, from simple to elaborate structures you can choose according to your personal choice. You can go for a simple one if it is your first time but go for an intricately detailed option if you get inked regularly.

We present you with a compilation of the best S letter tattoo designs that will help you make a final choice without hesitation.

20 S Letter Tattoos For Men And Women:

Here is a list of the letter S tattoo images with various designs like flowers, crown, a combination with other letters. There are in different shapes and sizes and can be placed anywhere in your body. Let us go through this article for the trending designs that add a spiritual quotient with a modern twist.

1. Hearty S Tattoo Design:

This is one of the best and commonly found tattoo designs for the alphabet S. suitable for both men and women; this pattern has a stylish and sleek finish with a heart at the end of the letter. The red heart on the design is filler with red making it look endearing and skilful.

2. Wavy S Design Across The Arm:

The wavy pattern across your arm is a perfect want to represent the beautiful free force of nature. The stars on either side of the letter are filled with the colour red, making it pop out. The letter S placed in the centre with wavy patterns on either side, representing the force of nature. This can be suitable for both men and women.

3. Star S Design Tattoo Near The Wrist:

S letter tattoo on hand with a star on top has a special message when you want to make the alphabet the star of the design. The small cursive “s” ends with two continuous curves making it a practical and attractive option. It is suitable for both men and women of all age groups.

4. Lotus S Tattoo Design On The Neck:

This is a tattoo with a letter S design that is a unique choice for people who invest very tiny details into their tattoo. The placement of the lotus flower at the top adds to the beauty of the design. Many cultures have significant importance to this beautiful flower. To top it off, the letter S is beautifully turned into a heart shape.

5. Heart S Tattoo Design:

The letter S’s curves make it one of the versatile letters to add elements that blend in easily. This is an innovative way to represent your love for the letter S with a heart on the other side, making it look like a whole heart. Placing this pattern on the wrist’s side makes it look pretty and preferred by most girls and women.

6. Sleek Tattoo Of S Letter:

The bolder and leaner strokes in the tattoo for the letter S forms a beautiful blend of perfection. It gives a sophisticated impression with a medium-sized pattern. The sleek and bold combination of this tattoo is a perfect option for both men and women across the forearm. You can reduce or increase this tattoo size according to the place where you want to get it.

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7. Unique S Tattoo On The Leg:

If you are a creative person that has a sense of adventure, the alphabet S tattoo along with a beautiful butterfly is the perfect option. The butterfly represents a sense of freedom and experience for many. The monochrome colour tone of the design and the letter S go hand in hand, making it look beautiful. This is a design suitable for women and girls.

8. Cursive S Tattoo Design On The Finger:

One of the trending designs that can represent small finger tattoo designs. This is a beautiful way to describe the importance of a person or a place with the help of a cursive small ‘s’ placed on the middle finger. Many people prefer to get a tattoo done on their ring finger, but the final choice depends upon your personal preference.

9. Capital S Tattoo On The Heel:

This is an S letter tattoo apt for people who are just entering into the tattoo realm and want to start with something small. The simple capital S placed above the heel area is small and helps you show off if you wish. The heel is where the tattoo is present can be considered a combination of visibility, and keeping it personal.

10. Trendy S Tattoo Near The Elbow:

This is a unique tattoo design of alphabet S, which gives a traditional touch to this modern art. The addition of a peacock feather at the end of the letter s makes a lot of difference. The best place to get this tattooed is on the leg or across your arm. Many cultures place a great deal of significance in the peacock feather and can be suitable for both men and women.

11. Calligraphic S Tattoo Design:

If you are fed up with the only black ink used in tattoos, this fancy S tattoo with lots of red included making your design look cool. The pattern with a black outline filled with red centres looks beautiful and gives it a shading effect. The little extensions on the letter added to the design, making it look exclusive.

12. Simple S Tattoo Design With A Feather:

This is one of the best tattoo designs of alphabet S with an elongate element of a feather added to the letter’s end. The beautiful colour combination of red and black sync and stands out against the black ink used for the tattoo. This pattern’s entire look is gorgeous and is considered the best choice for girls or women.

13. Sleek S Tattoo Design On The Arm:

This S initial tattoo’s pretty simple design is beautiful and presented in the arm’s visible area. The style is further enhanced with a royal crown’s placement, giving the entire pattern a royal look. The extent of the extra elements and the letter’s font can be chosen according to your choice, making it aesthetically pleasing.

14. S Letter Tattoo On Wrist:

This tattoo of alphabet S looks bold and beautiful on the wrist area. The look of the entire design is taken a step further by placing a crown on top. The usage of red in the crown design combined with the tattoo’s black ink makes it look regal. Men generally prefer these types of enormous patterns.

15. S Letter Tattoo On Arm:

If you are a fan of Anchor tattoos, then this design can be an apt choice. The space required for this kind of tattoos. The stylish font looks unique and royal, elevating the simplicity of the design.

16. Stunning S Tattoo Design:

This beautiful and intricate fancy S tattoo can be beautiful. The beautiful folds of the design add to the look of the entire pattern. Choosing the side of the wrist area means how close it is to our heart. It can be made even more personal by adding important dates to the design. Men generally prefer this type of design.

17. Floral S Letter Tattoo With A Heartbeat:

This is an S letter tattoo design that is quite simple, but the addition of flowers gives the system a unique attractiveness. The small heart and a pattern that looks like a heartbeat pattern symbolize a single letter’s meaning. Although the simple black ink is enough, you can add colours if you want. This is a perfect option for girls who love all the elements present in this design.

18. S Alphabet Tattoo with Wings:

Wings are becoming a favourite option to accompany S alphabet tattoo design. The bold and sleek strokes made with a sweet font creates a royal experience. Unlike the average wings, this design has a wing wholly made out of an intersection of hearts.

19. Simple S Design Tattoo:

This is a tattoo with the S letter that is quite visible on your arm, which can be an excellent idea for people who love chic designs. The medium-sized tattoo looks beautiful and further elevated when the tail of this design is modelled into a cute little heart. This is a perfect design for people who want a tattoo without too much information.

20. Eye-Catching Lower Back S Letter Tattoo:

If you are a person who loves elaborate designs, this style of letter S can be a perfect choice. Suitable for both men and women, the bold and dark representation of the single letter surrounded by the unique design pattern blends easily with the entire pattern. This is a type of design usually preferred by the ones that are avid collectors of tattoos.

Tips To Take Before And After Getting A Tattoo:

Here is a list of things you need to keep in mind before and after you get a tattoo:

  • Try to avoid substances like caffeine or alcohol before getting a tattoo since they may increase bleeding.
  • Keeping yourself hydrated one week before getting inked is the key. Try to drink at least two litres of water per day.
  • It is best to avoid tablets like aspirin 48 hours before getting inked as it may cause blood thinning resulting in excess bleeding.
  • Keep the tattooed area covered in a thin bandage till you reach your home to avoid any infections.
  • Make sure to moisturize the area according to the instructions given by the professional.
  • It is best to wear loose clothing and avoid tight-fitting clothes.

Final Thoughts:

With the list of S letter tattoo designs at hand, it is time to shortlist the ones you like the most. Tattoos never go out of style; instead, they can be given a modern touch with unique patterns infusing creativity. Speak your heart out through the beautiful symbolic S letter tattoos we present in this article. Don’t forget to let us know if this article has helped you make a final choice.

Disclaimer: The information and images used in this article are not the personal work of the website. If you want any of the pictures taken down, please contact the website.

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