Sadhana Yoga Asanas and Benefits

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Sadhana Yoga is a sequence of asanas designed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It is beautiful, simple and very effective. It is mostly about blossoming; like the pink petals of the lotus which is so unstained and untouched even though it is surrounded by mud and dirt in the pond. It calls all those who are willing to enhance their experiences and learn from life. A basic understanding of Sadhana Yoga has been shared below.

Concept of Sadhana Yoga:

Padmasadhana comes from the word Padma which means lotus. In the Agama tradition, the Goddess would be seated on asanas which had five layered. The first would be of a snake, the second of a tortoise, the third of a snake and the fourth of a lion. Above the lion, the perfect sage sits. And above him is a blossoming lotus.


sadhana yoga

It is very important for your body to be stable while doing the Sadhana Yoga. Meditation only takes place when your body is at ease. In fact the Yoga Sutra gives a lot of importance to stability before you begin the yoga session. If you feel very shaky doing a particular position, remember that might be doing it wrong.


You need to be aware of what is happening. Being stable is fine but what if you fall off to sleep in the middle of the sessions? Therefore it is very important to be alert. Draw attention to what you are doing and let go of any unnecessary thought which might block your mind.

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Be Graceful:

While doing the yoga poses, learn to be graceful. The whole beauty of this routine depends on how gracefully you can carry it out. Don’t be too stiff or else you would end up looking like a robot. Be gentle and let every pose flow like a dance step. This will help you to relax your mind and stay in contact with your body.

Strive for Perfection:

Whatever pose you are doing, try to do it like a professional. Do it in such a way that it looks perfect. Practice daily and put in some effort. Some of the poses might not be very easy to do but it some time. Learn to be patient and give in your hundred percent. You will see great results soon.

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Try to Go Beyond:

While doing Sadhana Yoga, try not to stay within your limits. Don’t confine yourself. Try to learn as much as possible. Expand your knowledge and your potentials. This is one of the top secrets to do better in this field so make sure you make good use of it.

Body Workout:

The best part about Sadhana Yoga is that it gives you a full body workout. It only takes about twenty minutes of your time and gives you a toned and firm body. The most amazing thing about this workout is that it burns much more workout than a twenty minute workout is supposed to. It is very intense and helpful for those who would like to shed some pounds.

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Benefits of Sadhana Yoga:

When you practice Sadhana Yoga daily, you will achieve a firmer body and a calmer and positive mind. It will prepare you for higher level meditation and keep you relaxed throughout. It will also keep you uplifted and energized all throughout the day.

When should you Practice?

It is advisable to practice Sadhana Yoga every morning and evening about forty five minutes each. It shall surely be a wonderful experience for all those who beginning with Yoga.

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