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15 Latest Safety Door Designs With Pictures In 2019

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Safety door designs are not as different from normal door designs, that many people think but there are some significant differences. Safety doors are made to maintain a very strong defence for your home which is necessary for more exposed homes. They are often the focal point of beauty of your home. There are bolts that are called deadbolts and are quite difficult to break even with the largest and most efficient tools.

Safety doors are more prominently made to help protect the house from burglars and other people who wish to cause you and your family harm and these doors actually do well for you in this field. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be made to be fashionable as per your choice as well because protection can come with beauty as well.

Modern Safety Door Designs India:

Given below is a list of new safety doors designs for homes and flats with images which helps you choose better.

1. Full Wood Fashion Safety Door With Deadbolt:

Full Wood Fashion Safety Door With Deadbolt

This safety door design tops the list because it has the ability to maintain a good fashion statement and at the same time it provides your home with a very well protected environment. The door can maintain itself because of the strong teak wood which you must use to create it and the best part is the design can be altered as per your choice. The grill design is simple, yet strong.

2. Door With Safety Iron Gate:

 Door With Safety Iron Gate

These doors can be your normal everyday wooden door with the only exception of having an externally attached iron gate attached to it. The gate can be attached after fitting in your door and will most definitely provide an excellent and safe environment for your home. The iron gate is available ready-made in the market but can be made from ground up. This safety door grill design features in our catalogue of one among the best designs.

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3. Iron Safety Door Design:

Safety Iron Door Design

Though having wooden doors are the best way to go in having a fashionable home at the end of the day safety is a very important requirement, therefore, a classic iron door is the perfect way to protect your home. An iron door can be accessorised with deadbolts and other protective means to maintain a safe home. A little maintenance is necessary from time to time to keep this door as strong as ever.

4. Safety Door With Grills:

Safety Grills

Safety grills designs are tempered grill that can be externally attached to your door to provide your home with the maximum safety. These grills are strong and resistant which is a perfect way to protect your home. Safety grills come in many different designs to make your home look more fashionable.

5. Wrought Iron Safety Door:

Safety Wrought Iron Door

Probably the stronger door available in the world this door is resistant to rust and degradable or environmental factors. The wrought iron door can last for years and can go on working with just a little oiling from time to time. The wrought iron door is absolutely beautiful for your every protective need. This iron safety door design for flats is a popular choice for independent homes too.

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6. Screen Safety Door:

Safety Screen Door Design

The screen doors are also a great safety door design for your home. The door must be attached externally to your main door or any other subsequent door after the measurements of the doors are done. It is completely transparent and allows people to look in but when it comes to safety getting through a screen door is very difficult.

7. Exterior Safety Door With Padlock:

Exterior Safety Door With Padlock

A padlock is perfect for maintaining a great amount of security in your home. A padlock cannot be easily broken and when matched with a wrought iron or steel door you got the perfect protection for both the office and at home.

8. Teak Wood Safety Door With Iron Grills:

Teak Wood Safety Door With Iron Grills

The last on the list but not the least these iron grills with wood is both a fashionable and a protective door design for your home. It is a classic combination of wood and iron to enhance protection and serves what it just has to do.

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9. Wood And Glass Safety Door:

Wood And Glass Combination Safety Door

This wood and glass combination safety door design is inspired to keep it modern and trendy. The glass is strong and you can additionally have designs on it marked, while the door will provide optimal defence for any theft or breakage.

10. The Mesh Safety Door:

Safety Mesh Door For Flats

Yet another robust and easy to install safety door design is the mesh door. It is long lasting and the mesh feature in the door will keep away insects and other dust from entering your house. They look stylish and will add to the look of your home.

11. Iron Safety Door:

Iron Safety Door Design

What could be safer than an iron safety door? This metal safety door is intended to protect the building from theft or robbery. The grill gate is robust making it an ideal choice for purchase. However, you could still choose the kind of grill design if you like it.

12. Fabricated Safety Door Design:

Fabricated Safety Door Design

This fabrication safety door design is normally placed in front of another robust safety door. The design will look marvellous and will add absolute beauty to your home and enhance the appearance. The design on the door can be designed by you or you could just trust your designer for it.

13. Wooden Safety Door Design:

Wooden Safety Door Design

Wooden is known to provide maximum protection, next to iron. This wooden safety door is usually employed for flats and is often beautifully designed. The image above will tell you how it can nicely fit to the entrance of your home.

14. Metal Safety Door:

Metal Safety Door Design

Metal safety door has been a trusted choice for homes and shops. They offer the best resistance and protect the building from theft. It is better to select a one ms safety door design model and get customize that the way you like it to be.

15. Stainless Steel Safety Door:

Steel Safety Door Design

An equivalent door to iron with a stylish look is stainless steel door. This steel safe door features high protection, moderate look and rustless, unlike steel. It suitable for all type of flats and buildings. Especially, whoever have an individual house they can choose this.

Some of the safety doors are easily available in the market, while yet others would like some level of customization to it. The good news is, sellers, do offer some level of customization. They let you choose the pattern and design if any. Our article has picked out some of the best choices you can take or you could also think some pattern for yourself. In either case, only vouch for safety and robustness.