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15 Best Sagittarius Tattoo Designs Men & Women

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Zodiac signs make for excellent tattoos. They are simple and easy to choose from and look good without symbolizing too much. Then again people often choose to get the zodiac sign of someone else they cherish to express the depth of their feeling for that particular person. Sometimes people get other zodiac designs just because they like the way they look and the qualities they symbolize. The Sagittarius zodiac sign is represented by the archer. Thus bows and arrows are the typical elements in its tattoos.

sagittarius tattoo

Sagittarius tattoo are more loved by people who obtain the Sagittarius zodiac. They have birthdays between November 27 to December 21. The symbol of Sagittarius itself says a lot. People with this zodiac are freedom   lovers, confident with their life decisions.

Beautiful Sagittarius Tattoo Designs with Images:

Here is a list of 15 best Sagittarius tattoo designs for men and women are as follows.

1. A Simple Bow And Arrow Sagittarius Tattoo:

A simple bow and arrow

Sagittarius is typically symbolized by a bow and arrow. Thus the simplest Sagittarius tattoo design is a simple bow and arrow. You can make it small or large depending on the surface of your body you wish to get it inked on. it looks best when it is kept a simple black silhouette. But you can make it elaborate by adding details and color to it. It is one of the best Sagittarius tattoo designs for men.

2. A Heart And Arrow Sign Sagittarius Tattoo Design:

A heart and arrow sign

As mentioned above, people often get not their own but other people’s zodiac signs as their tattoos. Thus, someone you love might have their sun sign as Sagittarius. In that case this is the perfect tattoo design for you. It’s unique in its appearance and perfect in its symbolism. It comprises of a heart with a arrow twisted within its lines. It doesn’t look like the typical cupid’s arrow across the heart. Thus, it shows how much you love the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

3. The Word Sagittarius Tattoo:

The word Sagittarius tattoo

A commonplace yet excellent idea for a Sagittarius tattoo is to simple get the word Sagittarius printed on your skin. You can choose the text you wish to see the word in and other stuff like a bow or an arrow or you can keep it simple by choosing to get just the word.

4. A Beautiful Bow And Arrow Sagittarius Tattoo Design:

The word Sagittarius

This design has not a simple but an exquisite arrow. The bow is leafy and shaded. It can still be kept simple by keeping it small. The design has a certain sophisticated and elegant air about it. it looks best on your wrist or at the back of your neck.

5. The Word Sagittarius With An Archer:

The typical Sagittarius archer is a centaur. Thus an excellent Sagittarius tattoo design is one showing the centaur wielding a cross bow and arrow with the word Sagittarius above it. This particular design can be made to look good in the way the tattoo maker chooses to draw the centaur.

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6. An Exquisite Tribal Bow And Arrow:

Tribal designs look best because of their complicated nature. They twist and turn the form of the simplest of objects and make them look complicated and beautiful. There are several tribal bow and arrow designs available. You can use these as your Sagittarius tattoo. This is one of the popular Sagittarius tattoo designs for girls.

7. Taurus And Sagittarius Tattoo:

Taurus and Sagittarius tattoo

Particular zodiac signs are said to be perfectly complemented by other zodiac signs. You can take the zodiac sign of your partner and include it in your design with your own zodiac sign. Taurus and Sagittarius is one such combination. Embellishments can be added according to your wishes.

8. A Centaur Arching A Bow Sagittarius Tattoo Design:

A centaur arching a bow

Sagittarius is represented by an archer. Thus a centaur wielding a bow and arrow is a typical but an excellent tattoo choice. You can make the tattoo detailed and thus more exquisite. You can add colour or keep it a simple affair. There are several variations that can be added in this simple design itself.

9. The Typical Arrow Within A Circle:

arrow within a circle

This is a simple tattoo design which features an arrow within a circle. This is the most common of all Sagittarius signs and is thus, the most widely chosen.

10: Lady Archer Sagittarius Tattoo:


This is such a piece of art. A girl with Sagittarius zodiac will love to put on this design of tattoo. The girl in this tattoo with long hair pulls the arrow with love looks adorable. The original Sagittarius tattoo has a half man and half horse archering. But this tattoo is twisted with a beautiful girl with an arrow and a bow. Girls would love to ink such a tattoo on her chest line or shoulder.

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11: Cute Baby Sagittarius Tattoo:


A cute baby Sagittarius tattoo is an eye catching cute design that is loved by both men and women. The cute baby holding the bow and arrow is considered as the one who spreads love to all by archering the arrow of love. Many cartooned images also use the baby Sagittarius image to show the beginning of love. Though it is not the actual image of Sagittarius zodiac sign but, people love cute twists to make lovely tattoos with a different meaning and a different look.

12: Arrow With Wings Sagittarius Tattoo Design:


This is a simple and small tattoo on the waist of a girl. But, it is so beautifully drawn that the one can hardly ignore having an eye on it. The bow and arrow are nicely designed as if it has wings on it. Girls would love to carve it on her body part as it gives a female effect with its wings.

13: Sagittarius Tattoo on The Ankle:


This is an ankle of a lady with a beautiful feminine Sagittarius tattoo made on it. The lady in the tattoo is aiming high with its arrow with a beautiful artistic bow. The long hair of the lady makes it more beautiful. The body of the lady in the tattoo has beautiful legs that looks more on the leg of any girl. There are less shadings in it but the outlines make it look fantastic.

14: The Power Of Girl Sagittarius Tattoo:


The power of a girl can be seen in this tattoo. The female in the place of the original Sagittarius human horse, has a sharp look. The red fire like strokes make you feel the fire and anger. A girl who is so confident and angry by nature would prefer best to ink this tattoo on her body. This is one of the perfect Sagittarius tattoo designs for women.

15: Artistic Sagittarius Tattoo:


This tattoo is made on the shoulder on a man’s hand. The man faced horse is bearing a bow and arrow is the symbol of Sagittarius zodiac. The man faced horse in the tattoo has hands with muscles that make it more masculine. Men and boys would love to show their muscles with such a bold tattoo on their muscles.

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Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign on the circle of zodiac sign wheel. It is also one of the three fire zodiac signs of the collection of the zodiac signs. In most of the cases people who wear this zodiac sign tattoo have the feeling that they will be victorious in any situation. They spread a message of strong willpower. Girls and boys with such nature will definitely choose to make the Sagittarius tattoo on their body part. The Sagittarius zodiac sign specially have very tiny parts and minutes to be drawn carefully. An expert can make this tattoo perfectly. It can be made in many ways, designs, sizes and on any part of the body part. Though it is very rarely chosen by tattoo lovers, it can look very beautiful. Colored tattoos look mare adorable than black and white. The choice depends with all different people and their choices.