Zodiac signs make for awesome tattoos. People often choose their zodiac sign or of others; they love to express their feelings for that particular person. The archer represents the Sagittarius zodiac sign with a bow and an arrow. Thus bow and arrow are the typical elements in its tattoos.

Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign. In Greek mythology, Sagittarius represents half human and half animal (horse) and is the Centaur armed with arrows following an old tradition. The sign says a lot about its features. It is said that Sagittarius people can be extremely violent or wise, brave or mild. Sagittarius is said never to fail in hitting the mark as an archer, and this depiction alludes to the power of prophecy. Because of this quality, many people choose Sagittarius tattoos to get stained.

People whose birthday falls between November 21 to December 21 possess the Sagittarius zodiac sign. This itself says a lot. Sagittarius people are curious, restless and always ready to explore sometimes. They may end up being too upfront. Given their quest for truth and ultimate wisdom, most Sagittarius do not take things at their face value. They take their own time to form their opinions and would not hesitate to ask embarrassing questions.

12 Best Sagittarius Tattoo Designs:

Here is a list of the 15 best Sagittarius tattoo designs for men and women are as follows.

1. Simple Bow And Arrow Sagittarius Tattoo:

Sagittarius zodiac sign symbolizes a bow and an arrow. The same is shown in the above tattoo. The bow shown above has some floral petals engraved on it. In ancient times, such bows were used by princes and princesses for their recreational purposes.

  • Body Placement: Depending on the size of the tattoo, you can ink on your shoulder or arm
  • Color: For the detailing of the floral petal to look good black suits it well.
  • Size: A medium-sized tattoo depicts every detail of the tattoo.
  • Skin Tone: Because it is done in black, it looks fantastic on fair, medium or dusky skin-toned persons.
  • Suitable gender: This unisex tattoo works for both men and women.

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2. Heart And Arrow Sign Sagittarius Tattoo Design:

This is a simple Heart sign Sagittarius tattoo with only lines without fillings. If you want a Sagittarius tattoo to flaunt your loved ones with a simple design, this is the right choice.

  • Body Placement: This tattoo looks fabulous on any part of the body. This tattoo seems romantic if inked on the left side of the chest.
  • Color: The black or green colour tattoo looks good on the skin tone.
  • Size: A medium-sized to a small one looks cute on the body.
  • Skin Tone: Black-colored tattoo looks best on fairy people, and green suits are best for medium to brownish-skin-toned persons.
  • Suitable gender: Heart-shaped romantic tattoos has no gender or age bar. Both males and females can try this out.

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3. The Word Sagittarius Tattoo:

Named tattoos are the best ones to understand quickly. This is an example of such. Many people might not realize what a bow and an arrow symbolize. Engraving the full zodiac name will be self-explanatory to everyone. Here, we can see that the Zodiac word Sagittarius is inked beautifully in big letters with a bit of design.

  • Body Placement: For the name to be legible, it looks excellent on the wrist or the back
  • Color: Black with total filling looks fantastic.
  • Size: Big one rocks because the name should be visible.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone person can try this.
  • Suitable gender: Since it is named tattoo, men and women of any age can try this.

4. Flowery Bow And Arrow Sagittarius Tattoo Design:

This design is so simple and exquisite. The bow is flowery with a bit of shade, and the arrow is regular. This design is preferred if you want to get inked a Sagittarius one with a simple and cost-effective one. This should be the first choice for people who want to get a Sagittarius tattoo without much pain during needling.

  • Body Placement: This tattoo looks excellent on the wrist, back of the neck, and waist.
  • Color: Black should be the primary colour, and you can play with different colours for the flowers.
  • Size: Such tattoos look fantastic if inked in smaller to medium sizes.
  • Skin Tone: Fair-skin-toned persons should try this. It goes well on wheatish toned also.
  • Suitable gender: This tattoo looks a bit feminine, and hence it looks cute for women.

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5. The Centaur With An Archer:

The typical Sagittarius archer is a centaur. In Greek mythology, Centaur is a half-human and half-horse. The actual meaning of Sagittarius is a Centaur with a bow and arrow. This design best explains the importance of Sagittarius. If you are fond of Greek mythology, you can choose this type of tattoo.

  • Body Placement: This tattoo occupies some good space because of its detailing; hence, it looks spectacular on the back and chest, or sometimes it goes well on the biceps of masculine men.
  • Colour: Darker shades like black or grey colours can be used.
  • Size: Depending on the tattoo’s placement, the size can be varied from a larger one to a medium-sized one.
  • Skin Tone: Anyone with brown skin to a fair-skinned person can get inked with this tattoo.
  • Suitable gender: This centaur tattoo is specifically for men.

6. The Power Of Girl Sagittarius Tattoo:

In Greek mythology, a centaur is generally a man. In this tattoo, the designer has chosen a girl as a Centaur instead of a man to showcase the girl’s power. The swift movement of the Centaur can also be seen in this tattoo. This Sagittarius tattoo looks simple, but the coloured splashes on the background make it look extraordinary.

  • Body Placement: Depending on size, this tattoo can be placed on the back of the chest, ankle, or sides.
  • Colour: The main Centaur should be light black with a bit of shading, and the splashes should be multi-coloured, depending on your taste.
  • Size: As per your choice, this tattoo can be medium or large-sized.
  • Skin Tone: Since splashes of colours are used, this looks awesome on fair skin toned persons.
  • Suitable gender: This is a girly tattoo; females should try it.

7. Lady Archer Sagittarius Tattoo:

This is an artistic Sagittarius tattoo. A girl whose zodiac sign is Sagittarius will love to put on this design. This tattoo doesn’t show a centaur; instead shows a girl with long hair picking up the arrow, ready to aim, symbolizing girl power. Inking such types of tattoos takes more time because of their detailing and filling.

  • Body Placement: Long hair and a long bow occupy more space, so it looks gorgeous on the back portion.
  • Color: Deep Black with the total filling will give you the best tattoo.
  • Size: A larger tattoo looks good for the detailing to be visible.
  • Skin Tone: Deep black with complete filling is used, which looks adorable on fair and wheatish skin-toned persons.
  • Suitable gender: This tattoo looks feminine, so only girls should try this.

8. Centaur Released Bow Sagittarius Tattoo Design:

As explained earlier, Sagittarius is a centaur with a bow and an arrow. The Centaur has released the hand in this design, which always hits the mark. A neat design of the path travelled by the arrow is also shown in this design. The size of this tattoo can vary from medium-sized to larger one.

  • Body Placement: This tattoo occupies the space of the Centaur, and the arrow’s path travels. Hence it can be inked anywhere on the body depending on the distance of the path travelled by the hand.
  • Color: Blackish grey with shady filling looks fabulous.
  • Size: Depending on the tattoo placement, the size can vary from larger to medium-sized.
  • Skin Tone: This tattoo looks beautiful on fair and dusky skin-toned men.
  • Suitable gender: Males generally love such tattoos but have no preferences. Even women can give it a try.

9. Sagittarius with Wings Tattoo Design:

You are looking out for a cute Sagittarius wings tattoo. Here it is. Wings resemble freedom. If you are a Sagittarius person who wants to fly higher or achieve more with space, you should ink this tattoo. In this tattoo, the bow and the wings are engraved artistically.

  • Body Placement: This tattoo looks fabulous on any part of the body. Be it wrist, waist, neck, chest etc.
  • Color: Black with total filling looks best for this design.
  • Size: A medium-sized one looks fantastic.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone person can try this.
  • Suitable gender: Preferably, women should opt for this type of design.

10. Double Bow Sagittarius Ankle Tattoo:

This is another example of pure art. Only those designers can ink such types of tattoos, which are good at sketching and painting. The detailing and sharp edges show the artistic workmanship of the tattoo designer. Such tattoos are generally engraved by women who are very bold enough.

  • Body Placement: The name of the tattoo suggests we try it on the ankle.
  • Color: Greyish black or greenish-black colour looks fantabulous.
  • Size: A medium-sized tattoo looks fantastic.
  • Skin Tone: This tattoo should be chosen by people with a fair or dusky complexion.
  • Suitable gender: This is a feminine tattoo.

11. Cupid Sagittarius Tattoo:

A cute baby (Cupid) Sagittarius tattoo is an eye-catching attractive design that both men and women love. In Greek mythology, Cupid is considered the God of Love. Cupid has started the aim in this tattoo and is about to release the arrow to spread romance. Both men and women can try such cute tattoos.

  • Body Placement: Such tattoos can be tried on any visible body part to express your feelings.
  • Color: Blackish grey with coloured shades looks quite romantic.
  • Size: Cupid here is a tiny baby; hence, a medium-sized to smaller one looks cute.
  • Skin Tone: Almost both fair skin tone and dusky skin tone can give a try.
  • Suitable gender: This tattoo can be inked by male and female groups.

12. An Artistic Sagittarius Tattoo:

This is an artistic Sagittarius tattoo wherein the arrow is pulled behind the head. The leg and tail of the Centaur are visible from the side angle. Only exceptional designers carve such types of tattoos. It takes a lot of time and pain to ink such a tattoo.

  • Body Placement: This tattoo can be inked anywhere on the body, depending on your chosen size.
  • Color: Deep black colour with whole filling rocks.
  • Size: Generally, a medium-sized tattoo looks spectacular.
  • Skin Tone: Black color looks fantastic on fair skin toned people.
  • Suitable gender: This tattoo should be inked by male groups.


Sagittarius tattoo designs are a popular choice for those born under this zodiac sign or individuals who resonate with its symbolism. From archers and bows to centaurs and constellation-inspired designs, there are numerous options to choose from. These tattoos serve as a meaningful representation of adventure, independence, and the pursuit of knowledge for those seeking to embrace their Sagittarius identity.

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