With her voluptuous body and wonderful talents, Salma Hayek is considered to be the most gorgeous actress in the industry. She is not just a good actor but has a well-shaped and well defined body. Her good looks, melodious voice, lovely black hair and sensuous eyes speak a lot about her.

Salma Hayek Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets:

Here Salma Hayek beauty tips and secrets have been spilled recently and are shared below.

1. Salma Hayek Beauty Tips Skin:

As we all know Salma Hayek is one of Hollywood’s sexiest actresses. Not only is she talented but also has beautiful and flawless skin. She has surprised her fans by saying that she doesn’t wash her face in the morning and instead cleans it at night. She uses apricot jelly which add spark to her skin and also claims to use the Secret Super Moisturizing Body Cream which is full of Vitamin E and honey.

2. Salma Hayek Beauty Tips Hair:

Salma uses her grandmother’s beauty secrets for her skin and hair. She trims it regularly and likes to keep it long. Even though she experiments with different hairstyles, she tries to keep it as simple as possible all the time. Since Salma is fond of natural ingredients, she stays away from artificial products.

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3. Eyes:

To make her eyes look bright and exciting, Salma uses very light colors. She also uses dark eye shadows at times, all depending upon the occasion she is getting dressed for. Green eye shadow is her favorite and she wears it often at parties and award shows.

4. Diet:

Salma Hayek’s diet plan is very healthy and light. She drinks a lot of carrots and apple juices to stay fit and in shape. She is very fond of her native Mexican food, but since she tends to overindulge she believes in drinking healthy juices which prevent her from spoiling her eating habits. She is also against readymade fruit juices and chooses to make them at home by herself.

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6. Lips:

Salma Hayek uses simple and attractive colors for her lips. Suiting the mood and the occasion, she wears colors that show off her beauty and makes her look absolutely gorgeous. Color Vibrant Lipstick is her favorite and she uses it quite often. She likes to keep this product in her purse all the time.

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7. Night Care:

Salma Hayek likes to keep things very simple. She uses The Oxygenated Activated Foam Face Wash for her skin every night which removes all hidden dirt and impurities. She uses a proper night cream after that and cleanses her skin very well. This gives her a very natural, subtle yet elegant and classy appearance.

8. Fashion Sense:

Salma Hayek is a very fashionable person and dresses up well all the time. From award shows to parties to premiers, Salma looks beautiful all the time. She is aware of what suits her body type and height and wears clothes accordingly. She also experiments with different colors often which gives her a very charming and unique look.

9. Tinted Moisturizers:

Salma Hayek is a big fan of tinted moisturizers as they add a special spark and glitter to her skin. They make her skin glow especially when sunlight is reflected on it. Thus, she doesn’t feel the need to do heavy makeup or use extensive foundations or highlighters.


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