It is evident to you that a food craving is a strong desire to have something all of a sudden. Particularly pregnant women engage in extreme cravings during the first and second trimester when the child is still developing. The cravings are different, but if you are craving salty food, it is usually because of changes in your hormones. The top 9 delicacies that will put your tongue’s salt sensation to rest are listed below.

Salty Foods during Pregnancy:

1. Potato Chips:

The number one foodstuff that tops the list is a packet of potato chips. Or maybe two. Or a whole lot. It depends on how bad your craving is getting. The reason behind craving potato chips is probably owing to the low sodium content that you have.

2. Prickle:

Prickles have been around since forever. Although usually not that popular, it is known for its salty flavors and is a personal favorite among women around the world as it is known for the increase in blood volume.

3. Salt:

Some women don’t even go as far as to crave a supplement that is salty. They just need a handful of the standard kitchen salt and that is all they need to go on. Strange ways of pregnancy.

4. Vinegar:

Even though it is more on the tangy side, you cannot possibly miss the side salty kick every time you have a drop of vinegar. Having too much of vinegar might be harmful. Try to tone it down by adding it in a bowl of salad or a dish of chicken or fish. That should help curb your cravings as well.

5. Cheese:

When pregnant, your body more than often asks for a decent share of calcium for the proper development of bones in your baby. Cheese being rich in both that and salt sounds like a perfect choice for the nutritional benefits in your daily intake of food.

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6. Fast Food:

Be it a burger or a sandwich, or maybe even the salty French fries, nothing spells out salty as much as fast food. Try grilling your food if you crave a sudden bout of salt, since outside food might have raw salt, too much intake of which could mean issues with your diet. You could always try cutting out on all fast food and having the healthier ones like homemade sandwiches with the teensiest bit of salt.

7. Salty Sweet Pretzels:

Although made of low fat and whole wheat, pretzels could give you quite the serving of sodium, especially when you are unstoppable and can’t stop even after having a go at a 1- ounce long serving. Healthier options would be to chase the larger sized ones, so as to minimize the surface area and thus reduce how salty the dish gets.

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8. Pasta Sauce:

But of the many canned food that you fall in love with, how convenient is pasta sauce? It is just the right kind of salty and isn’t too bad either- of course as long as it is taken in small amounts with pasta alongside.

9. Salted Nuts:

When looking for a smart snack loaded with the right nutrients and sodium nothing gets better than salted almonds and cashews. Helps keep your weight in check too!

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Try to cover up your craving for salty food during pregnancy by adding them as supplements to other dishes. This keeps your diet maintained and your cravings under control. Healthy baby on the way, eh?