Nothing can quite match the comfort and versatility of an Indian Salwar Kameez. It has the elegance of a Saree and the practicality of a trouser set. From Weddings to office wear and even for everyday use, Salwars come in numerous styles to suit the occasion. No matter how beautiful the outfit is, choosing the right Salwar Neck design alone can flatter your figure! A neckline is very important to your outfit, as it can make or break your look. You must choose it carefully according to your body type, fabric and overall design. While experimentation is most welcome, having an awareness of the basics of choosing a neck pattern is very important. To do your job easy, we have listed some of the different neck designs for Salwar Kameez, along with style tips!

Latest and Beautiful Salwar Suit Neck Designs for Women in India:

We will glide into the top 30 neck designs of salwar suits for Ladies.

1. Pot Neck:

Pot necks get their name from the pot-like shape on the neck. Instead of a simple “pot”, you can try this Pot and patch style. For instance, look at this Kalamkari high neck kurta aesthetically contrasted with a blue Ajrakh print fabric patch on the bust part. You can try the print on print or with plain or textured patches.

Style Tip: Wear it with contrasting coloured leggings to look amazing!

2. Cowl Neck Design:

A Cowl neck is a type of neckline that is made by draping the cloth into pleats. It was originally used in winter wear and western ensembles to cover up the neck like a scarf. Using it on a Kurta brings together the traditional and modern style to make you look like a true fashionista. However, make sure the fabric is flowy like rayon or chiffon to get the right shape.

Style Tip: Wear a nice cami top inside this Kurta and reveal those shiny straps to steal the show!

3. Collar with V Neck:

If you want the dignified look of a collar without a choking feeling, a V neck opening is an ideal choice. The small slit allows for easy access to the Kurta and needs no additional buttons or openings. You can go for a contrast piping to highlight the ends and make it look pretty. Be careful with the length of the slit, as overdoing it may end up in a cleavage show.

Style Tip: Go for big, chunky earrings to add drama to a simple outfit like this!

4. Square Neck Design:

Be it an expensive suit or a designer suit, a square neckline has a substance that can make a woman look wow and shows a woman thinner too. This works best with a woman having a small neck and narrow shoulders to showcase the petite frame, neck and collar bone. Cotton fabric suits best for square necklines in both the front and back of the salwar suit. High heels and minimalistic jewellery completes the look of the square neck salwar.

Style Tip: Instead of a plain square neck, go for an embroidered patchwork along the neckline or add some lace piping on the borders for a charming look.

5. Scoop Neck:

Deep U neck in a salwar is apt for women with narrow shoulders and a small bust line. The fabric for the same can be chiffon, georgette and stuff like that. The scoop neckline is what makes one look desirable and beautiful. A bit more to accentuate the sexiness can belong to jhumkas or ethnic danglers with nicely done hair in the limelight. The depth of this neck can be determined based on the comfort and body shape of the person.

Style Tip: Women with smaller busts can go for a push-up bra to create a cleavage line. Leave your neckline jewellery-free, and let the dress do the talking for you!

6. Halter Neck:

Influenced by Indo-Western culture, halter necks are the most ravishing way to show one’s bold side for women. These go well with a spaghetti strap. Halter neck tops can double up as Kurtis, too, without dupattas. The look is easy to carry off with youngsters for a fresh yet stylish look. The salwar is usually churidar and fits like leggings.

Style Tip: If you have gorgeous shoulders that you want to show off, go for a sock bun instead of leaving your hair open.

7. V Neck:

The classy V neck never goes out of vogue and suits college and office wear. Match it with tight churidar, leggings or straight bottoms, and one can look like a diva. This style suits women with short necklines and broad shoulders. It creates that perfect balance of your shape and makes you look sleek and smart! However, V necks must be avoided by women who have narrow shoulders or skinny figures.

Style Tip: Wear a simple, neck length gold chain with a tiny gold pendant to rock that girl-next-door look with a V neck kurta.

8. Asymmetrical Neck:

This unique asymmetrical neckline is very much in vogue these days. This asymmetrical neck works well with most fabrics and patterns, styles and embroideries. This is one sure shot hit for a unique style statement, even with traditional salwar kameez. As the name suggests, the neckline cut is titled on one side to make you look different. You can either use buttons or a tie-up lace to define the merging line.

Style Tip: When you wear an asymmetrical Kurta, avoid wearing a neckpiece. Instead, go for stud earrings and a simple hairstyle.

9. Collared Neck:

Inspired by collar style attire for men, the shirt collared neckline is also popular and is known for its minimalistic no non-sense style. Like a typical formal shirt, the printed Kurta comes with a collar and fastens with buttons. The opening can either be from the top till the hemline or up to the bust. You can highlight the placket with designer wooden buttons or shiny studs to replace ornaments. Oh! Did we also tell you that you can adjust the collar length and make it super wide or narrow to create different variations?

Style Tip: Wearing a thin belt along with a collar neckline, Kurta can define your shape and add a definition to your curves.

10. Boat Neck:

One of the best ways to accentuate that lovely collar bone is with a boat neck style salwar. It gets its name from the boat, like the wide neckline that runs along the collarbone. Women who have slender shoulders can try out this style to get a wider appearance. Boat necks are usually devoid of any embellishments and are kept minimal with simple piping.

Style Tip: A great way to wear a boat neck kurta is by adding layered necklaces or a long chain with a statement pendant.

11. Round Neck:

Round neck is one of the timeless neck designs which cannot miss out on! It suits almost every body shape and size. By simply adjusting the width of the round shape, you can create newer looks. For a casual, everyday look, opt for a neck-deep round. To look sensuous and grab some attention, go bold and show off that long neck.

Style Tip: A choker looks amazing with a round neck. You can even go for short chains with big pendants.

12. U Neck:

U neck is a simple U shaped neckline. It has a neat look and suits almost every person. The best part of this neck is the comfort and versatility in styling. You need not worry about adjusting the dupatta to cover up your chest or go with elaborate styling. Just add a simple lace to the neckline, and you are sorted! U necklines go very well with 3/4th sleeves.

Style Tip: Want to look effortlessly chic? Just wear your U neck kurta and wrap up that dupatta like a scarf around your neck.

13. Mandarin Collar Neck:

mandarin collar neck pattern. The most interesting part is that one needs no accessories across the neck. This Chinese collar can give your neckline a closed appearance and be designed in a front open or back open style. It is particularly suitable for women with long necks and works well for office and casual wear.

Style Tip: Wear a long neckpiece with stud earrings and keep your hair tied up into a bun.

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14. Embroidered Neck:

Heavy embroidery on the neckline in a salwar looks gorgeous, gives a designer feel, and looks pricey. The fine and intrinsic detailing in the embroidery work enhances the overall beauty of the suit. Using this technique is a great way to transform an ordinary, plain dress into a designer ensemble. Depending on the occasion, you can plan for the scale of embroidery around the neck.

Style Tip: Embroidered neck kurtas are better worn with statement earrings. Adding a necklace can make you look garish.

15. Salwar Front Dori Neck Design:

Dori is a thread used to tie using knots with heavy pendants or beads. Usually, dori is used at the back, and this pattern is very familiar in blouses and even salwars. But the front style dori neck is very different and unique. You can use various tassels, potlis and even other accessories to enhance the look of your neckline.

Style Tip: Wear a nice ethnic dupatta to go along with your Dori design.

16. Sweetheart Neck:

One looks young and lovely with this stunning neckline. The two curves’ sweetheart neckline is identified by the curves that taper down the bust line, which forms the neck pattern. This particular neck looks best in three-quarter sleeves and full sleeves. The sweetheart neck can have embroidery, which can bring out the best in the salwar suit.

Style Tip: Wear a simple gold chain to highlight that beautiful neck and look like a real sweetheart!

17. Crew Salwar Neck Designs:

Very close to the round neck is the crew neck, which fits the neck a bit more. Women usually can flaunt this crew neck salwar suits or kurtis in cocktail parties, evening celebrations etc. Youngsters opt for this style in their salwar kameez designs to get a show stopper look. You can either keep the collar band plain or add some statement embroidery to highlight your neckline.

Style Tip: Avoid this neck if you have a heavy bust. Petite women can wear this Kurta over a pair of leggings or jeans to look tall and seductive!

18. Keyhole Neck:

Keyhole necklines converge in the front of the neck below the collar bone, forming a keyhole pattern. It can have strings attached too or buttons to highlight the feature more. Today, many newer keyhole necks have been introduced, which have a central cut between the collarbone and the bustline.

Style Tips: Do not wear a necklace with this design, as it can take away the focus on the actual outfit.

19. Closed Neck:

Closed neck or Bandhgala is one of the best ways to be the centre of attraction. This particular closed neck in shades of golden copper and black with golden buttons can make you look like an aristocrat. The golden thread motif all over the suit enhances the look of the suit, and the long sleeves give an added dimension to the salwar.

Style Tip: On special occasions, wear a sleeveless jacket with a Bandhgala salwar to look sensational.

20. Cape Style Neck:

The much in fashion and highly trending are these cape style necklines for anarkalis and long salwar suits. As the name suggests, these salwars have a Cape like attachment around the neck that replaces the traditional Dupatta. There is a layered feel to it which gives it more elegance and looks classy. The cape neck is adorned with a lot of embellishments, embroidery, sequin work etc. This peach georgette cape style Anarkali is sure to turn a lot of heads.

Style Tip: Go for a trendy French bun and wear studs to complete your outfit look.

21. Piping Placket Neck:

Fresh in trend and design are these most stylish piping placket necklines in salwars. This pattern is interesting, with contrast coloured piping over the neck giving a slight hint of sensuality. The placket pattern is for adding contrasting fabric or designer designs on the neckline with piping. You can choose to keep the buttons operational or go for a faux button panel for added style.

Style Tip: Wear this Kurta with a pair of sleek leggings or Churidar pants and a dupatta on one side to look slim and tall.

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22. Angrakha Neck:

Angrakha neck is the wrap and ties neck pattern inspired by the royal musicians of the Mughal era. Very similar to wrapping and tying a towel around is this Angrakha style. The dupatta can be ditched in this suit to get the feel of the neck and the length of the ties. The ties are usually held diagonally on the side instead of the centre. To make your Kurta look more classy, you can add tassels at the end of the Doris. These Kurtas need no dupatta or added accessories.

Style Tip: If you go for a long Kurta, you can ditch the Salwar and wear it like a maxi dress.

23. Jewel Neck:

This particular neckline doesn’t need any jewellery, just as the name suggests. The neck is such ornate and heavy that it feels like wearing heavy and layered jewellery. This particular eternal blue Kurti is with the embroidered heavy neck in georgette fabric. Jewel neck beautifully combines to give a toned-down yet classy look without accessories. However, be careful with the width of the embroidery and choose it as per your shoulder broadness.

Style Tip: Avoid wearing a necklace with this outfit. Instead, go for statement studs or earrings.

24. Queen Anne with Scoop Neck:

Everyone in any function can team this super glamorous Queen Anne neckline for added oomph for all those girls and young women who want to be bedazzled. Explore this sexy neck with royal colours paired with antique finish work like Meenakari, Kundan etc. Further, the back designs can be bold and backless or covered up with net fabric. You can add Dori or Zari straps for additional support on the shoulders.

Style Tip: Queen Anne neck goes very well with a long Anarkali style. Make sure the shoulder patch and the hemline border are coordinated to get a neat silhouette.

25. One Shoulder Salwar Neck Design:

The one-shoulder neckline is a bold choice that highlights your collarbones. Similarly, experimenting with one shoulder necks in salwar suits can be uncomfortable for women with strapless necks. One doesn’t need a dupatta for this suit and can enhance the whole look with the kameez and its designs. However, if you have very broad shoulders, this neckline may not be for you!

Style Tip: Go for an asymmetric hemline and wear this kurta with a pair of the skinny bottom to show off your glam side.

26. High Neck:

Again a classic is the high neck pattern which makes one look taller and slimmer. The name indicated is a stand collar that covers up the neck and button closure at the front or back. The high neck is usually made in fabrics like cotton, shimmer, satin etc. so that the look of the neck can be kept intact. These Kurta styles are great for colder weather to look warm and cosy.

Style Tip: A high neck goes very well with an A-line Kurta. Wear it with a contrasting coloured dupatta to look hot!

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27. Piped Neck:

The piping neck may be an old-fashioned technique, but certainly not outdated. Adding a contrast coloured piping to your neck amps up the overall look of your Kurta. Also, you can add different types of knots, buttons, ties etc., to elevate the beauty. Piping doesn’t always have to be along the actual neckline. You can experiment with the patterns and show off your creativity.

Style Tip: Adding a hint of metallic colour piping to your neckline can transform a simple Kurta into a partywear ensemble.

28. Strapless Neck:

Strapless necks look amazing on women who are confident about their bodies. They highlight the collar bones and those gorgeous toned arms. The salwar suit must fit perfectly in the bust area to get this look right. The dupatta can be worn tightly in the neck or, taking a cue from olden times, can be tied into a bow or a knot on the neck.

Style Tip: Replace your conventional churidar or salwar pant with a contemporary Palazzo to get everyone’s eyes rolling!

29. Peter Pan Neck:

Inspired by the character and his dressing sense, this Peter Pan neck design sounds a bit cartoonish but is the most suited for women with any body type or features. A perfect blend of collar shirt style with the traditional round neck, the flap can be of any material like brocade, satin, etc. or can contrast in solid colours according to the prints in the salwar suit.

Style Tip: You can easily convert a plain neckline into a Peterpan collar by adding a metallic bib necklace with it.

30. Illusion Neck:

An illusion neckline is a great way to highlight the shoulders without going strapless. The broad neckline is supported with a see-through fabric that exposes the skin but doesn’t go beyond the cleavage line. You can add embellishments like lace, sequins or other materials to accentuate the borders and look dreamy!

Style Tip: Make sure the illusion patch is neutral in colour like black, white or metallic to get the desired effect.

Just by going through the neck designs catalogue at the tailor’s, one can get the imagination run high with the umpteen number of neck designs. The selection of neck design in a salwar according to one’s facial feature and body type contributes a new dimension to the suit. The neck design and patterns can be the highlight of the salwar suit.

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