Samakonasana or the straight angle pose is one of the most popular and effective yoga postures ever invented. This is a little challenging but will provide your body with effective results. As far as flexibility is the subject, the samakonasana is the perfect asana for enhancing the flexibility in your leg joints, ankles, lower back, etc. Along with that, it also facilitates the legs as well such as the hamstring, the hip rotators, etc. Start your mornings with this asana so that you can spend a tireless yet productive day. Some key facts about this asana are patience and time.

This asana is good for the hips. Often we don’t realize it but our hips take a lot of pressure throughout the day and it is a necessity to open up these portions. Make the right choice today and start practicing this asana today for the sake of your health.

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Many of us don’t know, but often our emotions create a lot of obstacle on the path of the flexible functioning of the hips. This providing these vital body parts with some space of crucial and this asana is the perfect remedy. The samakonasana will open up the hips and allow the lower back to perform a lot better. Flexibility in the abductors is also necessary and this particular yoga posture can be said to be the right man for the job.

How To Do The Samakoasana:

The patience and time are probably the key factors for performing this posture properly, as discussed earlier. There are many ways to perform the samakonasana. The following is the easiest way to do this posture:

  • First, start by sitting on the ground or yoga mat and stretch the legs to your front.
  • Maintain this position for few seconds while you’re breathing.
  • Secondly, stretch the legs sideways very slowly so that both the legs form a straight line.
  • The body should be kept straight.
  • Remain in this manner for a minute or less and then bring both the legs back to the normal position.

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Straight Angle Pose Benefits:

The benefits of samakonasana yoga posture have been summed up in the following paragraph:

  • This yoga pose is good for the abdomens as it improves the supply of blood to the abdomens, especially the lower ones.
  • It also helps in nourishing and revitalizing the different vital organs of the body. It opens up, strengthens and stretches the groins, the hips, and calf muscles as well.
  • The inner thigh muscles are also stimulated through this pose.
  • All kinds of spinal problems will be cured through this exercise.
  • All kinds of pain in the hip joints will be eliminated.
  • Children who are still at their growing stage will be benefited with his yoga posture as it might make them taller since the legs are stretched to the maximum level.
  • The adductor muscles and lateral hip rotators will become more flexible because of this yoga posture.
  • Blood flow to the lower belly is improved. If you’re suffering from depression issues then this posture is the easiest way to remove those emotional barriers and make you feel intelligent and happy from the inside.

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If you have a back pain, then don’t try this asana right now. First recover from the existing muscle pain and only then start practicing this exercise for preventing your body from future back pains.


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