Footwear is an important thing for human. Without footwear, nobody in the world will step outward. There are various types available in footwear.  Everything is used accordingly. From Kids to all ages different varieties of footwear are available.

According to age groups, footwear is designed. Some models will be similar to all. Men and women will have different varieties. Some hundreds of brands are available in the market. Among various footwear in the footwear world sandals are discussed and some brands are followed by.

Generally, sandals are designed with combinational of various models. They have threads and straps which covers the feet. Threads are easily and beautifully knotted that they will look beautiful and elegant.

Sandals are common foot wear which can be suited for all outfits. They can be worn for events, parties and even for marriages.  Women will have lots of occasion in her life. She chooses every product to be unique in her occasion to look charming in the party. So before choosing or affording any product it is better to have an idea of that product.

latest Ladies Sandals in India:

For women any apparel will have multiple options to select. In the similar way foot wear will also have lots of models.

1. Bernice Sandals for Women:

Bernice is one of popular brand which is available almost every store. It is seen since decade. It has excellent look and amazing designs. Designer designs unique design. Sandals will look very good and gorgeous. Foot bed will be very soft and smooth. It will be water proofed. The designs will attract and are easily liked by any one. Good quality of materials is used for manufacturing the product. Bernice gives their best products to satisfy the customers.

2. Women’s Sandals Hush Puppies:

Hus Puppies is an international brand which is available globally all over the world. Hush not even manufacturer’s goods for men but also for women. Hush manufacturer’s large amount of sandals for girls and women. Puppies sandals are very attractive and glorious to look at. Sandals will be very comfortable and flexible.  Puppies’ ladies sandals give a grand look when it is worn for any events and parties. Hush sandals will be very neat and dignified.

3. Sounder Sandals for Ladies:

Sounder is an international company in foot wear industry. Sounder has excellent designs in it. People with innovative thoughts are working in sounder. Well skilled craftsman and designers are part of sounder family. Soles of sandals are very smooth and soft. Material is used in such a way that they should not harm the feet of wearer. Wearer will feel very comfort and sandals are designed in customized manner. These sandals have waterproof.

4. Chaco Fashion Sandals:

Chaco manufacturer’s manufactures sandals not only for men but also women. They provide foot bed with light weight which is very smooth and soft. Sandals are designed keeping in mind that wearer must feel comfort and happy for choosing Chaco’s product. Out sole will look very elegant and neat. Sandals will not be so heel they will touch the ground.

5. Cushe Sandals for Ladies:

Cushe is an independent foot wear brand which is upgrading with lots of varieties and models in its brand. Sandals are made of special material called full-grain leather with canvas. They give support with straps around the ankle such that it will easy for walk or to run. They will be very awesome to attend any event or parties. These will be best for all outfits.

6. Bakers Sandals for Women:

Baker’s sandals are highly classy and vivacious to make a woman look stylish and awesome. Fashionable sandals will be compatible to attire. Baker’s sandals will be highly unique and trendy. These are offered at reasonable prices. So, there are wide range of varieties are available in baker’s stores. Some of the designers are cufflink, blue multi sandal, fuchsia sandal, green sandal, yellow, brown, red, gold, black leather, grey, blue and purple sandals. Every sandal will be unique in bakers.  They will have fewer heels. Toe and the heel will be on same platform. The quality material is used so they will be very flexible and comfortable to wearer.

7. Tory Burch:

Tory Burch is a well known brand in the world. There are lots of collections of Tory Burch. Sandals collections are easy in style and its appearance will be astonishing. Various kind s of sandal re are available from flats to mid-heel and high heel sandals. These sandals will be compatible with any attire.  Strappy flat sandals are becoming well-fashioned now a days. These ladies sandals are coming with pop colors. The sandals are tumbled with leather materials. Tory Burch sandals will be in classy style with ribbon trim and flat. In his designs he had some of the styles of 1970’s.

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8. Dune Sandals for Girls:

Dune is providing its products for two decades. It laid its foundation in the footwear world. Sandals of dune consist sole which is smooth. These are best suitable regular outfits. Dune designs all types of sandals which can be worn for marriages and events. Even bridal sandals are also designed with multi colours with all types of heels. Sandals are designed as flats, semi heel and mid-heel etc. Stylish sandals are seen in Dune store.

9. Blue By Betsey:

Blue by Betsey has excellent designs in sandals for women. They design sandals for brides. Bridal Sandals are special in Betsey. Material is used in equal proportions and taking care for wearer such that it mustn’t cause any harm. They design some sandals such that straps cover the entire ankle and gives support for a walk. Sandals will be very flexible and comfortable. Sandals are compatible with any attire.

10. Catwalk Sandals for Girls:

Catwalk is a well-known brand globally in all countries. The products of catwalk are designed by well-skilled craftsman who has innovative thoughts. It has multiple designs of footwear. Every year new designs of sandals are launched with any model related to sandals. These are made with good quality of materials. It consists of leather and it can be imported through shipping. It is available on popular websites.

11. Fendi:

Fendi is one of the upgrading Italian company. They are giving their services for some decades. They have their headquarters in Rome. Their products will be of high fashioned. They maintain their standards. Sandals will be very comfortable and flexible for a walk. They design sandals with different models like wedges, sneakers etc. Fendi even design’s bridal sandals. Sandals are easily adjustable and can be used roughly and toughly.

12. Bessie:

Bessie is one of the brands in the ladies footwear world.  In this brand all designer’s pieces are available. These products can be afforded by a normal person. Sandals are designed in multiple models. But every model referenced from the same design.  Every sandal will be unique. They are designed accordingly customer satisfaction. They look very beautiful and simple. These are used for parties and events. These sandals will suit for girls in any outfit.

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13. Berry:

Berry sandals will completely touch the ground. They are designed in multiple models. These sandals will cover the fingers of the feet and ankle can be tied with a beautiful ribbon given to the sandal. Varied colours are available in Berry footwear. Such that wearer can afford any design which she likes a lot.

Berry sandals are completely made of leather. They look simple, but wearer feels free, flexible and comfortable. They will be even resistance to water. They give a dignified look when it is worn. Foot feels soft when the sole is touched to beneath part of the foot.

14. Trinidad:

Trinidad is one of the leading company in the footwear industry. It is available in almost all popular websites. They manufacture the sandals in various models with different types. For example, sandal which is followed by is designed in a wedge model. General sandal consists of a thread which covers along the ankle. So some sandals will touch the ground it means flat etc.

Sandals are designed beautifully with excellent designs which cover the fingers of feet; some are exposed to sun likewise different manner. These will best suitable for girls parties and are best suitable for skirts.

15. Voodoo Fashion Footwear:

Voodoo is less heard by all people. This is a foreign brand which is sold only in some countries with some of the popular websites. Sandals are made of soft fabrics like polyester etc. They are also designed with well-skilled designers. They will use the material like laces, leather for the sole and some soft fabric underneath the feet to touch.

Voodoo is a brand which rising nowadays. They want their designers to be unique when compared to others. They try to meet the requirements of the customer. Sandals are even designed for the bridal purpose also.

There are multiple brands available in sandals for women and girls. The above sandals are some of the foreign brands and some of the designer’s designs are also shown.

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