Sanskrit is the root of all the Indian languages, so when it comes to naming your little bundle of joy, parents today are moving back to their roots and looking for some best Sanskrit names for their child, a name which is unique and has a deeper meaning associated with it. Sanskrit baby names are very popular amongst Indians. Checkout here as we bring you more than 150 Sanskrit names list for both boys and girls including twins with meanings for you to choose from.

Sanskrit is the cornerstone of every other language known to mankind. The Sanskrit names are quite amazing, and there are some Vedic names for your child (both boys and girls). This article will help you find the best names from the top and beautiful baby names in Sanskrit with meanings.

Table of Content:

  1. Sanskrit Baby Boy Names
  2. Baby Girls Name in Sanskrit
  3. Sanskrit God’s Names
  4. Twin Baby Names in Sanskrit
  5. Hindu Baby Girl Names in Sanskrit
  6. Hindu Baby Boy Names in Sanskrit
  7. Indian Sanskrit Baby Names for Twins

Unique Sanskrit Names For Boys And Girls With Meanings:

50 Best Sanskrit Baby Boy Names with Meaning:

1. Ahan:

This Sanskrit name has a beautiful meaning associated with it. It means Morning or Dawn. It also means one who is lovable and the richest of the rich.

2. Aarav:

The meaning of Aarav is a peaceful or good personality. It is one of the names of Lord Ram and also means a king, kind, lovable, one who is blessed with money. Aarav is one of the most popular Sanskrit names for boys.

3. Ayan:

This is also the name of Lord Shiva which means the movement of the sun when the sun is rising. It also means a gift of God and one of the popular modern Sanskrit boy names.

4. Avi:

This means Sun and Air. It also means one who is born to rule. It also means favourable, mountain, protector and wall in Sanskrit.

5. Aadi:

It means the beginning, it also means Sun, another name for Lord Shiva. It is one of the most popular Lord Shiva names in Sanskrit.

6. Abhi:

A brave personality, fearless, confident, King of the Universe.

7. Aman:

A peaceful personality, a symbol of peace; protection; honest; faithful; security; trustworthy.

8. Ansh:

A little part of something; a portion; radiant; part of a body.

9. Anay:

Another name for Lord Ganesha; valuable; leader of God; warrior; calm

10. Arnav:

This Sanskrit name means silence of the ocean. It also means the sea or a great ocean.

11. Advik:

It means the one who is unique. It is another name for Lord Shiva and means love; affection.

12. Adit:

It means from the beginning; the one who is born first; It also means the Sun or Lord Shiva.

13. Anish:

It is the name of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna or the Supreme. It also means punctual.

14. Aarush:

It means the first rays of the rising sun. It also means sunshine; brilliant; honest.

15. Aahan:

Early morning; the first ray of the light; dawn; iron; sword

16. Bhavik:

It means one who is very emotional. It also means virtuous: happy: devout

17. Bhavya:

Auspicious; excellent; suitable; the name of God; God of Ocean

18. Chaitanya:

It means consciousness. The name of a saint, knowledge; movement

19. Daksh:

Perfect being; capable; smart; fire; the name of Lord Shiva; son of Lord Brahma; a precious being; son of a perfect being; expert; fit.

20. Dev:

God; Divine; poet; respect; without limit; friendly; nobody can destroy; a star; a lotus that blooms in moonlight.

21. Darsh:

This popular Sanskrit name means Lord Krishna

22. Deb:

This unique Sanskrit name means divinity. It also means God.

23. Dhyan:

The literal translation of Dhyan is concentrate. It is also a type of yoga and meditation; meditate; absorbed in contemplation.

24. Divit:

Another name of Lord Shiva also means immortal. It also means happy; creator.

25. Harsh:

The one who gives happiness to others. joy; happiness

26. Het:

Het is a popular Sanskrit name which means love.

27. Hayan:

Hayan is a name synonymous to Lord Shiva. It also means alive; shine; life

28. Ishaan:

It means one who bestows wealth; the sun. The northeastern direction in Sanskrit means Ishan, which is a very powerful and positive direction. It is another name for Lord Shiva; Allah’s Grace; protector.

29. Kian:

Kian is a Sanskrit name for Kings; Lord Krishna; the grace of God; ancient. Kian is one of the famous baby boy names in Sanskrit with the meaning Krishna.

30. Kee:

This is another name for Lord Krishna. It also means love; peace.

31. Kush:

This is a very famous name since the time of Lord Rama as one of Lord Rama’s sons was names, Kush. It means strong.

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32. Kavin:

Kavin means very handsome, beautiful.

33. Krish:

It is the abbreviated form of writing Krishna. It means talented; attraction

34. Kabir:

Kabir was the name of the famous saint of India. It means great; powerful; leader

35. Kayan:

Kayan means a star. It also means a king; the ancient king

36. Kanish:

Kanish was the name of a king. It means the one who is very caring

37. Laksh:

It is one of the popular Hindu Sanskrit baby names that mean aim or target.

38. Lohit:

The one who has a metal mind; soft-hearted; made of copper. It is another name of the Brahmaputra river.

39. Lavish:

Lavish means the Lord of Love. It also means cute; luxurious or Lord Shiva.

40. Moh:

It is the abbreviated form of Mohan or Mohit. It means affection; love.

41. Manas:

It means one who is wise or honourable. It also means desire or mind.

42. Manav:

It is the Hindu Sanskrit name of a human being or a man.

43. Moksh:

One who has received from the journey of birth and re-birth. salvation

44. Mihir:

It is another name of sun or sun rays

45. Naksh:

It means the one who has some great qualities. It also means prosperity of wealth; success and hard-working; the moon

46. Namit:

This Sanskrit name means the very modest one; who never gives up

47. Naitik:

Good in nature; ethical; regular

48. Ojas:

Ojas means the one who is full of light; shine; body strength; glowing. It is another name of Lord Ganesha and also means teacher to God.

49. Param:

The best; perfect; the supreme; ultimate; perfect

50. Sam:

Sam means Lord has heard; told by God; His name is God; A good person; a strong person.

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50 Best Baby Girls Name in Sanskrit:

The following is the female Sanskrit names list containing some of the best Sanskrit names for girls.

1. Aadya:

The one who is always first; the beginning. It is another name of goddess Parvati or Adishakti.

2. Avni:

This beautiful girl child name in Sanskrit means the earth.

3. Ananya:

This popular Sanskrit females names meaning is the blessing of God. It is a gift of Allah; popularity

4. Anika:

God is gracious; God has shown favour; grace; merciful. It is another name of Goddess Parvati.

5. Aarvi:

It means the first rays of the sun. beautiful; Lord of remembering; peace is also the meaning associated with Aarvi.

6. Aahana:

First rays of the rising sun.; inner light; the sun. It is another name for Goddess Durga.

7. Aarna:

This name for Goddess Lakshmi also means ocean or wave

8. Bhavya:

Its literal meaning is grand, splendid or huge. It is synonymous to Goddess Durga and also means marvellous.

9. Bhavi:

Emotional; pretty; future; brave

10. Bhuvi:

It is one of the top Sanskrit girls names that means heaven. It also means land or earth.

11. Charu:

It means beautiful; attractive; pleasing

12. Chaitra:

This is the name of the 1st month of the Hindu calendar. It is also the name of Goddess Parvati

13. Charvi:

The literal translation means a beautiful woman. It was also the name of the wife of Lord Kubera, the lord of fortune.

14. Dia:

It means the lamp, candle; light or divine.

15. Diti:

This short name means glow; splendour; brightness or light. It was also the name of the wife of sage Kashyap and daughter of Daksha.

16. Diksha:

It means a gift by God. It also means imparting knowledge; the point of direction; holy teachings.

17. Elina:

It means the woman with intelligence. It also means intelligent; moon; good student; torch etc.

18. Eshani:

It is one of the Sanskrit goddess names of Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva. It also means the one who is close to God.

19. Garima:

The various meanings of Garima are warmth; proud; prowess; dignity; honour; beauty; pretty; grace; holiness; importance etc.

20. Gul:

It means flower especially rose or even bouquet of flowers.

21. Gitika:

It means a small song

22. Harshita:

It means the one who brings happiness. It also means always smiling, happy or joyful

23. Harini:

It is used for the one who is as beautiful as a deer. People with this name are usually good at maths. It is also another name for Goddess Lakshmi, wife of Lord Vishnu.

24. Hetvi:

This beautiful name has a beautiful meaning associated with it which means love or well-wisher.

25. Ira:

This is another name for Goddess Saraswati. It also means crystal clear water or like the goddess of peace.

26. Ishika:

It means sacred paintbrush. It means the daughter of God and queen of water and mountains.

27. Inaaya:

This also means a gift of God or a gift from Allah. Inaaya means angel.

28. Jiya:

Jiya means a sweetheart. It means the one who is lucky or a piece of heart.

29. Janvi:

This is another name for River Ganga and also the name of Goddess Parvati.

30. Jivika:

This means the source of life or life itself.

31. Jasleen:

It means in the name of God. One who is lost in taking God’s name or absorbed in singing.

32. Janani:

It is a synonym of Mother. It also means tenderness and is one of the names of Goddess Lakshmi.

33. Kavya:

Kavya means a poem or poetry in motion. It is also a name of Goddess Saraswati

34. Kyra:

One who is like the sun, a princess; little dark; noble

35. Krisha:

The various meanings associated with Krishaisdivine, kind, blessing, and fame.

36. Komal:

Very soft and smooth; very delicate; cute; tender

37. Kanishka:

It is the name for the daughter of King Kanishq, a king who ruled the Kushanempire in southern Asia and supported Buddhism.

38. Kashvi:

The one who is shining, blooming, beautiful. It is also used for the Goddess of Luck.

39. Kim:

From the royal fortress meadow; armlet; chief war; golden; regal hill; noble or brave.

40. Lasya:

The one who is very graceful and happy; It is also used for the dance performed by Goddess Parvati.

41. Lavanya:

The various meaning associated with Lavanyais gracefulness; beauty; pretty; sweet; attractive; Goddess Lakshmi; angel.

42. Latika:

The various meanings associated with Latikais tendril; related to a rose; climber or delicate tree; small creeper; sweet; elegant, etc.

43. Lisha:

A fortunate woman who is full of mystery, sweet; honest; happy; darkness before midnight

44. Lakshita:

A person with some aim in life; distinguished; successful

45. Lipi:

Script; manuscripts of God

46. Mahi:

Name of a river; Heaven and Earth conjoined; the world

47. Myra:

Admirable; swift and light; A fragrant resin obtained from a tree, honey, beloved, butterfly, divinely precious

48. Manvi:

One who is very humanly, Goddess Saraswati, peace of mind

49. Mehek:

Fragrance, pleasant smell, khushboo

50. Misha:

Bee, like the Lord, one who is Lord Krishna’s devotee.

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30 Unique Sanskrit God’s Names:

1. Eashan:

According to astrology, Eashan is another name for Lord Vishnu

2. Eha:

This short and simple name is associated with Lord Vishnu. It is another name of Lord Vishnu suitable for a boy

3. Ekaksh:

The literal meaning of Ekaksh is one-eyed, and it is usually associated with Lord Shiva the Almighty.

4. Gagan:

It is a name associated with Lord Shiva. It also means sky or heaven.

5. Gautam:

The name Gautam is derived from the Sanskrit roots, it indicates the one, who dispels darkness (ignorance) by his brilliance (spiritual knowledge).

6. Gatik:

It is one of the unique Sanskrit names associate with Lord Shiva. It also means fast or progressive.

7. Ganesh:

This name needs no description. It is the name of the beloved God, Lord Ganesha. It is one of the 108 names that he has.

8. Girish:

He is a Girish means mountain and the Lord of the mountains is Lord Shiva. Girish is rightly associated with Lord Shiva.

9. Gahan:

This name meaning Gahan means sky and the Lord of the sky is Lord Vishnu. Gahan is a unique Sanskrit name rightly associated with Lord Vishnu.

10. Gopal:

Gopal is another name of Lord Krishna. The protector of cows means Gopal.

11. Gaurik:

It means the one who is born in the mountains or even the son of Goddess Gauri that is Lord Ganesha. Gaurik is another name for Lord Ganesha.

12. Govind:

Govind is another name for Lord Narayana or Lord Krishna. Cow-herd means Lord Krishna.

13. Gopesh:

Gopesh again here means the Lord of Cowherds who is Lord Krishna. It is rightly used as another name for Lord Krishna.

14. Gowtham:

Gowtham Meaning: Lord Buddha, Remover of darkness.

15. Har:

This short Sanskrit name is associated with Lord Shiva. It also means anything from the heart.

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16. Hem:

The hem is another word for gold and silver. It also means closeness and is associated with Lord Shiva.

17. Hetvik:

This name is associated with both Lord Shiva as well as Lord Hanuman.

18. Harika:

Harika is the name associated with Lord Vishnu. It also means one who is loved by Indra or wonderful.

19. Laxmi:

Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity and wife of Lord Narayana. This is one of the most famous Sanskrit goddess names used widely.

20. Siya:

It is another name for Goddess Sita who was wife to Lord Rama. It also means light or blessings.

21. Aheli:

Aheli means grace. It is also another name for Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

22. Dhana:

Dhana means wealth. Goddess of wealth that is Goddess Lakshmi is the meaning associated with Dhana.

23. Shria:

Shria means prosperity and the goddess of prosperity means Goddess Lakshmi. The meaning of Shria includes wealth, beautiful and also Goddess Lakshmi.

24. Additri

Additri is another beautiful name for Goddess Lakshmi, which will be a good name for your little one.

25. Aasvi:

Aasvi means river. It also means Goddess Saraswati.

26. Yati:

Yati means the one who is devoted or ascetic. It is also another name for Goddess Durga.

27. Vani:

Vani means speech or voice. It is also the name of Goddess Saraswati.

28. Nyra:

Nyra means rose. It is the name for Goddess Saraswati and will make a good name for your little princess. The name of the goddess is what you are looking for.

29. Nitya:

Nitya means continuously. Something that is perpetual or is done daily; constant. It is also the name of Goddess Parvati.

30. Pragya:

Pragya means wisdom; calm; intelligence; prowess. It is a name for Goddess Saraswati.

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Top 20 Twin Baby Names in Sanskrit:

1. Abhay and Nirbhay:

Abhay means the one who is fearless and the same is meaning is Nirbhay. Both the names are synonymous to each other and can be rightly used as names for twin brothers.

2. Anupam and Nirupam:

Anupam means the one who cannot be compared with while Nirupam means without form or comparison. Both the names more or less means the same and can be rightly used as names for your twin boys.

3. Ajay and Vijay:

Ajay means one who cannot be conquered or victorious while Vijay means victory. These names are ideal combinations for twin kids.

4. Aarav and Aarnav:

Aarav means the one who is very peaceful while Aarnav means great ocean or silence of the ocean. They rhyme nicely to make a good meaningful name for the twins.

5. Aahlad and Prahlad:

Aahlad means joy, something that causes delight, while Prahlad means joyful. Both the names have almost the same meaning and rhyme wonderfully to make some great names for twins with beautiful meanings.

6. Chinmay and Tanmay:

Chinmay means full of knowledge, while Tanmay means one who inspires. They are wonderful rhyming names with beautiful meanings associated with them to be kept for your two little bundles of joy.

7. Amitabh and Ajitabh:

These names are associated with real-life celebrity brothers (Though not twins) Amitabh Bachchan, and Ajitabh Bachchan and can make a great name for your twins too.

8. Amarnath and Gopinath:

Amarnath is associated with Lord Shiva while Gopinath is associated with Lord Krishna. Both the names are divine and ideal for your twins.

9. Gireesh and Sireesh:

Gireesh means God’s mountain while Sireesh means Lord Vishnu or Lord Ganesha. They rhyme really well and are ideal names for your twins.

10. Natvar and Natraj:

Both Natvar and Natraj are names synonymous to Lord Shiva and rhyme well to be your twin’s names.

11. Aayushi and Aarushi:

Aayushi means the one who has a long life while Aarushi means the first rays of the sun. Beautifully meant these names are ideal for your little princesses.

12. Saritha and Savitha:

Saritha means river while Savitha means sun. Both the names are associated with nature and can be used for your twin girls.

13. Angana and Anjana:

Angana means a beautiful woman and Anjana is the name of Lord Hanuman’s mother. These beautiful names are too good and should be used for your twins to confuse the people even more.

14. Anika and Avika:

Anika means God is gracious, while Avika means rays of the sun. They are short and sweet names for your little girls.

15. Devika and Vedika:

Devika means Goddess of all while Vedika means the one who has the knowledge of the Vedas. Beautiful names with beautiful meanings for your beautiful girls.

16. Divya and Vidya:

Divya means enlightened, while Vidya means knowledge. They should be used for your twin girls.

17. Ishan and Ishani:

Both Ishan and Ishani means the same, which is the northeastern direction and ideal for your twins, who are one boy and one girl.

18. Naman and Suman:

Naman means to bow down, and Suman means beautiful flowers. Both the names have beautiful meanings and rhyme absolutely well for your kids.

19. Hemal and Kamal:

Hemal means golden and Kamal means Lotus flower. Good names for your kids.

20. Neha and Sneha:

Neha means the ones with beautiful eyes while Sneha means love. Both the names are beautiful and apt for your kids.

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Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit:

1. Aadrika:

Here is a beautiful Sanskrit baby name in Sanskrit for your little girl. Like others, this name also comes with a beautiful meaning. Aaddrika means “mountain.” It means a woman who is as strong and tough as a mountain. The name also has a different purpose, “celestial.”

2. Avni:

The name Avni is also quite beautiful for females. The meaning of the word Avni is “the earth.” This Sanskrit name for girls could be your choice if you like a rare name.

3. Charvi:

Looking for Sanskrit baby names? Here is a unique one for the baby girls. Charvi is one of the best Sanskrit baby names for girls, which means “beautiful lady.” The baby surely is beautiful that her parents took the decision of naming her by this name.

4. Erisha:

The meaning of the word Erisha is “speech” and is rare and unique. The name is quite catchy and sounds good to the ears as well. This can be said to be one of the most classic Sanskrit names for girls.

5. Gauravi:

Gauravi is another Sanskrit name for girls. The name is so good that it cannot be appreciated enough. Gaurvi means “pride.” It denotes the lady with respect. It is a royal name.

6. Gayatri:

One of the most prestigious Sanskrit names for baby girls is Gayatri, which is related to Gods and our early superiors of the Hindu dharma. The name describes the Mother of Vedas from ancient. The name is common and is spiritual.

7. Lakshita:

Here is a really good Hindu Sanskrit baby name. The meaning of this name is “recognize.” The word is really catchy and will be suitable for almost any girl out there. The word will describe the attitude of the girl named here and her nature as a human being as well.

8. Lavi:

This is a pretty good name for the courageous woman. The name will define the brave character of the girl. The meaning of the word Lavi is “lion.” The short name will be most suitable for baby girls and holds a positive connotation.

9. Malavika:

Malavina means princess of Malawa. This is a good and prestigious Sanskrit name for the baby girls out there. The name means that the girl being named here is nothing less than the princess herself.

10. Nivedita:

The one who is dedicated to serving people. This is a good Hindu Sanskrit baby name. There are a lot of famous Hindu women in the world who are named Nivedita.

11. Uttarika:

Here we have another wonderful Sanskrit name for the girls out there. The meaning of the name Uttarika is “crossing river.” This is one of the finest names and is suitable for girls who are calm, pretty and disciplined.

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Top Hindu Baby Boy Names in Sanskrit:

Let’s see here some of the best Sanskrit baby boy names list one by one.

1. Aryan:

This is one of the best Sanskrit baby boy names starting with ‘a.’ The name is quite catchy and will suit a boy just fine. The meaning of this name is “noble.” It indicates a civilised and disciplined person. This is one of those names that will improve your reputation and status. Who wouldn’t want to be called by such a beautiful name?. The name is considered as the best baby boy name in Sanskrit which brings it to the top of the list.

2. Adhrit:

This name denotes Lord Vishnu. It is a pretty prestigious name for boys and can be given to any Hindu boy from almost any family. The name can be easily spelt and remembered as well. This will suit a boy perfectly and can be said to be one of the best Sanskrit baby names for boys.

3. Dhanush:

Dhanush is a pretty smart name for the boys out there. The meaning of the term Dhanush is “bow.” The name is quite beautiful and will suit almost any male child out there. This can be said to be one of the best names for boys whose parents are fond of Sanskrit names. If you’re looking for some of the best top Sanskrit boy names, then this might be the perfect one for your child.

4. Jatasya:

Jatsya means “the ocean.” This is yet another amazing name in Sanskrit for the baby boys. The name will go in hand with the personality and can be said to be one of the finest baby boy names in Sanskrit. The name is catchy and tops the unique and rare Sanskrit baby boy names.

5. Jagrav:

Are you looking for Sanskrit baby names? Here is a great name for you. The meaning of the term Jagrav means “awakened.” The name sounds great, as well. One can easily figure out the meaning of this name if they are aware of the Sanskrit names. This one is a simple one that can be easily understood.

6. Nirbhay:

The meaning of the term Nirbhay is “fearless.” It means someone who doesn’t fear anything. It is a great decision to name a boy baby by this name so that he will grow up to be a brave man. The name has been used in many famous Sanskrit poems and stories as well. This is one of the finest Sanskrit names.

7. Siddhanath:

Sanskrit names are known for their pronunciation and beautiful meanings. This particular one is no different. The name is very attractive and will easily suit almost any baby boy out there. This can be claimed as one of the best Sanskrit names for boys out there. Who wouldn’t want to be named this name which means “Lord Shiva” and is a good Sanskrit baby boy name starting with ‘S.’

8. Yuvan:

Yuvan means strong and healthy and refers to Lord Shiva. It is a modern, Sanskrit boy name. When the baby grows up, he will surely consider himself lucky to be named by this name.

9. Nilay:

Nilay is another unique Sanskrit baby boy name. The meaning of the term Nilay is “home.”Nilay could be your choice if you are looking for something unique and out of the box.

10. Sambhav:

Hindi is one of the primary languages that have been derived from Sanskrit. The name Sambhav means “manifested.” The name also means “born.” It is among some of the best names in Sanskrit suitable for baby boys.

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11. Sashwat:

Sashwat means “permanent.” This is one of the best Sanskrit baby boy names and is modern. While you wouldn’t have heard this name much, it sure is a popular name in North India.

12. Samarth:

The meaning of this name is “efficient.” This is a really good name for the boys and can be said to be one of the best names for the boys out there who are willing to do something great in their life. The name carries a heavy positive weight.

13. Ojas:

This is one of the unique Sanskrit names for baby boys. The name sounds quite different, and the meaning is different from the others as well. The name Ojas means “brilliance.” It explains someone’s character.

14. Saket:

Saket is one of the best names given to Hindu baby boys. The name is of Sanskrit origin and means “heaven.” The name is a good name for the boys.

15. Madhav:

Madhav is a Sanskrit baby name starting with.’ It refers to Lord Krishna and is a common baby boy name. If you are a devout worshipper of Krishna, this could be your pick of the lot.

16. Jaideep:

This is another baby boy name starting with ‘j’ in Sanskrit. Most commonly referred to Lord Krishna, Jaideep means ‘victory to the light.’

17. Girik:

This could be totally new for you. Girik refers to Lord Shiva, and you could name your newborn baby boy with this.

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Indian Sanskrit Baby Names for Twins:

  •  Amar and Amir: if you have twin baby boys, Amar and Amir could be their names. Amar means God and Amirmeans rich.
  • Aarav and Arnav: Aarav and Aarnavis yet another unique twin boy names. Aarav means sound and Arnav means ‘being agitated.’
  •  Arun and Arjun: Yet another twin boy name starting with ‘A’ is Arun and Arjun. Arun means ‘red, the colour of dawn’ and Arjun means ‘Arjuna.’
  • Disha and Divya: Disha means ‘direction’ and Divya means ‘divine.’ This could be the ideal twin baby names for twin girls.
  • Dhuni and Damini: This unique twin name for baby girls means, ‘river’ and the latter means ‘lightning.’

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The names listed are unique, and some of them are popular Sanskrit names. It takes a good amount of time to decide on the best name for your child. We have listed some of the best traditional ones out of the lot to make sure we reduce the tension of having to search for a name for your little one.

The aforesaid is an exhaustive list of more than 150 unique, meaningful and cute names for your little bundle of joy. Having a baby is not an easy job, and the task of naming your baby is not an easy one. The names here are some of the most popular names with the best meanings ideal for your child. Take time, relax and select the one that suits the best for your darling baby.

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