9 Great Health Benefits of Sapodilla (Chikoo/Sapota) Fruit

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Most of us would want to know what Sapota is, in simple lingo, Sapota is well known as chikoo. It is a fruit from the tropical evergreen tree, Sapota. The fruit is brownish and has a sweet pulp inside, with plenty of health benefits for us to enjoy. The other names for Sapota are

  • Nose berry.
  • Sapodilla plum.
  • Chikoo sapote.

Sapota fruit health benefits

Uses of Sapota Fruit (Chikoo):

1.  Apart from being a delicious fruit, the humble Sapota is known for the large amount of health benefits it can give the human body. This is because the fruit has plenty of nutrients in it which makes digestion easy, it also helps with refreshing the body and providing the body with a lot of energy in it, thanks to the high amounts of glucose found in the fruit. Since it is rich in tannins and minerals too, most consume it as a shake. For better eye sight as well, the Sapota in any form is good, since it has plenty of vitamin A in it.

2. Those who suffer from aches, pains and inflammation issues should have Sapota. This is because the fruit has plenty of tannins in it which makes it an anti-inflammation agent, say experts. Sapota in other ways also helps work with the digestive system, and it also keeps the body safe from issues such as irritable bowels, enteritis, oesophagitis and gas too.

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3. The rich antioxidants found in Sapota can help the body stay safe and clear from cancers of various kinds. This is because of the vitamins A and B in them which helps maintaining the health of the mucus lining, say experts. Even the skins texture would be taken care of when the paste is applied as a body or face mask, and kept for twenty minutes. The nutrients and dietary fibre helps the digestive system too, and protects the body from cancers, the carcinogens in the fruit helps the colon stay safe and clean too. Lung, cavity and oral cancers too can be prevented when the fruit is consumed.

4. To have healthy bones, the body needs enough of iron, phosphorus and calcium, which Sapota has in abundance. Since the fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins, it helps the body have high bone density and gives the bones a lot of strength as well.

5. The fruit is rich in dietary fibre as mentioned, which would help the digestive tract steer clear of constipation issues. In many countries across the globe, people consume Sapota as a laxative. The fibre in the fruit is known to break down the proteins and helps the food dissolve easily too. When food is dissolved well, the body then doesn’t suffer from issues such as constipation. Even the membrane of the colon would be cared for, and it is made stronger to help fight infections too.

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6. Pregnant women would find a lot of help having Sapota, because of the high amounts of nutrients and carbohydrates in it. Lactating mothers especially face weakness, which is why Sapota is given to them. Other pregnancy symptoms can be taken care of when Sapota is eaten too, say experts

7. Blood loss can be an issue and one needs to stop it. Thanks to the fruit Sapota, this can be done, especially when internal injuries and piles happen to the body, both of which make the body lose a lot of blood. If there are stings and bites that cause blood loss, the seeds of the fruit can be crushed and applied on the affected areas, say experts

Health benefits of Sapodilla fruit

8. Anti bacterial and anti viral properties are found in the Sapota, because of the polyphenols found in the fruit. These compounds stop the bacteria from entering the body and the vitamin C in the fruit helps destroy free radicals which if left unchecked can create havoc.

9. For those who suffer from diarrhoea and loose motions, having Sapota would be of great help say experts, since the fruit has purgative properties in it. Apart from that, Sapota can help with mental health too, and since it is a sedative, it has the potential to calm the nerves as well. Stress and anxiety pangs can be beaten off, and that is why most consume the fruit to beat depression, insomnia and anxiety as well.

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Health Benefits of Sapota Fruit Seeds and Juice:

Here we explain briefly how chikoo (sapota fruit) helps to treating skin, hair and health problems.

  • It is a well known fact that coughs and colds can be treated when Sapota is consumed. Phlegm is removed and the mucus too, the nasal tract is cleared and respiration is helped.
  • Sapota can help with removals of kidney stones too, when the seeds are crushed as used. This is because the seeds are diuretic and can help with bladder expelling and removal of stones as well
  • Consume Sapota and watch how you lose weight. The fruit is best for those who have bloating and obesity issues too, because it regulated the gastric enzymes and metabolism in the body too
  • Detox your body and do it by consuming Sapota. The fruit is diuretic and can help eliminate waste from the human system through frequent urination, say sources. Water retention would be prevented and no dehydration would happen

There are many blogs and websites which would tell you how to buy and consume Sapota. You could use those ideas and recipes or maybe share with us a few of your own recipes too.

These were the best nine reasons why we love Sapota. If you would like to share some of your tips and ideas with us, please feel free to write in or comment below. We love hearing from you as we love sharing with you.


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