Sarees can be very stylish, particularly if you are ready to experiment with your choice. What would be even better is if the blouse goes above and beyond to complement the look of the saree. If you prefer to look glamorous in a different ethnic way, these few blouses will get you closer to your dream look. The back neck of these blouses are not only different from the usual, but also gorgeous in every sense. Have a look.

Traditional Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs Catalogue in India:

Here we shall provide 9 best blouse back neck designs for Indian sarees.

1. Laced Back Neck Blouse for Saree:

Among blouse designs back neck for Indian sarees, this blouse looks good enough for lehengas and sarees alike. It is unique, and look at how the two shoulders rest the blouse in place and the lace continues on the back.

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2. Mid Slit Blouse Design Back Neck:

The whole mid open blouse has set the fashion market on fire this year, probably because of how simple yet chic the style is. It can bring out the oomph in every lady who decides to sport the look. The design has two joins on both sides as you can see. It is a sleeveless blouse and goes best with designer sarees.

3. High Neck Slit Design for Blouse:

This neck designs for saree blouse is so simple if you look at it, but it is equally stylish and new on the zone. Everything will look good with it because of the design and cut.

4. Yellow Stylish Blouse Back Neck:

With the patterns on the back, this simple blouse is ready for everyday wear just as much as family occasions. The short sleeves blend in and complete the whole design with a golden border in place.

5. Saree Blouse Net Back Neck Design:

The whole frilly looking sleeves make the design attractive to the eye. The sleeves are kept short. The gaps between each thread are more than usual blouses made out of the net. The blouse itself is has a choli style cut and a knot at the back and keeps the design in place and completes the entire look.

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6. Multicoloured Blouse:

If going retro with your back neck pattern for saree blouses is your thing, this blouse gives your style a purpose. The short sleeves go well with the multicoloured vibe. The colour combination makes this blouse look ideal with any saree at all.

7. Stringed Saree Blouse back Design:

The lower half of the blouse is solid black in colour and the beauty of the blouse lies in the orange beadwork transparent clothing. There is a lace that is used to fasten the blouse in place.

8. Fully High Back Neck Saree Blouse Design:

This plain brown blouse is a gorgeous one to pick. The blouse indeed has long sleeves and that only adds to the beauty of the blouse. It matches the colour of the saree well.

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9. Backless Design Back Neck Saree Blouse:

When you are not looking for a traditional back neck saree blouse design, this blouse can be coupled with any saree at all to bring out your point. It is very urbane and on par with the latest trends. The lace also keeps the blouse looking great, but make sure the blouse isn’t too tight in fit.

With these Saree blouses, you can redefine your style statement without even trying. It can be safely said that you have landed up with some of the best choices out and about in the market right now!

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