Sarees have been here since the earliest of civilisation when there would be a world where women folk had to wear saree as their everyday ordeal. The westerners living in our country chose their cultural style, the flowing gowns and the beautiful sun hats and India, famous for their rich silk fabric and authentic weaving techniques, left us with some of the greatest arts elaborated on the fabrics that we chose to wear.

Saris are one-piece garment items like a piece of sheet that we wrap strategically around our body to form one piece. Recently, two-piece garments have been added, but the colour and the paintings are skillfully drawn on the fabric remain the same.

Stunning Saree Painting Designs Gallery:

Let us look at 9 wonderful Saree Painting designs for women in India.

1. The Color Splashes:

The new-gen no more believes in the everyday solid shades or hues, but now the newer shades include some of the best colours splashed carelessly across the fabric in a new style. The new style here implements colour shades of mint green and saffron with baby pink and a little deeper shades of green. The saree here is filled with the best of the colours splashed around.

2. Lord Shiva Saree Painting:

The saree is quite a humble one, with the softest orange hue paired with a midnight black borderline. However, towards the end of the saree, in fact, towards the end of the pallu, there is an extensive painted design of the mighty Lord Shiva that adorns the pallu end. The drawing painted gels in well with the hue of the saree giving it a natural look.

3. The Intricate Tribal Paint:

Tribal has always been a loud inspiration for traditional garments, and here the colours have filled up space in the most beautiful way ever. The additional use of intricate tribal face work enhanced the look of the saree. The saree incorporates loud satin colours of the rainbow where the most colours are seen are the lively greens, reds, blues and yellows.

4. The Flower Saree Painting:

Usually, when you want to deal with sobriety, there is always a go-to design that you can fall back to in a classy way. White defines purity; white is one of the best feminine colours that go well with almost everything and, therefore, when in a fix, always resort to white. Now add some colour to your otherwise monotonous white with these lovely flower patterns.

5. The Pink Maters:

Pink brings out the feminist in you but is a humble pink strong enough to define your personality? The answer to this is no, and therefore your feminism needs to be spoken out in the best ways possible. The first requirement is a palate full of the different shades of your favourite colour. This saree in Aztec prints will float your boat if you love pink.

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6. Rushing Flames Saree Painting Design:

All these times, the flames have only adorned your forearms or your bike, and it’s time your girlfriend gets a flavour of these flames. This is a new cutting edge trendsetting look where the best of the patterns cannot simply compete with this beautiful hand-painted flame sari. This is one of a kind indeed.

7. The Chiffon Chic:

The chiffon chic got its name from the beautiful chiffon pallu of the saree made of the most beautiful miniature flower cut patterns. The saree is in a creamy white shade with beautiful baby pink stripes forming the borderline. The main detailing and beauty lie in the beauty of the water print flower marks in black.

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8. The Spiral Views:

Spirals are also a new pattern that has seen a recent uprising where an illusion is created within the fabric, which can use to make yourself appear thinner or lesser healthy. This is practically a boon fabric to hide those baby fats.

9. The Embellished Look:

Every saree has that one elegant factor that makes it stand out in a crowd. Drape on this embellished stonework in nude beige and blue during a gala wedding and make heads turn.

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