Sarong dress consists of a long piece of garment that is usually wrapped around the body. It is tucked at the waist for men and under the armpit for women. They were worn as a traditional dress in ancient South-East Asian countries by both men and women. But now, the modern-day Sarongs are being used by women as a beach essential. Men use this attire in various names, such as Lungi in India, Kebaya in Malaysia, and Sarong in urban Arabian areas.

Latest and Cute Sarong Style Dresses for Ladies in Trend:

Here are some Top 25 Sarong images worn by modern-day women.

1. Hand Dyed Women’s Sarong Dress:

Here is a perfect example of a perfect match between beachwear and a Sarong dress. This is a blue-black shade Sarong with its plain body and wide printed borders. The border has been given a beautiful sea blue shade. It can be used by all women as a perfect Sarong wrap dress over beachwear, regardless of their variant sizes.

2. Adult Hawaiian Women’s Sarong Dress:

Women can wear Hawaiian sarong dress in many different ways, their traditional dressing style. One among those different ways is shown in the above picture. A large fabric the size of our open arms is kept open behind us to start with. Then it is held on the front side and made crisscross foldings. It is brought behind the neck and made some two or three perfect knots as a final step. Here is your stunning Hawaiian sarong dress.

3. Women’s Beach Sarong Wrap:

A beautiful shade of women’s Sarong is printed in a unique floral design. Here, this particular fabric is used to design a skirt over a neckless top. It is a lightweight material but has unique pink floral prints designed over it, making it look gorgeous even if we are not adding up any extra accessories.

4. New Fashion Summer Women’s Sarong:

Put your gaze on this marvellous collection of sarong dresses for women. The fabric used here is pure white chiffon, and it has beautiful, unique and trendy floral prints in huge sizes all over the material. This sarong material is also already stitched, and it is ready for giving its perfection.

5. Elegantly Designed Women Sarong Dress:

Here you can see the beautiful and glorious striped pattern sarong material used as an ideal flawless women’s sarong wrap. There are no stitches anywhere here, but a large piece of chiffon fabric is used for this particular pattern of sarong wraps. It gives the utmost comfort, and you can feel its simplicity both by wearing it and by its peer.

6. Beautiful Blue Sarong Dress:

Make your creativity by using such a large and genuine fabric piece of cloth to make your design of women’s sarongs. One such example is shown in the picture above. Here is a simple but elegant text designed piece of fabric used to put simple Crisscross knots in front of your chest to cover the upper part of the body. This is the perfect outer cover-up for your bikini dress.

7. New Sling Type Women’s Sarong:

Now put your contribution over this beautiful dazzling sling-type female sarong dress. It is gloriously stitched to put the cuts and curves in place and has some frills to highlight the gaze of the dress. To match the theme of the beach, leaves of coconut trees are printed all over the fabric, but the entire fabric is in Maroon and white shades. It can match women of all ages.

8. Wrap Around Sarong Dress:

When it comes to having a sarong dress, this idea is the simplest. Just wrap a cloth around your body, and there you are, all set for the beach! These are very quick DIY sarong dresses that can be made anytime.

9. Instant Sarong Skirts:

Want to wear a sarong skirt, and you think you do not have time to go shopping? Then you can make that sarong skirt instantly! Just wrap some cloth and tie it nicely to stay on the waist. There can be many ways to make a sarong skirt; this is just one.

10. Indonesian Sarong:

Have you wondered about the traditional sarongs? This sarong is a typical Indonesian sarong. It is mostly worn in this fashion only. It is a good choice for people who do not wish to expose their bodies.

11. Halter Neck Sarong:

How can one miss the halter necks when it comes to sarongs? This sarong is made in a halter neck pattern. There are other patterns as well, and this one adds variety to the collection of sarongs. It looks best on young women.

12. One-Sided Sarong Dress:

Some of the sarongs are ready-made and may have different patterns. This sarong, for example, has one side styled and the other one is just kept normal. This makes it an elegant and beautiful sarong dress.

13. Semi-Traditional Sarong Dress:

Now there is a semi-traditional sarong dress made up of a long scarf cloth. This is twisted and folded, and a sarong dress is made. It looks very young and bold. It is best suited to young girls. It is also very comfortable and traditional.

14. Tropical Sarong:

Sarongs are worn on beaches, so they must be tropical. Tropical sarong dresses look very bright and colourful. These are best suited for beach parties and events like this. Young girls look pretty wearing these, and they prefer to wear something vibrant like this.

15. Traditional One-Sided Sarong:

Some of the sarong dresses are traditional, and there are certain ways they are made. This sarong, for example, is made keeping the traditions in mind. It is a typical sarong dress and looks good on women. It can also be a perfect choice to wear at the beach.

16. White Sarong Dress:

When it comes to a sarong, everyone might have vibrantly printed sarongs in their mind. Well, in this case, the story is not true. This is simple plain sarong in white colour. This sarong dress is made with rich fabrics to make it look better.

17. Designer Sarong Dress:

There are some dresses which look fabulous when properly designed. This is one of them, a designer sarong dress. This dress is fashionable and made with a proper design reflecting it. These can be worn at parties and events as well.

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18. Wedding Sarong Dress:

If you think that sarong dresses are only for beaches and parties, you will discover this type of sarong dress. This is a wedding sarong dress that looks amazing and is preferred by many women. It is a gorgeous dress which looks elegant in chiffon.

19. Shoulder Wrap Sarong:

This one is the print and silky jersey fabric sarong, a really old style pattern in the sarong dress collection. You will get in the print colour of the black, yellow and grey pattern in swirling shapes. You will get a sash attached, draped over the other shoulder. You can gift your relative this type of lightweight sarong which will surely catch attention.

20. Kawaii Pattern Sarong:

If you are looking for a retro pattern sarong, this one will always be a great choice; it has a cool fit for the neckline’s body and comfort. Get this tulip-type sarong with the printed leaf palm overall in the green coloured shade. A strap of the shoulder for this sarong is extendable too. Women can try this with different styles like halter or crossover.

21. Pencil Sarong:

This is made of luxurious stretch fabric, and this soft-touch type of dress is comfortable for your tummy. This is the cool 3/4th type sleeve, and you will get zip on back in the centre. If you are planning to buy this type of sarong, you surely need to measure your waist size to not worry about your tummy area again.

22. Summer Wear Sarongs:

Those women making their wardrobe clothes collections for summer need to understand that the sarong will be a fixed selective type of cloth. Women can use this type of sarong anytime in summer for their beach visit with their loved ones, or they can try on the beach wedding celebration. This is the best option for any cocktail party, and feels free to use your own choice.

23. White Hibiscus Sarong Dress:

This one has specially designed for a sarong look; you will get a back zipper for your comfort. College girls mostly prefer this; you will get this cotton material sarong in vibrant colours for your casual days or any casual parties.

24. Short Cream Sarong:

Find this beautiful cream coloured sarong for your party time; if you need a casual floral print sarong, then this one will be yours. The flower print beautiful match this sarong colour; the designer gives a cool look to this outfit. This is rayon lanai type of dress to get sure comfort too.

25. Hand Printed Sarong:

Few women like to try the hand-printed colour of clothes, so this is the best sarong available in the market for those looking for different unique styles. This is made with a total rayon material with a hibiscus colour, and this one is soft, so you can easily wrap or cover it around your body.

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As seen in the above discussion, women’s Sarongs are available in bright dwelling shades and different styles of prints that may even consist of plants and animals. Moreover, many opt for prints and colours that match the atmosphere of a beach. And hence the fabric and designs are too cool and trendy to select.

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