The name satin has been derived from a port city in China, known as Quanzhou, whose alternate name is Zayton by the Middle East. From China, it was exported to various parts of the world. The main satin fabric is woven out of silk threads. Satin immediately became a large import product in the 12th and 13th century, for the country of Italy. The luxurious effect of satin made the Romans use the fabric in their royal garments. But, after the invention of the power-loom and also the Industrial Revolution, the fabric became more accessible to more people, and the cost of production lowered. Latest satin sarees is one of such examples, and it has become one of the most important types of saree in the Indian market.

Satin Sarees Importance:

There is much such importance of using satin apart from yellow satin saree, such as in saree blouses, scarves, shirts, and even ties as well. The lingerie industry also uses the satin fabric heavily as well, for gowns and other clothing. Curtains and drapes also use satin as a material as well. There are also many purses, shoes, and clutches made from satin too. These type of accessories help in making look white satin saree more sophisticated and unique in their own way.

Satin Sarees Features:

  • The first thing that should be noted that satin is a weave and not a specific raw material.
  • It can be made from various fabrics like cotton, wool, silk, polyester, etc.
  • This gives satin it’s smooth feeling, which is one of its greatest characteristics.
  • Silk is the best fabric to use satin on, with polyester coming a close second. Green satin sari is also much glossier than silk as well.
  • The other side of the glossy surface of satin, you will find the dull surface.

Which Age Group Women is Preferred Mostly:

There is no such cut-out of the especially preferred age group for women to wear satin material saree. But, it should be kept in mind that with age, everything has a justification. If you want to look good, then it is not advisable for an 80-year-old woman to wear satin saris, because the style will not suit her. Therefore, these types of satin fabric saree are best when worn by women of low or middle ages, so that they can complement their style.

Which Body Shape Women is Preferred:

This type of satin saree photos can look great on any woman of any body shape, without a doubt. There is no such indication of any specific type of body shape that is recommended for the women wearing red satin sari. If you like wearing these kinds of black satin saree, then you should definitely get one for yours as well. You should not worry at all about your body shape and by the type of golden satin sari, you like by reading till the end of this article if you are asking how to wear satin saree.

Beautiful and Stylish Satin Fabric Sarees with Images:

If you love wearing sarees – then you should try these new satin saris for any occations.

1. Satin Silk Saree:

In this type of red satin saree, the main ingredient that is used is satin, that is made from silk, with the inclusion of an extra amount of silk in the blend as well, making the whole texture feel more soft and smooth.

Design: The color of the red satin sari can be either solid or a gradient of different colors, with extra designer patterns or prints on the body or the border of the saree.

Fabric: The satin silk sarees has the most amount of silk in its weave, with silk in its raw form as well as satin from the raw silk threads.

Occasion: This saree is Great for casual outings.

2. Bollywood Plain Satin Saree:

These plain satin sharis are the type of satin saree where only the satin fabric is used, and nothing else, to create the weave. In these kinds of sarees, mostly solid colors are used, and therefore limit the various other kinds of weave that is needed.

Design: The design is a lot simpler when it comes to the plain red satin sari, as there are minimal to no amounts of designer prints on either the body or border of the saree.

Fabric: In this case, only the red satin saree fabric is used, and nothing else.

Occasion: Fantastic to be used for formal occasions.

3. Satin Crepe Saree:

For satin crepe sarees, the materials that are used will be crepe and satin. With the use of crepe, most of the silver satin saree borders and designs will be done, while the main weave of the satin thread.

Design: The saree consists of normal and simple designs like squares and stripes on the body, along with the same on the borders as well. Colour gradients are used here.

Fabric: In satin crepe sarees, the two fabrics are used – satin and crepe.

Occasion: You can easily use this satin crepe saris for everyday use, or any kind of casual outing too as well.

4. Satin Chiffon Saree:

The satin chiffon saris have the inclusion of chiffon in a way to make the weave much more airy and breathable. Chiffon also makes the weave resistant to water absorption, which makes easy to dry after washing.

Design: For satin chiffon sarees, the main color mostly remains solid, with a little bit of designer work on the slim saree border.

Fabric: The fabric that is used in the satin chiffon sarees is a blend of satin and chiffon.

Occasion: These kinds of sarees can be used for any type of occasion, be it formal, semi-formal or casual, it will still look great.

5. Printed Satin Saree:

The main selling point of printed satin saree is it’s designer and art prints all through its body and also borders as well. The prints are done via dyes or by actual handy works on the plain satin silk sarees.

Design: The design of these printed shibori satin sarees is the best in class because each saree is unique in their own ways.

Fabric: The fabric is fully used of satin and therefore no other complimentary fabric is used.

Occasion: You can use these printed satin sarees strictly for normal everyday usage, or can even use it for any kind of parties or casual kind of functions.

6. Satin Georgette Saree:

When it comes to satin georgette sarees, the main attraction is the elegant look than the traditional satin bandhani saree. It can come in single solid color, or color gradients, with a medium sized border.

Design: There are no artistic or designer prints on these kinds of sarees, except the saree borders. The body of the saree is wholly dependant on the smooth color gradient.

Fabric: In the case of Satin georgette sarees, the main fabric is used satin with the addition of the georgette blend.

Occasion: One can try easily the this sarees for formal occasions without a doubt.

7. Satin Party Wear Saree:

The satin party wear sarees have very simple designs, with not many prints but more focus on the color combination of the saree body along with the saree borders. Mostly solid colors are used, with less emphasis on gradients.

Design: There are no such artistic or designer prints on the satin net saree body but on the saree borders. The rest of the saree body remains flawless with a solid color choice. This is best satin sarees with border designs.

Fabric: These satin party wear sarees have only satin as their main fabric component.

Occasion: One can easily wear this attire for casual functions or even home parties as well.

8. Beige Satin Saree:

Beige satin saree is nothing but satin banarasi saree with a tint of the beige color. There can be a solid color or a similar beige gradient that will be used as well. It will depend on the type of manufacturer you choose.

Design: The borders of the saree can be emboldened with artworks, while the body of the saree remains clean always.

Fabric: The Beige satin saree is always made up of satin and no other fabric is used.

Occasion: Beige satin saree is great to be used on semi-formal occasions. One can also use this saree for everyday outings or casual wear.

9. Satin Work Saree:

The satin work sarees have the most amounts of handy work done on any other type of satin sarees. The handy work is done on the wide borders of the sarees and not on the saree body.

Design: The design of this kind of saree is concentrated on its borders, with beautiful handwork, with the saree body having solid colors.

Fabric: Again, the fabric in the satin work sarees is mostly satin.

Occasion: You can definitely use this saree for formal wear mostly because of its sophistication, and can also use this style for parties, casual occasions and ceremonies too.

10. Satin Floral Saree:

Satin floral saree has a lot of floral prints on the body of the saree, the floral prints can either be designer made or can be artistic as well.

Design: The design of this kind of satin floral saree is very simple, as apart from the floral designs on the body and borders, there is nothing more special.

Fabric: Apart from using satin, nothing other fabric is so far used.

Occasion: One can easily use this kind of saree for semi-formal occasions, or any kind of casual outing.

Which Blouse is Suitable For Satin Sarees:

In order to make your blue satin saree style coordinate with the rest of your body, you should definitely look out for a blouse that is made from satin as well. This will make your whole attire look gorgeous because there will be a similarity and homogeneity in the kind of materials that will be used as well. Apart from that, you can also use blouses made from polyester or silk as well, if you want as well, without a doubt.

How To Style Satin Sarees:

Pink satin sarees are very easy to style since the saree themselves only carry all the sophistication and elegance; therefore you will need very simple items to accentuate your already present stylish attire. You can use shoes or purses that are made of satin to accessorize your style. Apart from that, you can also use clutch bags as well, headgear or scarves that are made of satin, in order to complement your satin apparels, so that it will look fantastic too.

Thus, it can be easily seen that even though satin is just a singular type of fabric, there is various type of satin sarees you can find in the market nowadays. Every saree has its own uniqueness and its own kind of looks and elegance as well. You can use different kinds of saree on different occasions if you want as well. And that is what this article will help you to know. So, do let us know how much you like our article and all the saree types. If you have feedback or suggestions you can do let us know.

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