Scandinavian baby names! If you are wondering what these names are, they are the ones that are from countries located in the Scandinavian regions. They include Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. The Scandinavian culture is famous for comfortable, elegant, and sophisticated lifestyles, and the name choices echo the same. They are particularly modern, elegant, and charming.

If you are looking for something of a similar sort that comes with a fascinating feel, these Scandinavian names with meanings are perfect for letting you find the right one. So let us check them out together.

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70 Best Scandinavian Names for Babies with Meanings:

The Scandinavian names are perfectly cool and trendy for kids. They are fun, unique, and intense too. We have a large range of options for baby girls and boys in traditional and modern, beautiful Scandinavian names. Here we go with our top favorite and latest list of name ideas and choices for babies today!

Scandinavian Baby Boy Names:

Let us first begin with the new and unique Scandinavian names for baby boys. This list of name ideas is indeed perfect and ideal for newborns. All these names have their origins and roots in the Scandinavian regions.

1. Andor:

This is quite a pretty and unique name idea for baby boys. The name simply means eagle.

2. Arild:

Arild is someone who is the leader of the army. This is a new modern baby name in Scandinavian regions.

3. Aaren:

Aaren means high mountain. The name also alternatively means inspired. This is a meaningful and lovely name for baby boys.

4. Aymer:

Aymer means a generous person. The name also symbolizes someone who is humble and noble.

5. Boe:

Boe means a handsome man. Simple and charming, isn’t it? This is a new-gen Scandinavian male names idea.

6. Britt:

Britt is a man who is strong and brave. The name is a new and modern choice trending these days.

7. Carson:

This has been a popular Scottish name idea for baby boys for a very long time. Although it may appear traditional in sound, the name indeed is still vintage and trending for its timeless feel.

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8. Dag:

Dag means a person who enjoys the present. Alternatively, the name Dag also means daytime.

9. Edzard:

Edzard means a strong edge, technically. It is a meaningful and unique name idea.

10. Erik:

Erik or Erick is the ruler of the people. This is a globally famous name choice from Scandinavian origins.

11. Finn:

Finn means a fair person. It is a simple and short cute baby name idea for boys.

12. Gunner:

Gunner means fighter or warrior. The name also symbolizes a person who is brave and strong.

13. Hanson:

Hanson simply means son of Hans. The name is trending nowadays for its beautiful pronunciation and experience. How do you like it?

14. Hendrick:

Hendrick, or Hendrik, is a man who rules the home. The name also symbolizes strong and responsible.

15. Jensen:

Jensen means son of Jans. It is also pronounced as Janson.

16. Kristian:

Kristian is a variant of Christianity. It is a simple and traditional Scandinavian name choice.

17. Mimir:

Mimir means a wise man. This is a new day, modern and unique, rarely found in the Scandinavian name.

18. Odin:

Odin is yellow flowers. This is a lovely new name choice for baby boys too. It is a trending name these days.

19. Rorik:

Rorik is a healthy man. The name also symbolizes a red man with red color tone.

20. Syver:

Syver is a victorious person. Thus, the name also symbolizes someone who never faced defeat and always has emerged victorious.

Scandinavian Baby Girl Names:

Now that we have seen some boys names in Scandinavian let us go ahead and check out female name ideas too. These Scandinavian baby girl name ideas are perfect for those who prefer classic, meaningful and elegant choices. Let us check out popular Scandinavian female names.

21. Annika:

Annika is a woman filled with grace. The name is an attractive choice for those who want a feminine meaning name idea.

22. Astrid:

This is a beautiful and perfect name idea for those who prefer elegant and sophisticated names. Astrid means divinely beautiful woman.

23. Brigid:

Brigid is the Goddess of Fire. This is a new and yet traditional Scandinavian baby name idea for girls.

24. Carianne:

Carianne means celestial. The name also alternatively means pure woman.

25. Dagna:

Dagna means memorable and special. The name symbolizes love and affection too.

26. Edda:

Edda means a woman who has a clear vision.

27. Elna:

If you love the poetic feel, Elna name is perfect. Elna means creativity or someone who is creative.

28. Freya:

Freya in mythology means Goddess of Love. The name is a beautiful feminine choice for newborns. We love this one in new Scandinavian names.

29. Hanne:

Hanne means women filled with grace and charm. The name also symbolizes beauty and elegance.

30. Karalie:

Karalie means a genuine person. It is a traditional Scandinavian name choice.

31. Klara:

Klara means a person who has clarity. The name also symbolizes brightness.

32. Laila:

Laila is a very popular women name. Do you know it has Scandinavian origins? Laila means night.

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33. Lynnea:

Lynnea is the name of one of the beautiful flowers.

34. Oddny:

Oddny means a chosen one. The name also symbolizes God’s own child.

35. Pernilla:

Pernilla is a rock or stone. So the name actually means ancient rock. It is a unique Scandinavian names idea.

36. Quinnie:

The term Quinnie in Scandinavian actually means someone who lives like a royal.

37. Rheta:

Rheta in Scandinavian means advice. The name can also be spelled as Rhetta.

38. Sigrid:

Sigrid means wisdom and beauty. The name is a modern and unique name choice in Scandinavian name ideas.

39. Sofia:

Sofia, in Greek, means wisdom. Similarly, the name is also popular in Scandinavian. It means wise women.

40. Uzma:

Uzma means an ultimate person. The name also symbolizes the greatest person, superior or supreme.

Scandinavian Unisex Names:

We also have a certain set of gender-neutral or unisex baby names from Scandinavian roots. These are perfect new-age and modern, meaningful name ideas suitable to apply to both boys and girls. How about checking these out too?

41. Erth:

Erth is the Scandinavian version of the word Earth.

42. Marie:

Marie means an unknown. This is the popular unisex name for both boys and girls.

43. Inge:

Inge means ancestral or ancestor. The name also implies or symbolizes roots or lineage.

44. Laris:

Laris is an ideal name for both boys and girls. It means crowned with laurel.

45. Paley:

Paley is a person who has pale eyes. The name is a rare choice.

46. Robin:

Robin means a bright person. So the name also implies bright fame.

47. Rune:

Rune means secret. It is a perfectly cute and short Scandinavian baby name for boys and girls.

48. Storm:

The name meaning of Storm is already known, given its English variant too. The simple weather name, too, is pretty popular in Scandinavian.

49. Vieno:

Vieno means someone who is delicate and gentle.

50. Vivian:

Vivian means alive. The name hence also symbolizes life.

Popular Scandinavian Surnames:

Scandinavian surnames or last names are also pretty fascinating to find out. They are charming and have an authentic feel to them. Here are some of the popular Scandinavian surnames you might want to look into.

51. Akselsen:

The name means Son of Aksel. It is a popular Scandinavian surname.

52. Beck:

Beck means stream. It has origins in several regions besides Scandinavian, such as German, Norse, and English.

53. Carlsen:

The name Carlsen means son of Carl. It is a popular Danish, German, Dutch and Norwegian surname.

54. Erling:

Erling means nobleman or chief.

55. Gram:

Gram has roots not just around Scandinavian culture but also in German and English. It means raven or grain.

56. Lager:

Lager means Laurel. The surname has its roots in the Swedish people.

57. Mose:

Mose in Hebrew means drawn out of the water. This is a globally popular surname.

58. Norling:

Norling, as the name, suggests simply a person from the North.

59. Pallesen:

Pallesen means Son of Palle. Palle is the Danish diminutive of Paul.

60. Stenberg:

Stenberg in Scandinavian means stone or the mountain.

Nordic and Norse Baby Boy and Girl Names:

Now we go with the most lovely and popular, elegant Nordic or Norweigan baby boy and girl name ideas. They are absolutely fascinating and charming to hear too!

61. Diss:

Diss means strong and spirited person. This is a baby girl name idea.

62. Hilda:

Hilda means a fighter. This is a baby girl name idea in Nordic regions.

63. Helga:

Helga means sacred. This is already a pretty popular and feminine beautiful name idea for girls.

64. Sigrun:

Sigrun means friend or dearest one. The name particularly implies someone who is close. This is a perfectly beautiful baby girl Nordic name.

65. Turid:

Turid technically means Master of the Thunder. The name, however, symbolizes someone who can control and/or be powerful. Turid is also a baby girl name idea.

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66. Harald:

Harald is a baby boy name, which symbolizes someone who rules.

67. Leif:

Leif means descendant. This is a short and cute Nordic Babyboy name idea.

68. Jarl:

Jarl means a noble and generous man.

69. Askild:

Askild is a beautiful and very rarely found baby boy name, which means God’s helmet.

70. Torsten:

Torsten’s name means Thor and a Stone. This is a traditional Nordic name for baby boys.

We hope you enjoyed exploring and learning about the new and unique Scandinavian baby names for boys and girls. These popular and elegant names for babies are perfect if you are searching for a rare and meaningful choice. So let us know which name you love the most!


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