The black widow, Scarlett Johansson, is one of the most popular actresses worldwide. This American actress is a model and a singer as well. For the past few years, Scarlett Johansson has been working mightily to create her legacy in the film industry, and it seems that she will accomplish her goal soon enough.

Since she has to spend most of the year shooting for films and thus has to lead a pretty hectic life, it also demands Scarlett to go through a lot of makeup and beauty treatments. But off-screen, Scarlett is a very simple girl who takes her time to cherish the more minor things in life.

Recent Looks of Scarlett Johansson without Makeup:

Makeup is not an issue for Scarlett. Instead, she tries to avoid beauty products and go natural as much as possible.

1. No Makeup? No Problem:

This is a picture of Scarlett where she wears no makeup. Her naturally beautiful face doesn’t require any foundation or anti-ageing cream. She can look gorgeous without putting on any makeup. Scarlett Johansson also displays her beautiful blonde hair and her million-dollar smile in this picture.

2. In France:

This picture of Scarlett was taken when she arrived at an airport in France. People recognised her pretty quickly, even though she wanted to maintain a low profile by going without any makeup and putting on a casual outfit.

3. A Closeup:

This is another picture of Scarlett Johansson without makeup. Though the Marvel star has to be in shape and display herself in the best possible way almost throughout the day, she likes to take her time and enjoy the simple life behind the screens.

4. Scarlett Caught on Camera at Gym without any Makeup:

This picture of Scarlett Johansson was clicked while heading to the gym. She was rocking a sporty look with nerdy specs on and looking pretty alluring to impress the people around her and those sitting back home watching this image of her.

5. The Beach Look:

Scarlett Johansson was spotted on the beach sporting a bikini and makeup-free look. Here, she looked pretty amazing without using any beauty tools. This picture clarifies that this woman hardly requires any makeup to look and stay attractive.

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6. On The Set:

Scarlett Johansson looked tired in yet another makeup-free picture but still managed to show her confidence and peek out of her vanity van, asking for her wig. Scarlett rarely puts on any makeup and tries to avoid beauty products as much as possible.

7. Shopping in Paris:

Scarlett Johansson was spotted shopping in Paris, where she seemed comfortable displaying her funky fir and makeup-free face. The MTV Movie Award Winner hardly can look alluring by simply putting on a gray full sleeve top upon a lime dress with a pair of dark coloured jeans.

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8. The Photo-Ready Look:

Scarlett Johansson looks gorgeous in this picture as she ties her hair around tight at the back. Scarlett’s natural beauty gets exposed in this picture. She can look attractive by wearing a grey thermal t-shirt by showing off her no-makeup face.

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9. Hiding From The Camera:

Scarlett Johansson was spotted eating her lunch. She was trying to avoid the paparazzi, but the cameraman spotted her and clicked some of her makeup-free pictures from a favourable angle.


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