As the new school year advances, the urge and need for the new school bag also emerges for all age groups, boys and girls. Everyone selects the perfect backpacks for school according to their needs and comfort level. Indeed, school bags are the most pleasing thing carried to school as you keep or store your books along with your bits and bobs. The school bags selected by young ones also reflect their taste, likes and dislikes about certain things. The school bags are available in a wide variety, range, budgets and colours and you can choose the one according to your likes and beliefs.

Modern and Different Models of Bags for School:

Let’s see the top 30 stylish designs of school bags from famous brands in India.

1. Speckle School Bag with Unicorn Print:

This type of school bag looks stylish and different from others and is a great pick for young boys and girls. The bag has a great fitting across the back and has a big compartment in the front to store your lunch box or different things required to carry at school. The entire school bag is made in purple colour, and the blue and red speckle and cute Unicorn print make it look different and stylish.

2. Sporty Looking School Bags for Teens:

Many boys love school bag which gives them and their backpack a sport look. It also reflects their love of sports, and they love to carry the school bag, which has a sporty look. This type of school bag has several compartments with a zipper all around, helping to safeguard the things inside the bag and keep them safe from every corner.

3. Cool 3D School Bag for Boys:

Boys always love to own a bag that looks stylish and portrays their persona as strong as the superhero, Iron Man. This 3D blue colour bag has the shape of Iron Man in the front and has two pockets at the sides for you to store your belongings and a water bottle. The 3D effect makes the bag look stylish and fashionable.

4. Fluffy School Bags for Children:

The small ones get attracted to colours and love the school bags which are like their toys. So this fluffy school bag is perfect for them as it resembles their taste and can easily become attractive. The bag is made of soft material, and it has enough space so that the young ones can easily keep their Tiffin, books, as we bottles available are in a wide variety and shapes and parents can pick the one according to their kid’s affection towards shape and colour.

5. Flower Print School Bags for Girls:

These school bags are high in demand by young girls because of their soothing and attractive print. The flower print attracts the girls and looks very cute on them when carried. The bag has two cabinets, one in the front and the other wherein you can keep your books safely. The bags are available in various shades and designs, and you can pick one according to your taste and style.

6. Zig Zag Print School Bag for Teenagers:

This type of school backpack is available in amazing shades of pastel colour and is stylish to look at even when carried on teens’ shoulders. The bag has a wonderful zig zag print that makes it look attractive. It has a cabinet wherein it can store the phone, and the strap behind has a beautiful print, thus making it look wonderful, and stylish when carried by teens to their college.

7. Black and White School Bag:

This is great for young girls as this backpack looks attractive when carried. The combination of black and white can never go outdated, and the bow in the front gives the bag a classy look. The bag has side pouches and big compartments so that you can keep your books and lunch box.

8. Polyester 29 Litres School Bag:

The bag is an ideal bag for boys as it has enormous compartments for you to store. Its fabric uses polyester, and it sizes up to 29 litres. This bag is pretty spacious at every corner and has a zipper to protect the belongings inside. It is hardy and can even hold your laptop and files.

9. Mickey Mouse School Bags for Kids:

Kinder garden kids love to own a school bag that has a picture of their favourite cartoon. So this Mickey Mouse printed school bag is the perfect one for them. The bag is made of light fabric, which is easy to carry and has two storage cabinets. The bags are available in various prints and colours.

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10. Multiple Pocket Bags for Students:

The bag has fantastic value for a pretty look and the bag that’s made from canvas look material. It has a soothing and stylish look and has a padded back and straps to feel comfortable on small backs. It has enough pouches and cabinets for storing your articles and is perfect for college use.

11. Nike School Bag for Boys:

Nowadays, kids like to carry school bags branded as it makes them appear different from other friends. The Nike bag is a good choice for these kids as these bags appear very trendy and have enough space to carry the necessary items to the school.

12. Cool Car Printed School Bags for Boys:

This type of school bag is perfect for young boys as they are always fascinated by the car. The bag has side pouches wherein you can keep the water bottle intact and two front cabinets with a zip all around. It has soft padding at the back, making it easy to carry on your shoulders.

13. Emoji Embossed School Bag:

The little ones are sure to get some friendly laughs from their school friends with these amusing Emoji prints on the school bag. The attractive faces embossed on the bag can bring a smile to your friend’s face. The bag is pretty comfortable to carry and has two cabinets for storage. It looks smart when carried by young teenage boys or girls.

14. Canvas One-Shoulder School Bag:

Here comes the stylish school bag which can be carried on one shoulder and make you appear stylish and trendy. The bag is made of canvas, has a neat look, has thinner looks, and will not hurt any of your friends while you are on the move. The bag has enough space for carrying school items to school and makes you look elegant and fashionable in front of your friends.

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15. Barbie School Bag for Small Girls:

The school bag is ideal to be carried by small girls as they are deeply in love with their doll named ”Barbie”. The bag has the image of their favourite doll on the front, and it is made of very light fabric, thus easier to carry by small ones. It can be opened from the front and has side pouches, thus making it convenient to be carried.

16. Leopard School Bags:

The school bag is perfect for those kids or young ones who are in love with animals. The bag has a print of leopard all over, making it look amazing and different from others. The bags look stylish attract young kids and make them look cool when carried to school.

17. Side Shoulder School Bag for Boys:

This type of school bag is cool for school, and it’s very easy to carry. It has a front flap and can carry it on your side shoulders. It makes you look cool and is perfect for boys. It is available in various colours and designs, and you can pick one according to your use and comfort.

18. Heart Print School Bags for Young Girls:

This type of school bag is perfect for young girls, like the colour combination and the heart printed on it make it look attractive and pretty. The bag has side pouches a big cabinet for books, and a lunch bag. The different shades of colour make it look wonderful when carried on the shoulders of girls.

19. Cute Monkey Style School Bag for Toddler:

This type of school bag is perfect for kids aged two or three years old. It is made of very soft material so that it doesn’t hurt their back and has a cute teddy picture in the front to make the kids look happy. It has one cabinet to store their lunch box and diary with a side pouch for a water bottle. It is an ideal bag for toddlers to start with.

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20. Spider-Man School Bag for Boys:

As boys are great fans of Spider-Man, it’s a pleasure and pride for them to carry a Spider-Man school bag on it. The bag looks very cool when carried by young or teenage boys to school. It has comfortable padding at the back and side pockets for bottles. The compartment has a zip for the safety of the book and other articles.

21. Skybags Brand Kids School Bags:

Some kids adore carrying school bags branded and appear cool in front of their friends and schoolmates. Nowadays, you get many branded school bags made by renowned brands to make the kids appear trendy and stylish. These bags are comfortable with varying and having enough space to store things. The branded bags, when carried, enhance your look, and you appear different from others.

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22. Gear Axe School Bag:

These are the padded bags. They provide a definition and shape to your school bag. Athletic or sports-loving kids mostly prefer this. They like their things to be arranged and in shape. These bags come with shoulder padding and waist straps too. Some of them can contain a bottle holder too.

23. Large School Backpack:

These are the largest school bags. Normally, backpacks are large and spacious. But these are the biggest. They have a lot of space inside, maybe 3-4 large compartments. They have a shoulder strap which makes it easy to keep these large bags in shape. They also contain a side pocket wherein you can keep the school bottle inside.

24. Waterproof School Bag:

Generally, kids play in water and rain. But other than health, what more suffers is their bags. If they have ordinary bags, then all their notebooks are going to get wet and damaged. So, I highly suggest buying this bag, especially in the rainy season, so that your kid’s belongings are protected.

25. Cartoon School Bag:

This is a favourite among very young kids. Today everyone is fond of cartoons, especially kids. So, many school bags come in a number of designs of their favourite cartoons. Some have their name engraved, whereas some have their pictures.

26. Military School Bags:

This is another unusual but huge hit form of school bag. It has military shades like – brown and green on it. This gives a very patriotic and warrior feel to the bag.

27. Trolley School Bags:

The recent innovation also inspires this in air luggage. A trolley is attached above each bag your kid needs to pull that trolley rather than carrying the heavy bag on his shoulder.

28. Canvas School Bags:

This is another sort of chic school bag. They are made up of thin canvas material. They come in a huge variety of prints and colours.

29. School Bag With Lunch Kit:

This is a huge hit among the metro kids. Nowadays, bags are so heavy that there is no space to keep the lunch box. So, manufacturers have come up with a set of two bags. One mini and one in normal size. The mini bag is for lunch. Both come in the same print and design.

30. Compact School Bags:

This is another multi-utility bag. They are not as big as backpacks. But they have a number of compartments and bottle holders. They also have smaller chains to keep your small products.

If you are a student, a school bag is a must, and you should select them according to your use and comfort. Nowadays, it’s available in various designs and patterns, and you can handpick the ones that suit you and even make you look stylish and trendy. They are available in many fabrics also, so grab the one and flaunt your style.

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