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Top 15 School Bags for Teenagers

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Hello Dearies,

Here i am with another post which is bout school bags. Now, school bags are something about which each and every person has experience of. I am not talking about the poor souls who can’t go to school. But normally all of us have been to school. The wonderful part with school bags is that they are the first sort of responsibility product for you. You might remember that when you are leaving for school your parents might have told you that you should take care of your school bag and its belongings. So, you are sort of protected that nobody touches or harms your bag. Your belongings inside the bag must be protected. That is when you start taking care of things.

So, school bag is a very important part of your personality. Your school bag on the first day of your school not only carries your product but also your personality too. So, make sure that you are well aware about all the designs and types of school bags before you buy one for your kids.

Here are top 15 school bags which might make your selection of school bag easier –

1. Travel Backpack School Bag:

Travel Backpack School Bag

This is the most latest or what kids say “IN” product. This school bag is multipurpose. It is quite spacious so you can put a number of products in it. Also, it is made up of elastic material which makes it more durable and long-lasting. So, if your kid has to go to tuitions just after school and need to carry a lot of things this is the perfect bag for you.

2. Gear Axe School Bag:

Gear Axe School Bag


This is the padded bags. They provide a definition and shape to your school bag. This are mostly preferred by athletic or sports loving kids. They like their things to be arranged and in shape. These bags come with shoulder padding and waist strap too. Some of them can contain bottle holder too.

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3. Casual Backpack:

Casual Backpack

This school bags are for cool kids who like their things to be casual. This is big in size and durable just like normal backpacks. But they come in wide range of colours and designs. Some can also have message on the bags. They can also contain compartments but they come in amazing style and finish.

4. Large School Backpack:

Large School Backpack

This is the largest school bags. Normally, backpacks are large and spacious. But these are the biggest. They have a lot of space inside may be 3-4 large compartments. They have shoulder strap which makes easy to keep these large bags in shape. They also contain a side pocket wherein you can keep the school bottle inside.

5. Waterproof School Bag:

Waterproof School Bag

Generally, kids play in water and rains. But other than health what more suffers is their bags. If they have ordinary bags then all their notebooks are going to get wet and damaged. So, i highly suggest to buy this bag especially in rainy season so that your kids belongings get protected.

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6. Adjustable Stripe Backpack:

Adjustable Stripe Backpack


This is another sort of variations in the category of school backpacks. Keeping backpacks in place is a huge challenge for the adults. So, for school kids it is very difficult. So, adjustable stripes are used. This are actually a series of criss cross stripes which when tightened and released gives shape to the back and make it easy to handle.

7. Cartoon School Bag:

Cartoon School Bag


This is a favourite among the very young kids. Today everyone is fond of cartoons specially kids. So, many school bags come in a number of design of their favourite cartoons. Some have their name engraved whereas some have their pictures.

8. Military School Bags:

Military School Bags


This is another unusual but a huge hit form of school bag. It has military shades like – brown and green on it. this gives a very patriotic and warrior feel to the bag.

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9. Inside Polyester School Bags:

Inside Polyester School Bags


This is comparatively budget options of gear axe school bag, this bag have an inside lining of polyester which is quite durable. But adding to this there is padded fitting inside the bag to give a shape and solid feeling to the bag.

10. Chair Pad School Bag:

Chairpad School Bag

This is a stylish and innovative school bag. This when unhooked fits just in shape of the chair’s shoulders. So, your child can tie the bag there and enjoy the comfy feeling.

11. Wheeled School Bags:

Wheeled School Bags


This is inspired from our wheeled airbags. This are introduced to ensure that your child need not carry heavy school bags rather he can only move them comfortably by wheels.

12. Trolley School Bags:

Trolley School Bags


This is also inspired by the recent innovation in the air luggage. There is trolley attached above each bag wherein your kid needs to pull that trolley rather than carrying the heavy bag on his shoulder.

13. Canavs School Bags:

Canavs School Bags

This is another sort of chic school bags. They are made up of a thin canvas material. They come in huge variety of print and colours.

14. School Bag With Lunch Kit:

School Bag With Lunch Kit


This is a huge hit among the metro kids. Now, a days bags are so heavy that there is no space to keep lunch box. So, manufacturers have come up with a set of two bags. One mini and one in normal size. The mini bag is for the lunch. Both comes in same print and design.

15. Comapct School Bags:

Comapct School Bags


This is another multi-utility bags. They are not as big as backpacks. But they have a number of compartments and bottle holder. They also have smaller chains to keep your small products.

So, this was an all round update about school bags. you can easily find this in a number of online shopping sites. They offer a number of choices and in affordable price range too. So, go ahead and pick up your favorite. Let me know which own your kids own??? Also, if you buy any school bag as per my recommendation.