As tattoo’s popularity has risen, more people are now exploring innovative ways to express themselves. The scripture tattoos as some get inspiration from it; others drive the purpose of life. Any type of personalized writing you will get in script tattoo pattern. All in all, the scripture tattoos look elegant and lovely.

Best Inspirational Script Tattoo Designs:

Let’s find out the top 9 kinds of tattoo script ideas.

1. Bible Verses Tattoo:

If you are religious and have God in your heart, you can engrave the Bible verse on your body. This is by far the most common tattoo script. You can try this design on your chest or your back too.

2. Traditional Scripture Tattoos:

The traditional tattoo script involves a common phrase widely known by all, but it may denote a life purpose someone has. Usually, these tattoos are pretty common among youth.

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3. On Foot Script Tattoos:

These tattoos are perfect and can be placed on any body part. These Tattoo scripts are very quickly visible and look gorgeous depending on the briefness and font of the word. This one prefers by mostly girls; this is a simple but creative art.

4. Customized Script Tattoos:

The best of all the times, you can design one for yourself. You can explore the options, search your heart’s desire and just put in on your body. There are multiple tattoo script ideas available.

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5. 3d Style Script Tattoo:

The three-dimensional script lettering for tattoos is another tattoo idea gaining prominence. These are used for highlighting the words and brightening the meaning. This design gives you full strength to be available for your task and never give up feel you will get from your inner strength.

6. Colorful Way Script Tattoo:

You can also find a colourful script for tattoos. These colourful ones portray your flamboyant outlook towards life and are gaining popularity daily. You can take this design with your message if you have any statements.

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7. In The Memory Script Tattoo:

Another familiar tattoo script is made in the loving memory of someone special. These are made for someone you miss immensely and portray your strength of mind as you are still strong enough to keep them with you even after they are gone.

8. Couple Love Script Tattoos:

For the romantics, who want to do a bit of public display, tattoo script lettering will not fail you. You and your loves can have tattoos that are synonymous with your relationship. If you plan a wedding or any particular moment, get this tattoo to express your feelings. Catch the attention of your dear one.

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9. Dual Meaning Scripture Tattoos:

This is the most innovative of all. The script lettering tattoo comes with a dual meaning, not in the sense of the word but in the design itself, which has two hidden words. You check out the link and accordingly plan one for yourself.


Script tattoo designs are particularly famous as they communicate our emotions directly. Meaningful wordings show a person’s sensitive nature, and these tattoos are way too personal. You can do scriptwriting for tattoos or get ideas from any tattoo artist. Get some small script tattoos on your forearms, or if you planned for a big then chest or back nice option to design.

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