At 21 Selena Gomez seems to have everything going for her – a successful career in singing and acting, a fashion line, huge popularity status due to her high profile on-and-off relationship with teenage heartthrob Justin bieber and most recently her own signature perfume. The pretty face from Wizards of Waverly Place owes her good looks to her Mexican and Italian ancestry. Blessed with perfectly clear skin and thick long dark hair, this young celebrity does not go to extremes when it comes to beauty and makeup.

Daily Routine of Selena Gomez Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets:

Today we reveal for you some Selena Gomez Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets which keep her looking fresh-faced and beautiful as always.

1. Selena Gomez Skin Care:

Disney’s princess is one of the lucky few who have been born with beautiful skin and so says the singer/actress, she hardly does anything to her face. Her advice is if you have perfect skin, take care of it instead of ruining its look.

  • The only product which Selena swears by is Oil of Olay.
  • A face wash and SPF sun protection lotion from Oil of Olay are her two must-haves in her daily skincare regime.
  • She uses moisturizing lotion as a base before applying makeup which also gives her skin added protection.

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2. Selena Gomez Eye Makeup:

Selena Gomez likes to play it up with her eyes. Her favorite eye shadow- MAC Naked Lunch. Her favorite mascara- Maybelline, the only choice which has remained with her from her teenage years. The glam doll likes to step it up a notch at bigger events by using an eyebrow pencil to define her eyebrows and going with various eyeliner colours ranging from black to a bolder yellow. Given that Selena feels her eyes aren’t one of her best features, she sure knows how to make them pop with no one being the wiser.

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3. Luxuriant Hair:

Selena Gomez’s hair is easily one of the best in Hollywood. She maintains her thick, shiny and healthy hair by washing, deep conditioning, and staying true to its natural chocolate brown colour. She does however love using hairspray to keep her shoulder-length hair in place especially when she’s on the go. Ted Gibson’s hairspray works best for her which comes in a miniature version so it fits ideally into her purse. Selena like many other celebrities also uses high-quality extensions when she wants to wear her hair super long preferring extensions which clip on from underneath and which do not cause any damage to her real hair.

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4. Selena Gomez’s Diet and Fitness Routine:

Selena like all other youngsters of her age is fond of junk food. She is known for her love of Kit-Kat bars, Snickers, and pasta. While Selena still loves to eat and eats what she loves, the young superstar does limit her daily calorie intake to maintain her weight. Her diet has gone under a considerable change with age where she now eats better then what she used to balancing her love for junk food with whole and unprocessed foods and a whole lot of vegetable choices.

The Selena Gomez workout routine isn’t as strict and rigorous as well. She engages in mostly cardiovascular workouts which include running, jogging, cycling, and a ballet barre-inspired workout known as Pop Physique. The Pop Physique fitness workout is designed to tone the body with a mixture of stretching exercises like ballet, Pilates, and yoga. The hour-long classes are set to the tune of music where students like Ms. Gomez perform stretching exercises with the aid of the ballet barre. With age on her side, Selena does not have to resort to rigorous training and workouts to keep herself in shape although a healthier diet, regular physical activity, and invigorating lifestyle have worked together to give the star a killer body.


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