In English, a semicolon usually indicates joining two significant sentences or connecting two sentences without changing the meaning. But did you know there is a lot of importance associated with semicolon tattoo designs? Yes! A simple semicolon has come to signify optimism and hope over the years. Although they look minimalistic, a semicolon tattoo is preferred by people who have lost someone to suicide or been through a tough time.

We have brought you 15 beautiful semicolon tattoo designs and their meaning in this article. Pick one that you like the most.

15 Popular Semicolon Tattoo Designs:

We have presented you with some famous and authentic semicolon tattoo designs that can work well with your personality.

1. Small Semicolon Tattoo Ideas:

The message behind the semicolon tattoo is more than enough to represent its beauty, and it doesn’t necessarily need too much design. Instead, the wearer has gotten a tiny semicolon tattoo which can be a reminder of the strength it took to overcome the difficult phase in their life. This tattoo can look exceptional anywhere on your body, ankle, finger, shoulder, or neck. You can also use bright colours if you don’t want to go with black ink.

2. Smiling Semicolon Tattoo Images:

This unique semicolon tattoo idea also looks like a smiley symbol. It incorporates a winking face by adding a curve below the semicolon. This is an option for people who don’t want others to know about their journey or association with the meaning behind the semicolon tattoo. You can get this tattoo anywhere with black ink or other bold colours.

3. Simple Semicolon Tattoo Designs:

This semicolon tattoo design on the wrist is a subtle yet strong reminder to the wearer that they don’t have to lose hope in life and stay strong. The wearer has gotten it on the wrist, which might have great significance to the wearer. The tattoo looks beautiful in bold black, but you can always experiment with colours.

4. Heart Semicolon Tattoo Ideas:

If you are looking for a stunning and trending semicolon design, adding a heart can be a perfect option. The uniqueness of the design is the placement of a heart instead of a dot. In addition, the tattoo design uses bold lines with filling in black ink. This tattoo looks exceptional anywhere on the body, especially on the neck, wrist, leg, shoulder or even behind your ear.

5. Semicolon Arrow Tattoo:

This beautiful semicolon tattoo is incredibly striking though it might look simple. The tattoo indicates that the wearer’s story can take the turn they want, and their destiny is in their control. We can always strive for a better life by overcoming the past. Since the tattoo is long, it works best when engraved on the leg or the arm. You can always add a feather at the end of the arrow if you want to improvise the tattoo further.

6. Cool Semicolon Tattoo Ideas For Guys:

This is yet another semicolon tattoo done in bold lines, making anyone turn around. Although black ink is the standard choice, you can also use multiple colours to add charm to the simple tattoo design. The tattoo looks exceptional near the thumb; you can get it done on the neck, shoulder or wrist.

7. Infinity Semicolon Tattoo:

The infinity symbol is pretty standard and has a deeper meaning which is further enhanced by adding the semicolon inside the infinity symbol. The tattoo might also mean that the importance behind the semicolon is signified infinitely. The tattoo looks best in black ink. However, you can play with a few colours to add a splash to the tattoo.

8. Creative Semicolon Tattoos:

Sometimes we all look for creative ways to express our love for certain things in the form of a tattoo. This semicolon tattoo is a perfect example of the same. The semicolon tattoo has the comma done in bold ink. In contrast, the dot is simple without filling, creating a geometric finish. You can change the look of the pattern as per your preference.

9. Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo:

The semicolon butterfly tattoo has a deep meaning when you observe it closely. A butterfly symbolizes transformation, and adding a semicolon further increases the tattoo’s meaning. It also might mean that the wearer came out of a depressive and suicidal state exceptionally. You can also use colours to beautify the simple butterfly while keeping the semicolon in black ink. This tattoo looks exceptional on the wrist, back of the neck, shoulder or foot.

10. Semicolon Flower Tattoo Ideas:

Flowers are yet another popular tattoo design options you can find. And adding a cute little semicolon in the centre of the flower can further add to the meaning. For example, the flower might indicate rising above the bad times and reaching a positive place in one’s life. This tattoo looks best on the upper arm, shoulder, wrist and neck.

11. Cute Semicolon Heart Tattoo Design:

This design is a perfect choice if you are looking for a minimal tattoo incorporating a semicolon tattoo. The meaning behind the semicolon tattoo is supporting the cause of suicide awareness, which can be beautified by adding a cute little heart. Since the tattoo is pretty and tiny, you can get it on your fingers, the back of the ear or the wrist.

12. Unique Semicolon Tattoos:

Although suicide is taboo for many, awareness is essential to prevent further loss of life. A semicolon tattoo is a way to associate oneself with standing in solidarity with survivors of suicide and how hard they fight every day. The addition of heartbeat symbols on either side of the semicolon makes the tattoo even more personal and close to the heart. This tattoo looks exceptional on ribs, arms or wrists.

13. Semicolon Tattoo Template With Music Symbol:

Suppose you are a music fan and want a strong message associated with a tattoo. In that case, this semicolon design with a music symbol is a perfect choice. The end of the music symbol has a dark spot that looks like a dot, and adding a comma makes for an excellent semicolon tattoo. This tattoo combines sleek and bold lines that complement each other beautifully.

14. Meaningful Semicolon Tattoo Design:

This is yet another beautiful semicolon tattoo that represents the seriousness behind it exceptionally. There is a cute little heart with the word warrior written under it. The uniqueness of the design is that the word warrior has a semicolon instead of the letter ‘i.’ Adding an arrow also signifies how one’s life moves forward after a challenging phase.

15. Special Semicolon Tattoo:

This is yet another semicolon tattoo design with a cute little music symbol adding to the beauty of the design. Although the design looks simple, the uniqueness comes from using bold lines. You can use multiple colours for the tattoo to make it more personal and memorable, or opt for black ink. The best place to get the tattoo is the arm, wrist, ankle, leg or neck.


If you wish to express your inner style and taste stylishly, tattoos are an excellent way. Although permanent, tattoos can be a creative way that serves as a reminder of something special. In addition, semicolon tattoos can be a way to represent your compassion and solidarity with people with mental illnesses and the despair they suffer. Several celebrities support the movement by donning a semicolon tattoo. Go through the list of tattoos mentioned in this article and choose the one you like the most. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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