Setu Bandhasana or the bridge ages long back where it was practiced by priest and monks. The word comes from Sanskrit where ‘Setu’ means ‘Bridge’, ‘Bandha’ means ‘Lock’ and ‘Asana’ mean ‘Lock’.

This posture will make your body look like a bridge, hence the name ‘the bridge pose’. This yoga posture is good for relaxing the body and the muscles, especially in the legs. This posture will educate you about your own body and make your alert about the functions that your body can perform. If you’re not a beginner then perform this yoga exercise slowly or you might hurt yourself. To be honest, this posture it not tough to perform at all and can be mastered easily. With daily practice of this exercise, you can be an expert in performing this posture.

The pose is good for making your tailbone and lower back more elastic. This is the most effective to make your back flexible and making it ready for performing properly. The Sethu Bandhasana can be performed in the following manner.

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How To Do The Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Exercise):

For doing the Setu Bandhasana properly the first thing you will have to do

  • lie on your back and keep at arms restricted to the side.
  • Now, bend the knees and put the knees on the floor.
  • Also keep the feet hip parallel to each other and wide apart.
  • Press your upper arms and feet into the floor and try to lift our hips towards the ceiling slowly. Balancing your body will be the main key here.
  • Make sure that your body weight is equally balanced on both the hips.
  • Now move your chest bone towards the chin and don’t flatten the chin. Rather keep it lifted slightly. Do not flatten the back of the neck.
  • Now move your pubis slightly towards the belly and stretch the lower back and keep it extended.
  • Put your knees over the ankles and keep it like that for a long period of time.
  • Also, keep the knees perpendicular to the floor. One thing you should remember that your buttocks should be kept firm and not clasped.
  • If you’re having problems holding this posture then shift your shoulder blades below the spine and clasp your hands behind.

Finally, come out of this position by exhaling slowly. Roll your spine down firmly to the floor.

Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose) Benefits:

This yoga posture is very beneficial for the whole body. It stretches the spine, hips, neck, etc.

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  • This asana strengthens the buttocks, hamstrings, back, etc and promotes proper flow of blood in some areas.
  • If you’re dealing with depression then this is probably the best natural way to calm the mind and remove stress and all kinds of depression. It stimulates the nervous system as well.
  • This particular yoga posture is good for stimulating the lungs, abdominal organs, thyroid glands, etc.
  • Setubandhasan is good for fighting digestion problems and treats headaches and is also beneficial for removing back pains.
  • The yoga posture is good for revitalizing the legs and providing them with enough strength to sustain future stress.
  • Daily practice of Setu Bandhasana will help you building the diseases-fighting agents which are essential for living a healthy life.

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