The all-new shaggy bob hairstyles are all about blending in the perfect 70s vintage look with modern-day versions and appearances. The shaggy bob haircut is an easy yet bold one – it has textured asymmetrical layers and choppy trimmed ends in a hairstyle and gives a lot of texture and a voluminous look to one’s face.

If you love experimenting and love a timeless classic look, these shaggy bob haircuts are undoubtedly a good deal.

10 Best Shaggy Bob Haircuts for Fine and Thick Hair:

Below are the top 9 shaggy or messed-up hairstyles that you should try to change your different and eye-catching looks of the Crowd.

1. Modern Green Shaggy Haircut:

Shaggy haircuts can be your favourite if you love bold and distinct style statements. This green modern, and contemporary haircut is perfect for young women and girls who love to make a statement. The haircut is edgy, stylish and sleek; it can bring you experimental and hot vibes. You can pair it across seasons and for bold parties and other occasions. So what do you think of this shaggy bob haircut?

2. Choppy Shaggy Bob:

A choppy shaggy bob is another freaky haircut that enhances texture and volume. This haircut looks perfect on ladies who love to leave their hair loosened with messy touches. These are shorter-length hairstyles that can be done on straight, wavy or curly hairs. Adding a hair colour gives a blonde look. Get that celebrity look with this amazing short shaggy bob haircut.

  • Suitable for which face type: Suitable for heart-shaped face or square-shaped face
  • Suitable for which hair type: Thin straight/ wavy hair
  • Preferred occasions: Photoshoots, casual outings, or any simple gatherings
  • Preferred age group: Covers all age groups
  • Best season to cut: Between summer and winter
  • Suitable dress: Any casual wear

3. Shaggy Bob Haircut with Bangs:

Layered haircuts are one of the evergreen haircuts that never go outdated. The style and look that a layer cut gives to the hair are beyond words. Even for women with thin hair, a layered haircut gives a voluminous effect. A layered shaggy bob cut is one such layered haircut meant for ladies who love to have a bob hairstyle. This layered shaggy bob with bangs can give more width to the face and make it look more round in shape. Curly-haired ladies can give a small smoothening to add more texture and feel to the look.

  • Suitable for which hair type: Suitable for all hair types
  • Preferred occasions: Corporate meetings, events, product launch, casual occasions
  • Preferred age group: Young women
  • Best season to cut: Any season but best preferred in summers
  • Suitable dress: Any western wear

4. Blonde Shaggy Bob:

Without a doubt, this is one of the best hairstyles for people with long faces. It comes with unquestionable good looks and magnificent side layers. Women who want to have well-polished bob hairstyles can try out this new fashionable look. So what is the reason behind it being at the top of the list? It’s simplicity. Anyone can easily set their hair in this shaggy way. Its gentle feathery touch makes it even more attractive.

  • Suitable face type: Perfect for round faces as the bangs may add width to the sides of the face.
  • Suitable hair type: Best suited for wavy and straight hair.
  • Preferred Occasion: Suitable for all occasions
  • Preferred age group: Covers all age group
  • Best season to cut: Between summer and winter
  • Suitable dress: Any western outfits that give a bold look

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5. Cropped Edgy Short Shaggy Bob:

This bob hairstyle comes with precise lines which makes it look unique. Besides being stylish it helps you get that ideal feminine face. It’s a chin-length hairstyle with fringes in the tip to give a natural texture to the hair. Women who love very short hair length and want to look messy in appearance can go for this style of haircut.

  • Suitable for which face type: Small face with sharp chin and jaw.
  • Suitable for which hair type: Straight hair with short curls or just straight hair
  • Preferred occasion: Wedding, party, engagement, night shows, casual
  • Preferred age group: Women of all age groups preferably 25-40yrs
  • Best season to cut: Intense summer
  • Suitable dress: Long frocks, gowns, mini shorts and tops with jackets

6. Elongated Shaggy Bob Hairstyle:

The shaggy will allows you to enjoy upright elongations. It comes with delicate layers on the sides. Compared to the previous haircuts this is much more cropped. This style works fine for thick hair.

  • Suitable for which face type: Long face with an oval shape
  • Suitable for which hair type: Thick silky hair with no tangles
  • Preferred occasions: Party, wedding and other special occasions
  • Preferred age group: Women of age 25-40yrs
  • Best season to cut: The summer and winter
  • Suitable dress: Any western outfit goes well with this hairstyle

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7. Mod Bob Shaggy:

This haircut is a masterpiece. A Mob Bob is ideal for thick hair as it will assist you in controlling it. Being ideal for thick hair, this Medium bob hairstyle is one of the trendiest haircuts this season. If you really hate to have long hair as you find it difficult to manage, then this one’s the best choice to go for. Giving a few side bangs would add more texture to the front hair and cover your forehead if you have a big forehead.

  • Suitable for which face type: Heart-shaped face with a sharp chin
  • Suitable for which hair type: Wavy and straightened hair
  • Preferred occasions: Suitable for any occasion
  • Preferred age group: Teens
  • Best season to cut: Intense summer
  • Suitable dress: Any casual wear

8. Neat and Stacked Shaggy Bob:

Shaggy bob can be defined as the preservation of exceptional hair. The clean and well-arranged haircut has gentle waves which are loose. The end is shaggy to an extent that provides an aesthetic look. You can wear this look without any trouble.

  • Suitable for which face type: Perfect for a long oval-shaped face so that it covers the forehead and gives a round shape to the face.
  • Suitable for which hair type: Silk and smooth straightened hair. This cut also goes good with curly hair, provided you give a slight blow-dry or straighten.
  • Preferred Occasions: Night parties, casual get-togethers, shopping, school/college going
  • Preferred age group: School and college going girls
  • Best season to cut: Any season
  • Suitable dress: Boyish type dress like a shirt, kurta and full loose pants, tight jeans

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9. Summer Breeze:

The Summer Breeze is a great choice for women with round faces. This is a casual look that makes you feel as if you’re at a beach party. Even with thick quality hair, you can totally rock this summer haircut.

  • Suitable for which face type: Oval shape, long face shape, thin slim face
  • Suitable for which hair type: Thin hair that stays straight or wavy
  • Preferred Occasion: Suitable for any occasion, trips, outings, casual
  • Preferred age group: Teens and women
  • Best season to cut: Best suited to cut in summers
  • Suitable dress: Any sleeveless dress or summer wears

10. Long Shaggy Bob – Fringe Fanatic:

A little touch of fringe can bring a massive change in the way you look. A full fringe will extend the contrast of a shaggy bob haircut. This kind of hairstyle will be suitable for all faces and will bring out the best out of medium hair. It is necessary to smooth the hair with a soft iron after blowing it dry. Then finish it off with spray providing medium to the stronghold.

  • Suitable for which face type: Oval shaped face or heart-shaped face
  • Suitable for which hair type: Straight or wavy hair
  • Preferred occasions: Casual gatherings, outings and professional events
  • Preferred age group: Teens and women
  • Best season to cut: Suitable for all seasons
  • Suitable dress: Long frocks, tops/tees with jeans, shirt and jeans

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Style maintaining tips for shaggy bob hairstyles – The Dos and Don’ts:


  1. Get a sleeker look with a short shaggy bob with fringes by applying a smoothing oil or serum.
  2. Apply a dry shampoo if you want thick voluminous hair.
  3. Wash your hair at least three to four times a week as short hair gets greasier than long hair.
  4. Cut or trim the bottom ends of the hair to give a natural feather-cut feel.
  5. If you have straight hair and want to make it look slightly curly, try curling the bottom of the hair inward or outward with a curling iron. But if you have curly hair and want to make it look smooth and shining, you can straighten the hair with a good straightener.


  1. Don’t overuse hair heating products as it can damage the natural feel and look of the hair.
  2. And don’t go for the normal makeup that you used to do before having a shaggy bob hair cut as a shaggy bob haircut requires minimal makeup.
  3. Don’t go for a shaggy bob haircut if you really don’t like short hair.
  4. The face matters a lot when it comes to a shaggy bob haircut as an oval shape face turns to a round shape after the haircut. Don’t go for a textured shaggy bob cut on your own without consulting a stylist.

Get that amazing bold look with Shaggy bob hairstyles for fine hair. It’s one of the chic style haircuts that have been followed by many fashion stylists and celebrities for a while. The shaggy bob hairstyle is a very popular hairstyle of 2018. Still, many women love having a shoulder-length shaggy bob cut. Those who don’t like short bob cuts can try long shaggy bob hairstyles. Walk in with style with these sleek bob haircuts.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How Often Should Shaggy Bob with Bangs Be Cut?

Ans: If you have very short hair with bangs on the front, then you need to cut it every 6 weeks. A simple bob cut requires trimming every 8 weeks.

Q2. How to Cut a Shaggy Bob Haircut at Home?
  1. Wash your hair with a dry shampoo to give more volume to your hair.
  2. Use a hair conditioner to get smooth silky hair.
  3. Detangle your hair using a hairbrush and make sure it is damp.
  4. Start from the front by sectioning a small portion and securing it with a hair tie.
  5. Repeat the same all over your crown area too.
  6. Leave the lower area untied.
  7. Start from the bottom towards the side and remove one tied hair section.
  8. Cut the hair that goes beyond your chin using a hair comb or brush.
  9. Repeat the same with all the tied sections.
  10. Blow-dry your hair to give the hair cut more texture and volume.
Q3. How to Get Rid of Layers in a Shaggy Inverted Bob Cut?

Ans: Instead of trimming the layers, go for hair end trims. Wait for your hair to grow and when it does, ask your hairstylist to cut the ends and not the layers. Or else, cut the hair in the same length after it grows a bit longer.


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