9 Different Shaggy Layered Hairstyles for Long and Short Hair

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If the hairs are given blowing and made messed up, those can also be called shaggy looks. These are quite trendy to sport for girls who are college goers or who like to sport something funky. These can be given layering if the lengths are moderately long.

Shaggy hairstyles Main

These should be recreated at home with proper appliances and other products which parlours suggest their clients.

Layered Shag Haircut Styles:

Below are the top 9 Shaggy Layered Hairstyles that a person should definitely try out.

1. Shagged Permed Look:

shaggy layered hairstyles

This is a very ramp like look for those who has dry texture and who wants to sport something like this which can be good for parties and other occasions. These can be done from reputed parlours with styling products.

2. Layered Shagged Curls:

shaggy layered hairstyles2

If a person keeps long tresses, then that can be made into like shown in the image above. These are quite glamorous to sport. These can be easily done for colleges and also for parties.

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3. Trendy Side Rolled Look:

shaggy layered hairstyles3

If a person likes to sport longer lengths of sections then those can be shifted to a side and then rolled with a roller to make a thicker roll. That can be shifted to the side on which a person wants to keep it. These are quite trendy.

4. The Casual Shagged Look:

shaggy layered hairstyles4

This is another look that can be done easily when the hair sections are made airy and these are messed in a ramp type technique. These can be done for colleges and also for regular wear. The cut should be done properly with adequate type of layering as per the face of the person.

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5. Shagged Floral Look:

Shaggy layered hairstyles 5

This is another glamorous look that can be tried with some equipments and some help from professional parlour people. These can be done to sport for kitty parties and also for other occasions. Padding or false sections can be used for these to increase the thickness and the length.

6. The Boyish Layer Look Shag Haircut:

Shaggy layered hairstyles 6

This is a very airy look that can be done with some creams and other equipments. The layering should be cut from a salon which specializes in these. These can be easily sport for regular wear. If a person wants to make this casual then the strands can be made to look shiny with the serums that many professional brands of products offer these days.

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7. The Shaggy Bun Hair:

Shaggy layered hairstyles 7

This is a rolled up and section clipped type of hair do. This is done for sporting at proms or any other parties like a girl night party. These can be worn with any type of outfits. These should be done with the sections which should be made into airy and which have been blown with some heat. Professional help can be taken to create these looks.

8. The Metallic Party Shag Hairstyle:

Shaggy layered hairstyles 8

This is another airy and puffed look that can be tried out. These are also quite popular for funky out fits. These can be sport with other forms of metallic eye shadows and also can be done with other associated length or shaping.

9. The Prom Night Look:

Shaggy layered hairstyles 9

This is a very shaggy wavy look. These can be good for sporting for various types of parties like the proms and other occasions. These can also be done on moderate length and the sections can be given heat or professionally done with the help of other reputed and branded products. These can be worn for daily wear as for colleges and also for girl night party.