Shakira, a Colombian singer, songwriter and dancer, gained worldwide recognition with hit pop songs such as ‘Hips Don’t Lie’, ‘Whenever, Whenever’ and ‘Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)’. Her energetic and lively performances have mesmerized the audience and earned her a huge fan following worldwide. Apart from singing, her unique makeup and fashion sense are also highlighted among the public. But she looks gorgeous with makeup looks as well as without makeup. Have you ever seen Shakira without makeup? In this article, we are going to explore Shakira’s no-makeup pictures. Get ready to see the natural beauty of this ‘Queen of Latin Music’.

Shakira No Makeup Pictures:

Here are the top 9 makeup-free pictures of Shakira, which will justify the above statement.

1. Shakira No Makeup in Winter Clothes:

This is a picture of Shakira, where she sports a makeup-free look while she departs from her apartment on a fine winter morning. One of the best things about Shakira’s beauty is her confidence in going without any makeup. Judging from her natural beauty, this woman hardly needs any additional beauty products to make herself look alluring.

2. Makeup Less Shakira at FIFA World Cup:

In this picture of Shakira, she openly displays her face though she has worn no makeup. Undoubtedly, she is one of the most naturally beautiful dancers globally. She also maintains herself, which is evident from her face glow even when tired.

3. Shakira Without Makeup Face at Gym:

Shakira was spotted heading to the gym one summer morning. She likes to keep it simple when she’s offstage and comfortably gets involved with her surroundings. Her smile is her best curve and one of the prime reasons behind all the fuss about her beauty. Here, she wears casual workout clothes and comfortably displays her no-makeup face.

4. Animal Lover:

This picture of Shakira was clicked while she decided to spend her precious morning at the aquarium. Here, she is seen having fun with the dolphins. That lucky sea creature gets a taste of her natural beauty. This singer can make herself look attractive by wearing anything she wants, and makeup is not a part of that.

5. The Studio Look:

This is a picture of Shakira at the studio recording a track. She looks very adorable with the pigtail hairstyle. However, she seems to be avoiding any beauty product. Her natural beauty is enough to grant her millions of likes.

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6. Her Killer Looks:

Shakira was spotted at the beach without wearing any makeup. Her God-gifted physique and naturally beautiful looks are an advantage. In this picture, she looks pretty relaxed as she enjoys her time at the beach.

7. The Most Adorable Girl Ever:

Without question, Shakira is one of the most adorable female singers in today’s world. In this picture, she looks damn attractive without any makeup. Shakira barely requires any additional beauty products to make herself look gorgeous.

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8. The Most Lovable Couple Ever:

Shakira and Gerard Pique have often been the most adorable celebrity couple. This picture reveals that the world-famous singer doesn’t need to be stacked with beauty products to live a happy life throughout the year. Rather, she enjoys her time off-screen and likes to stay casual.

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9. A Gorgeous Mother:

Shakira was spotted with her son in Miami rocking a casual sleeveless black top and a makeup-free face. This woman rarely takes any makeup product to look so beautiful.


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