Today’s life is surrounded by a lot of stress and tensions. There can be numerous reasons for this stress. It can be your work-related issues, peer pressure, personal relationship complications and likewise. All this take a really heavy toll on our regular life.

Our state of health and well-being is badly affected. As a result, there are severe health complications in long run. But that is much later in future. Do you know what happens in the short run? You start getting trapped in sleeplessness. You are just left with tossing sides on the bed. And trust me girls there is nothing more painful than not being able to sleep in the night? So, what to do in that situation?

Shakti Mudra Meaning, Steps And Benefits:

Here we have a mudra specially designed for insomnia which is called Shakti Mudra or Shakti Chalana Mudra meaning, performing steps and benefits with images.

Meaning Of Shakti Mudra:

Now, let us start with the meaning of Shakti Mudra which is also called Shakti Chalana Mudra. It is actually a hand gesture in yoga that is targeted to reduce your sleeping disorders. Actually, Shakti mudra targets to improve and enhance your mental and physical well-being. Shakti is actually another name of Goddess Durga who resembles strength and power. So, this hand shakti mudra also targets to enhance your inner strength and power so that you can get stability in life in the long run.

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How To Do Shakti Mudra:

After discussing all Shakti mudra meaning and its significance, time to discuss how to do it.

  • Sit in a comfortable of half lotus position. You can either sit on a light mat or any regular carpet. Many experts have strongly advised not to sit directly on the floor. This is because it is believed that there are some radiations from the floor which will not be good while practising any form of mudra.
  • You can sit with your eyes closed and open completely your choice, but closed eyes can help concentrate better.
  • You need to place your ring and little finger together in one position.
  • Next, you need to place your thumb in the palm.
  • Now, bend other fingers (middle and index) loosely and gradually over your thumb.
  • Make sure that both your hands are involved in this gesture.
  • Next, you have to focus on your breathing in the pelvis area.
  • Slow down your exhalation gradually.

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Benefits Of Shakti Mudra:

There are innumerable benefits of Shakti mudra. Some of the major benefits are listed below –

  1. It has an intensifying effect in the lower chest area. It increases the immune system which makes the entire internal system activated and extremely healthy.
  2. Regular practice of this Shakti mudra has a calming effect on the entire body. This brings you long term peace and stability.
  3. The entire exercise has a good effect on your sleeping pattern. After some time of regular practising of this mudra, you will notice your sleeping hours have gradually improved and intensified.
  4. This exercise or hand gesture precisely has a calming effect on the pelvis area too. It releases tension from the bottom-most pelvis area. This in turn relaxes the pelvis area and you are deprived of any menstrual cramps and spasms or any other issues.

Tips And Precautions To Perform Shakti Mudra:

You can practice Shakti mudra at any time you want. But I suggest doing it only three times a day for at least 12 minutes.

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There is a last but very important word about Shakti mudra. If you do it for too long or you are not regular with its practice then you might end up feeling lethargic.

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