Shankh Mudra Or Seashell Mudra For Thyroid:

India has an age-old tradition and that tradition is characterized by a number of things. Be it in our ancient cultures, scriptures, languages or dressing sense. We have an age-old tradition and a beautiful story attached to them. Sometimes these traditions have a very significant meaning attributed to them. Similar is the case with the Indian medicinal system. Here we listed the Shankh Mudra instructions and their benefits.

Earlier humans didn’t have so many health issues; they were quite good in health and well-being. At that time people were not so much inclined to medicines they relied on healthy eating and exercise. In those days yoga and mudras or hand gestures were very much popular. They were known to give long-term benefits to your thyroid and sore throat health.

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Shankh Mudra Meaning, Steps and Benefits:

Today we are going to discuss one such very important and significant mudra or hand gesture which is popularly called Shankh Mudra or seashell mudra meaning, performing steps and benefits.

Meaning Of Shank Mudra:

Do you know the meaning of Shankh? Shankh is an Indian name for conch. So this mudra or hand gesture is associated with a conch. Each and every mudra is special in Indian mythology. So, let’s know the relevance or meaning of this conch.

Shankh is a very auspicious symbol and object in our Indian culture and mythology. Shankh is also an object which is blown when any auspicious activity is about to begin. Normally a religious activity or opening of a door is marked by the blowing of Shankh. In a similar way, a Shankh Mudra is marked by the opening of a good health system in your regular routine life.

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How To Perform Shankh Mudra :

After we all have understood the meaning of Shankh Mudra, we must discuss now how to perform it. here is a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to perform the Shankh Mudra.

Sit in a comfortable half-lotus position. You can either sit on a light mat or any regular carpet. Many experts have strongly advised not to sit directly on the floor. This is because it is believed that there are some radiations from the floor which will not be good while practising any form of yoga or mudra.

  • You can sit with your eyes closed and open completely your choice, but closed eyes can help concentrate better.
  • Encircle your left thumb with the fingers of your right hand.
  • Place your left-hand fingers on the back of your right palm.
  • Gradually touch your right-hand thumb with the extended middle finger of your left hand.
  • Join both hands together so that they come in the shape of a conch or Shankh.
  • Make sure that your hands are closer to your chest level. You can close your eyes for as long as you want.
  • Slowly chant “OM” within yourself. And hear the word being echoed within yourself only.

Effects of Shankh Mudra:

A thumb finger is said to be a representation of fire. So, when the thumb is surrounded by the fingers of the other hand and respectively the other thumb when encircled by the index finger, then a very strong element of air is released within the body.

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Shankh Mudra Health Benefits:

Here we will discuss the benefits of Shankh Mudra.

  • This mudra is known to be beneficial for throat-related issues “(sore throat). Thus, it is popularly known as Shankh Thyroid Mudra.
  • This is also known to help budding singers who want to change their voices for the better.
  • It also helps in getting rid of stammering.
  • It is beneficial in case of any kind of weakness or paralysis attacks.

Precaution and Tips in Shankh Mudra Or Shank Thyroid Mudra:

People who have Vaata and Kapha dominant humour should perform this exercise a bit in moderation. It is because Shankh Mudra is known to increase both of these elements.


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