Suppose you believe and follow the Hindu religious beliefs and astrology. In that case, we all know it is considered auspicious to name after a newborn according to his or her star and zodiac sign. Accordingly, today, we are here with Shatabhisha nakshatra baby names for parents searching for a meaningful name for a baby born in this star.

So if your little star is born in the Shatabhisha star sign, this guide on Shatabhisha nakshatra and the list of Shatabhisha nakshatra names can help you. Please continue reading to know more about it.

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What are Shatabhisha Nakshatra and Its Characteristics?

Before we get into the Satabhisha nakshatra names, the meaning of Shatabhisha nakshatra is 100 medicines, medicals, physicians, or doctors. Also known as Shatabhishak or Shataraka nakshatra, it is the 24th in order nakshatra in Hindu astrology. This star’s ruling planet is Rahu, its ruling deity is Durga, and it ranges between 6.40 degrees to 20 in the Aquarius zodiac sign.

Those born in the Shatabhisha nakshatra are known to have self-dependence, sincerity, truthfulness, and faithfulness. They have a sharp mind, are always focused, and are known to prosper in life. Further, these star people are skilled and competent and known to excel in entrepreneurial works. However, the star sign people are also said to be grief-stricken people and are emotional, who needs to have self-confidence.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Names Starting Letters:

If your little one is born in this star sign, it is auspicious if you name them according to the following Kumbha rashi Shatabhisha nakshatra names starting syllables:

Go, Sa, Saa, Si,See, Su, Soo, Gau

According to the padas,

  • The Shatabhisha nakshatra pada 1 names begin with Go.
  • The Shatabhisha nakshatra pada 2 names begin with Sa.
  • Shatabhisha nakshatra 3rd pada names begin with Si.
  • The Shatabhisha nakshatra pada 4 names begin with Su.

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Modern and Meaningful Names for Shatabhisha Nakshatra Boys and Girls 2021:

Now let’s get ahead and explore the lovely, charming, and unique satabhisha star names for the new millennium’s boys and girls.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Gokul:

Gokul is the place name where Lord Krishna was brought up. The name is derived from Hindu mythology and is a popular baby boy name under the star sign.

2. Gopal:

Gopal means a cowherd. However, the name also symbolizes Lord Krishna. It is among the ancient, traditional and meaningful baby boy names for Shatabhisha nakshatra.

3. Gopan:

Gopan means protection. It is originated from the Sanskrit language and is a unique yet meaningful and rarely found baby boy name choice for this star.

4. Goraksh:

Goraksh is a cow keeper. However, the name also symbolizes Lord Shiva. It is a traditional meaningful name, yet not commonly found. So the modern parents who want a traditional name that isn’t very common or popular can try out this one.

5. Goral:

Goral is a cute and lovely charming baby boy name. This short name means lovable. We immensely love the innovative and creative expression for the Shatabhisha nakshatra names list. What do you think?

6. Gorav:

Gorav is originated from the Hindi language and means pride, dignity, and honor. It also means respect and glory. It is a common name and is another pronunciation for its name Gaurav. We love this choice for Shatabhisha nakshatra male names.

7. Goutham:

Goutham, which is also pronounced as Gautham, means Lord Budha. The name also means a person who is full of life. We love the meaningful and adorable name. It is a commonly found choice, yet it is a classic and timeless trendy name.

8. Govil:

In case you want a short and very contemporary choice of name, Govil can be good to go. Govil means the respected person or respected/honored.

9. Gowrak:

Gowrak is another traditional name meaning, yet it is rarely spotted in the names list. It means none other than Lord Ganesh. This is among the trendy Shatabhisha nakshatra names for a baby boy right now.

10. Saadhan:

Saadhan in Sanskrit and Hindi literally translates to achievement, work, or fulfilment. It is a creative and adorable baby boy name. For parents who are searching for something innovative. This can be the right choice for Shatabhisha nakshatra borns.

11. Saadhav:

Saadhav means someone who is loyal and decent. The other meanings of the name also include a pure, noble, peaceful, and worthy person. It is a scarce baby boy name and is a lovely choice who wants a meaningful one.

12. Saadvik:

The name Saadvik is increasingly growing popular among the new millennial born babies, which means a tree. The lovely pronunciation and symbolism are making the name famous today.

13. Saagar:

Saagar is a commonly found baby boy name. It translates to sea or ocean. It also implies widespread and infinite. The name is already widely found in both Northern and Southern Indian states.

14. Saagnik:

The name Saagnik is a lovely and new-day baby boy name for Shatabhisha nakshatra. Saagnik means a person or soul who wins over the fire. Other symbolism and meanings of the same name include fierce and passionate soul. We immensely love all the meanings associated with it; what do you think?

15. Saahas:

The name Saahas in the Sanskrit language means valor, courage, and a brave person or bravery. Although this satabhisha nakshatra names for boy isn’t commonly found, it is a lovely creative baby name choice.

16. Saahat:

We love this short and lovely name, too; Saahat means a powerful or strong person. It is a modern and infrequent name choice for Shatabhisha nakshatra borns.

17. Saahith:

Saahith is again a rare name, yet it is a creative one. The name Saahith means literature. Parents who are interested in art and literature can try out this name. It is originated from the Sanskrit language.

18. Saaketh:

Saaket or Saaketh means Lord Krishna. It is a traditional name meaning choice, yet with modern pronunciation. It is already a very famous name choice for baby boys.

19. Saamir:

While the origins precisely for the name Saamir aren’t yet established, the name means wind. It also symbolizes a good morning fragrance. We love both meanings.

20. Saaran:

Saaran is a unique and uncommon name that means running. It is originated from the Sanskrit language and is a modern name choice.

21. Saarang:

If you love music or appreciate music knowledge, you would already have heard the name Saarang. It means musical raag. The other meanings of the name include earth, brilliance, and light.

22. Saatvik:

Saatvik or Saatwik is a lovely and intense, meaningful name. It is getting famous in the past decade and means worthy or essential. The name also symbolizes a virtuous soul.

23. Subeer:

Subeer means a courageous or brave person. It also symbolizes a warrior. The name is a modern-day choice and isn’t commonly found as yet.

24. Subhag:

The name Subhag is mostly found in the Northern parts of India, which means fortunate person. It also means lucky.

25. Suchet:

Suchet means always alerted person. The name also means intelligent, sharp, and attentive soul. We immensely love this Shatabhisha nakshatra baby boy name.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Gomathi:

Gomathi means queen of beauty. The name also implies a river place. It is a very traditional baby girl name choice for Shatabhisha nakshatra borns. The other spellings of the name include Gomathy, Gomti, and Gomati.

27. Godavari:

The Godavari is again a traditional and already widespread baby girl name choice. It is named after the longest and largest river in the Indian subcontinent. This is the most popular and classic Shatabhisha nakshatra female names.

28. Gourangi:

If you are searching for a traditional name yet it isn’t very common, Gourangi can be the right choice. It means beloved to Lord Krishna and another name for Radha. The name also symbolizes the giver of happiness or fair-skinned beauty.

29. Gouthami:

Gouthami is another variant of the same name Gauthami. It means someone who removes darkness. It also is another name for Goddess Durga. Another spelling for the same name is Gowthami.

30. Saachi:

Saachi means a beloved person. It also implies grace, truth, and companion. We love all these Satabhisha nakshatra names for girl meanings and, above all, the cute and short pronunciation of the name.

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31. Saadhana:

Saadhana or Saadhna is a common baby name, especially in the southern Indian states. It means practice, study, fulfilment, or work. The lovely name meaning, however, makes it the most trending name and classic choice to date.

32. Saanvi:

Saanvi is Goddess Lakshmi. Although with a lovely traditional and religious meaning. The name is modern and is short and cute, an attractive choice for Shatabhisha nakshatra borns.

33. Saahithya:

Saahithya means literature. It is a lovely and meaningful philosophical name choice found in the southern states. The other variants of the same name are Sahitya, Saahithi, and Sahiti. It is originated from the Sanskrit language.

34. Sanskriti:

Sanskriti or Saanskriti means culture or tradition. It is a charming name with a lovely meaning, originating again from the Sanskrit language. Other variants to the name are Samskruthi, Samskruti, and Sanskrithi.

35. Sanah:

Sanah means a radiant person. The name also means skilful, beautiful, and glow. This elegant and lovely short name is a new and modern choice for Shatabhisha nakshatra borns. The other variants of the name include Sana.

36. Sandhya:

Sandya is again a common and very frequently found name choice in south Indian states. Sandhya means dusk, evening, and twilight. It is a meaningful and lovely name choice for Shatabhisha nakshatra borns and is a classic one. This is also popular Satabhisha nakshatra names in Telugu.

37. Sanhitha:

Sanhitha or Sanhita means a code. It is a rare name and yet with a lovely feminine tone to it. It is upcoming trendy Satabhisha nakshatra girl names.

38. Sathvi:

Sathvi is a lovely and short, attractive baby girl name for Shatabhisha nakshatra. The name Sathvi means real or existence.

39. Sumeha:

Sumeha means an intelligent person. It is a new baby name choice for Shatabhisha nakshatra borns and is a creative and charming one.

40. Sunaina:

Sunaina is already a famous and popular baby girl name idea. It means someone who has a beautiful and charming eye. The beautiful name has originated from the Sanskrit language.

41. Suneetha:

Suneetha, Sunitha, or Sunita is a common name again, which means wisdom or well-mannered. It also means righteous.

42. Sunehri:

Sunehri is a north Indian baby girl’s popular name, which means golden. It also symbolizes precious and gold. It is a lovely and cute short baby girl name Shatabhisha nakshatra.

43. Sunishka:

Sunishka or Suniska is a rarely spotted baby girl name, which means the one with a beautiful smile. It is an uncommon name that is meaningful and attractive with a unique meaning.

44. Suparna:

Suparna is again an adorable and common name for baby girls in Shatabhisha nakshatra. The name Suparna means beautiful leaves and wings. It also means lotus flower. On the other hand, Suparna also means Goddess Parvathi.

45. Supraja:

Supraja means the Goodness of a person. It is a very common name for baby girls and is a lovely traditional choice too.

46. Supreetha:

Supreetha or Supreeta is derived from two words from the Sanskrit language, su and preetha. It means beloved and most adored person. The name also means well-praised. It is a lovely and beautiful baby girl name choice for Shatabhisha nakshatra.

47. Supriti:

Supriti means true love or loving person. It is a lovely traditional name, yet not very commonly or frequently found.

48. Suramya:

Suramya means a beautiful person or a gorgeous person. The name also means attractive or charming. It is a lovely uncommon name that originated from the Sanskrit language.

49. Suravi:

Suravi means sacred sun, originating from the words Su and Ravi in the Sanskrit language. It is a very rare baby girl name yet very meaningful, short, and attractive for Shatabhisha nakshatra born babies.

50. Suvi:

If you want and prefer a concise four-letter alphabet name, Suvi is a mesmerizing choice. Suvi means summer. It is a rare and modern unique baby girl name choice.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Unisex Baby Names:

51. Saadhya:

Saadhya is a lovely, meaningful, and unique unisex name suitable for Shatabhisha nakshatra born baby girls and boys. It means perfection, salvation, and accomplishment. The name is uncommon and rarely found too.

52. Saarin:

Saarin means someone who always lends a helping hand. It is an ideal and modern adorable name for both boys’ and girls’ babies.

53. Sanchal:

Sanchal means water or movement and wave. It is a modern and lovely rarely found baby girl and boy name for Shatabhisha nakshatra.

54. Subha:

Subha or Shubha means fortunate person. It also represents and symbolizes attractiveness, brilliance, and auspiciousness.

55. Shyamal:

Shyamal means dusky. It is a lovely and unique baby boy and girl name choice for Shatabhisha nakshatra.

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Shatabhisha Nakshatra Twin Baby Names:

56. Sumer – Sumegha:

Sumer and Sumegha are lovely twin baby boy and girl name choices for Shatabhisha nakshatra. The name Sumer means a person born in summer. It also means divine mountains. Sumegha, on the other hand, means rain or clouds.

57. Sumona – Sumukh:

Sumona and Sumukh are twin baby girl and boy names again for Shatabhisha nakshatra. The name Sumona means a calm person. Sumukh means Lord Siva. It also symbolizes a beautiful soul, handsome and pleasing.

58. Govardhan – Govind:

Both Govardhan and Govind are twin baby boy name choices for Shatabhisha nakshatra. Govardhan means the name of the mountain situated in Gokul. Govind means Lord Krishna or cowherd.

59. Saanvika- Saara:

Saanvika and Saara are beautiful twin baby girl name choices. The name Saanvika means Goddess Lakshmi. Saara means noble person, pure, and lovely lady.

60. Sadvi – Saesha:

Saadvi and Saesha are twin baby girls, beautiful names. Saadvi means polite and religious women. Saesha means someone who has great desire and wishes. These are modern and unique twin baby girl name choices.

We hope you have found the lovely name choice for the Shatabhisha nakshatra baby names. These blend perfect, meaningful, modern, and traditional baby names for boys and girls in Shatabhisha star. Let us know which is the one you picked; we love to hear from you.


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