Sometimes, a haircut can be boring. Same old style every time can be nauseating and thus creativity is the key to a good-looking hair. Shaved sides hairstyles are the new deal nowadays, with so much uniqueness attached to them. Almost everyone wants to sport a shaved side haircut. So, without much talking let’s get the styles underway.

Best Shaved Sides Hairstyles for Men and Women with Images:

Here are the 9 most popular shaved side hairstyles in 2022. To try these hairstyles and you get the unique looks at the crowd.

1. Man Bun Fade:

If you want a long hair shave type haircut, then look no further. The sides along the head are perfectly shaved to perfection, with nice buzz shave. Also, you will need a moderately long top hair to finish off this style. The top hair is then styled together into a ponytail and then tied at the back of the head, creating a beautiful man bun. Indeed, one of the most fantastic shaved hairstyles for men.

2. Regulation Haircut:

If you love nice shaved hair designs, then this haircut will make you happy. This hairstyle features nice military style, with shaved sides around the head, with tapering towards the top. The hair is then side parted upwards, along with a parting line. This cut totally gives a very rugged look, and it will also suit people with curly hairs too. Definitely one of the most dashing looking shaved sides hairstyles you can think of.

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3. Messy Pompadour with Shaved Sides:

If you want long hair shaved sides style, then get this haircut. The sides are almost baldly shaved, with the top part of the head is styled with moderately long hairs, with a nice upwards shape towards the front. This cut looks great with a well-shaped beard and thus can be your favourite men’s hair shaved side style type of haircut.

4. Buzzed Sides with Long Top Hair and Beard:

This is indeed one of the most awesome looking one side shaved hairstyles you’ll ever find. One side of the head is buzzed off with the top part of the hair swept towards the other side. The top hair is long and looks great with a nice long beard. This cut will give you the perfect masculine type look you always wanted.

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5. Short Haircut with Mid Drop Fade:

If you absolutely love short shaved hairstyles, this one for you. This haircut features medium fade along the sides of the head, coupled with thick and textured hair on top of the head. This haircut can also give you a great looking quiff at the front. The cut looks very cool and easy to maintain.

6. Mid Fade with Line up Haircut:

This is one unique looking short hair shaved sides type haircut. This sharp haircut has a very high fade along with a line-up that looks great. The top part of the head is styled in curly hairs. Thus, this cut is best for people who have curly hairs. This is a very nice and creative style of haircut.

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7. Half Shaved Head with Long Hair:

If you’ve always dreamt of having shaved hairstyles for women then this is your best bet. This haircut features one side of the head being shaved, while the long hair covers the other side. This haircut looks very feminine and beautiful. This is definitely the boldest looking shaved sides haircut female style.

8. Protective Style Bun with Half-Shaved Head:

This is one of the most different looking shaved hairstyles for black women. The sides around the head are perfectly shaved off, with nice designs around them. The hair is totally curled together to the top of the head, creating a nice high top bun on the middle top of the head. This cut will definitely make some eyes roll.

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9. Pompadour Haircut:

If you’re into shaved sides’ haircut, this hairstyle might suit your looks. The sides of the head are perfectly shaved with a tapering touch towards the top along with the top part of the hair is styled very beautifully and is combed towards the back of the head. The front hair is raised giving it a very distinctive look. Truly a great looking side-shaved hairstyle male type haircut.

Therefore, we can learn from this list that there are so many shaved sides’ haircuts to choose from. Be it one-sided or all around the head, they all look very different and stylish. Absolutely the haircut is that everyone wants to have from males to female. Hopefully, this list will help you choose one.

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