What Is Shea Butter:

Across many cosmetic industries, the use of Shea butter is abundant. This is because of the abundance of minerals and vitamins in it, which can help the skin in many ways. One can even pick up ultra-refined and raw Shea butter, the consistency is the same in both, but the former would have lesser vitamins than the latter, say experts.

Shea butter is soft, versatile and can blend into the skin easily. It also keeps the skin safe from pesky elements and protects the cells of the skin from free radicals too. Apart from that, Shea butter has an abundance of vitamins, such as A and E in it, and also is good to use when inflammation happens and microbes attack the skin, say health and beauty experts. If you have any of the following, Simply Shea butter can help in

  • Burns
  • Sores
  • Scars
  • Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Dandruff
  • stretch marks
  • wrinkles
  • dry skin
  • dead cells
  • low blood circulation
  • skin issues from harmful UV rays of the sun and more

Sources say, Shea butter can help with skin moisturization since it has plenty of fatty acids, which help with skin elasticity and retaining the moisture levels of the skin too. In this day and age, taking a cue from grandmother back then, companies too use Shea butter in;

  • soaps
  • shampoos
  • anti-ageing creams
  • cosmetics
  • lotions
  • massage oils and more.

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Types of Shea Butter:

If you thought all Shea butter types were the same, you were wrong. There are some which have more healing properties than the next. The older the butter the lesser would be its potency as well. When Shea butter is mixed with other natural ingredients, its potency would reduce as well.

Don’t fall for products with labelling” Shea butter” because the real amount in it would be miniscule. Shea butter isn’t costly to buy, but be careful of online sources that claim to have the original for cheap. Before you buy from any source online or otherwise, ensure that you read what clients have to say about the legitimacy of the site, the quality of products from the portal and client testimonials as well. This would allow you to be well informed when picking shea butter in its original form.

When you look at the label that says “Shea butter” or has “Shea butter”, it should be the “most” on the list of ingredients, and only then should you pick up the product. If the label doesn’t have Shea butter as the “most” on its list of ingredients, ignore the product and look elsewhere. Know your ingredients and then buy what you need, and to be more informed on the same, check online sources which speak volumes about such information.

Speak to beauty experts or even your doctor, or a holistic specialist and they would tell you genuine sources from where one can pick up Shea butter in its original and genuine form. Not all that claims to be Shea butter is actually the right thing. So be aware before you make any purchases, so that your body and skin suffer no harm from the genuine stuff you buy.

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Shea Butter Uses for Skin, Face & Hair:

Using Shea butter for varied health reasons can be good, and one should also know that the time taken for effects to be shown can vary. Anyways, here are some of the benefits of Shea butter, hence, please read on and be well-informed about the same.

  • Body and facial skin moistened.
  • Dry scalp and skin are taken care of.
  • Skin rash taken care of.
  • Nappy rash taken care of.
  • No more skin peeling.
  • Wrinkles and blemishes taken care of.
  • Sunburns taken care of.
  • Shaving burns, nicks and cuts taken care of.
  • Hard skin taken care of, especially on the heels.
  • Stretch marks taken care of.
  • Eczema taken care of.
  • Skin tone balanced.
  • Scarring taken care of.
  • Chemical irritation of the skin and scalp taken care of.
  • Acne taken care of.
  • Hair problems taken care of.

1. Skin Wise:

With Shea butter in use, your skin would thank you abundantly. Thanks to the vitamins, such as A, E and F, the skin now would be healthy and clear. For those who suffer from damaged skin because of the sun, facial lines and wrinkles, the vitamin F found in Shea butter can help, rejuvenate and protect the skin.

2. Hair Wise:

Tired of being mocked and laughed at for dry and damaged hair, apply Shea butter and shut everyone up. The fats in Shea butter are in high amounts, which is what makes the hair healthy, lustrous and shiny. It penetrates the hair follicles and unclogs the dead pores on the scalp too.

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3. Body Wise:

Shea butter has cinnamic acid which helps protect the body from the sun. It also helps those who have chronic inflammation issues and rheumatism too.

4. Damaged And Dry Hair:

It is known that Shea butter can help damaged and dry hair. It repairs the follicles and roots over time, from weather perils, brittleness and dryness too. The fats from Shea butter absorb into the hair and scalp easily and fast, making it hydrated and moisturised as well.

5. Antioxidant Property:

Sheabutter has high antioxidant content that protects our body from harmful diseases and also improves our skin and hair conditions. Vitamin A, E and also catechins acts antioxidants that are provided from shea butter. Also cinnamic acid helps in improving the skin quality from the damage caused from UV rays. The antioxidants improve the damage that is caused by the free radicals and hence improve our body condition as well.

6. Healing Quality:

Shea butter also consists of plant sterols and fatty acids like linolenic, palmitic, stearic and oleic acids which all provide quick healing property. It provides us with quick healing facility of wounds or any scars. These components are very essential mainly for skin issues and thus improves our skin conditions. Curing skin peeling, rashes, scar marks, skin burns, stretch marks, insect bites, etc can be cured by raw shea butter only.

7. Anti-Inflammatory Property:

Arthritis is caused by inflammation; hence shea butter can be helpful in this way as it has anti-inflammatory property that also reduces muscle fatigueness. This anti inflammatory quality is also beneficial for our skin also. As mentioned above, shea butter contains cinnamate acid that is basically provides it with this property. Another compound called lupeol cinnamate that inhibits tumor development in our body.

8. Protection From Sun’s Rays:

Sun burn on our skin can be reduced by using raw sheabutter and it also acts as a sunscreen that is a natural product by protecting our screen from harmful radiation which causes skin cancer. It is both useful during summer as well as winter seasons. It acts as a moisturizer that is beneficial for our skin during winter seasons.

9. Anti-Aging Benefits:

The antioxidants mainly help to stimulate production of new cells and hence providing us with anti aging benefits. Vitamin A and E are the main nutrients for improving our skin quality. The moisturizing feature of Shea butter reduces the loosening of the skin and hence reduces wrinkles and facial lines. Also it nourishes our skin and provides radiance.

10. Baby Care:

This natural element is excellent supplement for baby care. Shea butter softens the skin of babies and acts as a perfect moisturizer for gentle skin of babies. It also heal the rashes on the sensitive skin of babies.

11. Lip Care:

Effects of dryness and chapped lips are being reduced by applying lip balm that contains shea butter as the main component. Chapped lips are the main problem in winter season and applying it provide you with moisturizing effect. Those having dry skin and suffers from dryness can use it during dry weather.

12. Hair Protection:

As shea butter provides protection to our skin from the UV rays, its also helpful for our hair protection. Harmful sun’s radiation and other weather conditions like air pollution and water pollution damage our hair. Hence, shea butter forms a extra coating on our hair to provide protection from the harsh conditions and also from heat effect.

13. Acts as  Moisturizer:

Shea butter is a natural moisturizer that is helpful for our skin and hair too and cut the effect of dryness. It has long lasting moisturizing effect without being greasy. It moisturizes the roots of the hair, thus acts as a hair conditioner.

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14. Hair Softener:

Shea butter helps to provide us with soft and silky hair strands. This makes our hair lustrous and easy to manage. Shea butter also nourishes our hair by revitalizing the hair damage.

These are the best uses and advantages why we accept Shea butter. If you want to share your feelings with us, don’t hesitate to write in or comment below. We truly obey your thoughts. Don’t forget to have a little today!


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