Jewellery is a universal form of adornment. Jewellery made from the shells, stones and bones survive from ancient days, in earlier days as it was worn as a protection from the dangers of life or as a mark of a status of rank. Shell jewellery is one of the beautiful collections of your wardrobe ornaments, which give the special looks to get placed unique from the crowd.

Shell Jewelry Designs:

Turn your beautiful seashells from the beach into one of kind seashell jewelry! From all natural to attractive, here is a collection of seashell jewellery from sea shells for your knowledge.

1. Multi Pendant Shell Necklace:

The shells necklace is more beautiful in its way than any other shell jewellery. This necklace with multi pendants of Monies Coral & Cowries Shells looks eye catchy with dark shaded clothing’s attracting all kind of people from youngsters to Elders. They look very elegant and elite. This shell necklace has been designed with the complex design and also it can be designed with same colored and shaped shells. Varieties of shaped shells are used for making this shell jewellery.

2. Shell Bangle:

The shell bangles are very simple and attractive in design and according to the shells use,their values will be changed. Basically, shells are in white and brown color and other collections are also available in multiple colors. They are engraved on metals like silver, gold or many shells are connected by a string. In this design, the shell bracelet gives the fashionable look for both girls and women’s.

3. Ring Made Of Cowrie:

This Ring has a traditional style that catches the attention of people who look for big and unique Rings. The Cowries are embedded in carved metals and some of the shells are carved in the center to fit the fingers and give a trendy look. They best suit with all silver shell jewelry.

4. Fashion Pearls:

The necklace made up of pearls with the finest quality is very attractive and if used properly, they look pretty good being different from the other ornaments. There are many shell jewelry designs available without pearls which are lesser in its look comparing to the jewel with pearl.Varieties of Shell jewelry design are available for all aged girls and women which give the fashionable look to their outfits.

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5. Shell Bracelets:

Shell bracelets are so inexpensive and quick to whip up, making them to the perfect accessory for young girls and adults. This Shell bracelet gives eye-catchy look for the wearers. These bracelets are painted with contrasting colors and hooked with gold toned hooks. These bracelets are the perfect accessory for your regular office usage and also for the occasions.

6. Shell Anklet:

In ancient days, girls are likely to wear the shell anklets with handcrafted designs that give the unique look. This is the primary reason why these kinds of shell anklets are suitable for any kind of people and functions when they wear on daily basis. This anklet is made up with small shells and embedded with the tiny stones design. For a tradition and modern look, this can be the best choice accessory.

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7. Shell Pearl Hip Chain:

Shell with pearl hip chain is used for the sexiest look to the peoples, which can be made with small shell and the center of the chain pearl can be placed for the marvelous look. While wearing this shell hip chains will give the feel of comfort and freeness.

8. Shell Earrings:

Shell earrings are elegant and sophisticated and thus it became the dream of every woman. They make the perfect gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, even Valentine’s Day and other celebrations. These stylish and classy earrings are valuable additions to your wardrobe. In this shell earring, it was made with hoops design and decorated with gold-toned hoop rings and finished with green pearl that gives the modern and trendy look while compared with others.

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9. Shell Hair Clips:

Today market is filled with wonderful hair accessories that give you a different look everyday of the week. These hair clips are perfectly made for teen girls. If you haven’t a lot of hair, so, of course,this hair clip will be a precious one to tie your hairs.

Accessories are more much important for women. They need this kind of jewels in order to get the right look and to complete their outfits. This shell accessories available depends on your taste. They can also be used to make you look pretty. In fact, if you’re a big fan of the shell jewellery, then the above-listed designs are absolutely matched for your collection.

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