Lord Shiva is the destroyer of impurities taking refuge in the human mind and is considered the most powerful among the Trinity. This is one of the reasons why the Lord shiva tattoo is popular among people of all ages. But suppose you aren’t a fan of portrait tattoos that occupy too much space and want to represent your admiration for the Lord. In that case, the Shiva tattoos on the neck mentioned in this article can offer you excellent solutions.

There is a lot of importance attributed to Lord Shiva tattoos; the importance level depends on the wearer. From Trishul, dhamru or the face of meditating Lord Shiva, this article presents you with ample options that fit right into the neck space. Therefore, go through this article without further ado for some unique tattoo options that will help you choose the right one.

15 Popular Shiva Tattoo On The Neck:

Now let us get into this section for some tattoo inspiration for Shiva tattoos on the neck. Please go through them and choose the one that you like the most.

1. Lord Shiva Tattoo On The Neck:

This is a Mahadev tattoo neck with the Lord’s face, which men of all ages usually prefer. The shape of this tattoo looks similar to a moon. The facial features of lord shiva are pretty realistic, and the closed eyes indicate him meditating. The moon on the head signifies the presence of the mind. The use of only black ink makes the design looks melancholy and beautiful.

2. Small Trishul Tattoo On The Neck:

Suppose you are not a fan of extensive tattoo designs. In that case, this pattern which involves only simple words or phrases is a perfect option. The wearer has gotten the words Mahadev engraved on the centre of the neck with a Trishul in the middle, which simplistically sums up everything associated with Lord Shiva. The comments are inscribed in bold lines and black ink. You can also use different coloured ink instead of black if you wish.

3. Damru Tattoo On The Neck:

This beautiful Mahadev neck tattoo has a combination of a Trishul and a damru tied up exceptionally well. A damru symbolizes the expanding and collapsing universe, representing the creation process. At the same time, Trishul represents the waking, sleeping and waking, all three aspects of consciousness. The use of bold lines with a combination of light blue makes the tattoo stand out beautifully.

4. Trishul Tattoo On Back Neck:

This is a Trishul Mahadev tattoo on the back of the neck, an excellent option for people who love simple and unique tattoo designs. The Trishul only has the upper part engraved in bold black lines, perfectly fitting the neck space. The tattoo pattern looks exceptional when done in black unless you want to make it colourful.

5. Mahakal Tattoo Neck:

One of the most powerful mantras in the world is Om Namah Shivaya, which clears the negative energy from the environment while making energy in your system. The mantras combined with the Trishul, Lord Shiva’s face and the on symbol create a beautiful look that uplifts the wearer’s consciousness. The mantras also give the wearer energizing sounds which look beautiful on the side of the neck.

6. Shiva Trishul Tattoo On The Neck:

If you are looking for an authentic shiva neck tattoo made with sleek lines and bold ink, this tattoo can be an excellent option. The om symbol is engraved in a stylish way which is topped with a small Trishul. The entire tattoo has an elegant finish, and you can always choose the size based on your preference, small or medium.

7. Om Namahshivay Tattoo On The Neck:

This om Namah Shivaya tattoo on the neck is a unique and memorable way to express your love for Lord Shiva. It is unique because this tattoo mostly has letters in Hindi with the addition of the letter OM and, finally, a third eye in the centre. Small or medium-sized is perfect for these types of tattoos, usually preferred by men, though women can try them too.

8. Trishul&Damru Tattoo On Neck:

This tattoo can be an excellent option if you want a shiva tattoo on the neck with a rustic feel. This tattoo is realistic because the shadowy look gives it a 3D effect. Getting the tattoo a little slanting can be a perfect way to cover the entire pattern beautifully on the neck. A damru symbolizes the expanding and collapsing universe. The Trishul represents the consciousness’s three aspects beautifully.

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9. Unique Neck Mahadev Tattoo:

The small Om Tattoo on the front of the Neck looks simple and elegant. In addition, this tattoo looks exceptional when engraved in medium size. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women.

10. Stylish Mahadev Tattoo On The Neck:

Suppose you are looking for a stylish representation of your love for Lord Shiva. In that case, this neck shiva tattoo can be an excellent option. The cute little criss-cross lines underneath the Trishul make the tattoo more unique. The tattoo also uses shades of black and grey, making the design all the more special. In addition, this tattoo looks exceptional when engraved in medium size.

11. Mahadevtrishul Tattoo On Neck:

If you aren’t a fan of simple black tattoos, adding colour can be a unique way to represent your love for Shiva beautifully. The Trishul, OM and the rudraksha are placed one below another. Adding three red lines behind the OM symbol compliments each other while being inclusive. Adding a little blue eye in the central area of the Trishul is an additional beauty.

12. Lord Shiva Neck Tattoo:

This is yet another stylish neck Mahadev tattoo, which is an excellent option for people who like to combine modernism with tradition beautifully. The Tattoo design looks similar to an OM symbol with sharp lines on the top while ending curvy lines on the bottom. A splash of colours in the background creates a beautiful look to the entire tattoo.

13. Shiva Trishul Tattoo On The Neck:

With the addition of the stylish OM symbol, this beautiful Trishul tattoo looks like a perfect representation of religion and style in a single go. Using bold lines that end with thin, beautiful lines creates a compelling look to the tattoo. This tattoo is suitable for anyone, irrespective of age and gender. You can also decide on the size of the tattoo as per your preference.

14. Special Trishul Tattoo For Neck:

If you want something unique and special, this Trishul tattoo with Lord Shiva’s third eye can be an excellent option. The fantastic thing about the tattoo is that the Trishul is engraved with bold and thick outlines while leaving the central areas of the tattoo open without any colours. The eye also looks pretty realistic because of the use of greyish-black colours. This tattoo looks beautiful when done in small or medium-sized.

15. Beautiful Trishul And Damru Tattoo On The Neck:

This is an exceptional Mahadev tattoo on the neck as an OM symbol with a Trishul going through it. The pattern design is further beautified by adding a red cloth that looks like flying in the air. The unique thing about this tattoo is that it doesn’t fill up the entire design with black ink. Instead, it only has the outlines done in bold lines, leaving the central areas greyish, giving the pattern a 3D effect.


There is no shortage of creativity and artistry in tattoo designs. This article provides unique Shiva tattoo-on-neck design options, from simple ones to extensive patterns. Go through them thoroughly and choose the one that suits your style and personality. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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