Shooting Star tattoo designs can also be one of the best options to get inked on the body. It is also known as the falling star, where a person wishes to fall star. According to perception, it is considered lucky to see a falling star, but it is a message from God. The shooting star tattoo meaning is good luck. It represents a free spirit and someone unique.

Stars as an outline can be settled on imaginatively with more decisions and shading. Girls mostly like these types of designs; it looks good on them when they design on their wrists or any visible part of the body, like the back or neck.

Best Shooting Star Tattoo Designs:

Have a look few mentioned the top of the shooting star tattoos.

1. Stars at Ear Back:

It is a layer of the three shooting star tattoos behind the ear, starting from big to small size. The stars are half filled up with black ink and half grey ink. Getting an ink tattoo on this body part is a hard call.

2. 3D Star Tattoo:

It is a 3D image of shooting star tattoos on the wrist where it is carved out so much real that it seems like a sticker is attached. Here the stars are connected, and all leads are colourful.

3. Chain of Shooting Stars:

It is huge shooting star tattoos on the arm where all the big stars are in multicolour. And they have a dot-shaded pattern too. All the rest stars are either entirely black or are kept empty. This tattoo covers the whole lower arm of a man.

4. Traditional Shooting Star:

It is a pink star tattoo on the shoulder, meaning it wishes lucky charm. The numbers of variable sizes of falling stars are also with rays, which denotes the stars falling from the sky. It is the reality of shooting stars.

5. Burning Star Tattoo:

It is burning shooting star tattoo designs on men’s arms. Half the hand is filled with black and white stars from the shoulder. The rest area is designed with red colour like a fire is placed. It looks mind-blowing.

6. Star Name Tattoo:

There is a combination of musical notes in this shooting star tattoo with names. The middle name of a person is carved out with stars around it. This tattoo is eye-catchy on hand and looks all the more attractive.

7. Colourful Star Tattoo:

It is a cute and colourful shooting star tattoo on the foot. A bunch of small shooting star designs are on the foot of various colours, and its rays are falling. The tattoo will get noticed even with your footwear.

8. Shooting Star Cluster Tattoo:

This small shooting star tattoo idea is a unique one. A whole cluster is drawn of falling stars, and an alphabet is written in between. When we see the solar system, something like this image carries on with all bright colours.

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9. Neck Tattoo For Men:

These are mens shooting star tattoos carved out on the neck. There is a dual-colour star design with all rays going upward. This neck position will always be open, so one cannot hide this tattoo. It will surely be getting noticed.


Shooting star tattoos are a popular choice for those who love the night sky and all its wonders. From small and simple designs to larger, more intricate ones, there are endless possibilities when it comes to this celestial tattoo. Whether you’re looking for meaningful ink or want to add sparkle to your skin, a shooting star tattoo is a great choice.

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